Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2016 speaks of a year when although the natives born under the sun sign Sagittarius would not suffer from any major ailment, but there would be minor hurdles like chronic ailments and common diseases that you would test your strength and stamina.

You may feel low on energy. You should take some time to indulge in yourself. Consider whether you are exhausting yourself. If yes, you should stop and take some time off to breathe easy. This may slow down your progress but would allow you to accomplish your journey.

You should adopt a healthy lifestyle that has the right blend of proper diet, moderate exercise and adequate rest. A vacation with dear ones would help you to feel rejuvenated. You should be extra careful about your health during seasonal changes.

Planetary Positions:

The Planetary configuration in the natal chart of the Sagittarius born natives shows a pattern which would bring a change in the health pattern of the natives born under this sun sign. This is because of the fact that the Planet Jupiter rests in the retrograde mode in the sixth house of the natal chart of the Sagittarius. Now the sixth house is responsible for the health of the natives, and Jupiter is the Planet that blesses one with luck and positivity. Jupiter being in the retrograde mode would bring hiccups in the health of the Sagittarius born natives. This would affect the elderly Libra born people more who may suffer pretty often from chronic ailments. Old or young, Libra born natives would suffer from problems in their digestive system along with lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Female Libra born natives may face some hormonal disorder as well. The best way to minimize any health trouble is to follow the maxim – “Prevention is better than cure”. You should seek early intervention in case of any trouble.

Diet Suggestions:

Since there would be problems in your health on and off all through the year, it is recommended that you take your diet seriously. This would be the key factor in keeping you healthy and active. This is because of the fact that most of the diseases that would bother you during the course of the year are those that are lifestyle related. As such you should plan your diet properly. Staying away from fatty foods and carbohydrates would help you. Food items that are low on spices and oil would be good for your health. Have measured salt intake, to avoid bloated feeling, and also water retention in your body. You may plan your diet with high protein intake. Another food element that would be beneficial for health would be silica, and this can be abundantly found in lemon and limes. Fresh fruits, low fat dairy, organic vegetables would be overall beneficial for your health.

Health Horoscope 2016

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