During 2016, those who were born under the Sagittarius sun sign should stoke the faith that they have in the abilities that they possess.

This will give you an inherent strength that would allow you to not only prosper, but handle everything that you face and that you take on. This will allow you to go through the year smoothly without any major issues.

Love and Relationship

For those relationships that are important to you, then this will be a good year in terms of balance and you will be able to revel in the company of your family. However, make sure to avoid taking rash decisions in the important times since you might regret these decisions at a later day.

You will also be feeling loving and sensual, but make sure to be responsible in your actions to avoid hurting the feelings of anyone you love. The charm and courteous traits that you have will attract people to you and you need to make the proper choices, which you need to be extremely careful about since Planet Saturn will be wreaking havoc in your relationship part of your natal chart.

You should spend some one-on-one time with your special person and make sure that you are honestly communicating and during this time, if you are single, then you will meet your soul mate.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope (February 01, 2016)

You have been working hard for a while and the trend continues today. The good news is that your efforts will not go unseen. In fact, today there is a high chance that you may get rewarded for your past efforts. You have been multitasking for a while and this may have a negative effect on your health. Try to slow down and take things one at a time.

Lucky Number : 15, 37, 44

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Career and Business

During 2016 you will find a wide array of avenues for development and work and you will have the required energy to allow you to sustain the routine. You will also be facing expansion as well, regardless of if you are in business or in the service. However, you shouldn’t expect too much during the start of the year. Make sure to keep plugging on hard during the starting months that will allow you to later enjoy the rewards that you earned. You should start planning at the start of the year regarding taking on new avenues and projects so that they will started in the second part of the year. However, don’t expect that you will be doing this with someone else, but you will most likely be doing it alone. The astrological arrangement found in your natal chart for 2016 shows that you won’t get as much as you expect from the efforts undertaken by a team. You should rely on your own feelings during this time instead of those of others and you will have plenty of differing opinions from your supervisors and peers in your office, especially during the first part of 2016. However, this will interfere with the cooperation of your co-workers, but in the latter months of the year you will see a change. You will make it through this period and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Health and Wellness

This year will be a mixed bag in terms of health for the Sagittarius born, but the issues will be during the first part of the year. You might have some nervous system problems, but you will also be exhausted because of the routine that you are experiencing, which can cause pains. However, you should start meditating and even start some yoga in order to help you focus all of your affirmative energy that are found in your body. This will help you to give a boost to your immune system and help you with fighting off any types of ailments. However, you should make sure to control your lifestyle and your diet along with plenty of rest and exercise to improve the condition of your health. You should also start planning a holiday with your partner, a group of friends or family members that will allow you to completely relax in both mind and body. The second part of the year will bring you better health overall and you will have more energy.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Money and Finance

You have been laying down the foundation for safeguarding your individual monetary area for a long time now and you will get the expected rewards during 2016. However, don’t get overly excited about these extra funds and don’t go on a spree to spend all the money, but put it into savings. You should also have a minimal spending style during this year since there are some unexpected, yet required costs that will be coming, but they won’t give you any notice. You should also be watching all of your financial based transactions for any fraudulent transactions. During the middle of 2016, then you might have extra cash since your income will most likely rise then.

Family and Relatives

The Sagittarius natal chart isn’t showing you any issues regarding your relatives or even your family. You will have an enjoyable time with your loved ones and you will also get plenty of support and adoration from them. You will also be inclined towards the spiritual aspects during 2016 and you should try to keep a collected and cool mind at all times, which will help you to handle every problem. You will need to be patient in order to keep the peace in your house since there will be problems that will require endurance to take care of them.

Travel and Vacation

Your calendar is chock a block with plans for traveling and you will be living on the road for long periods throughout the year, but most of these trips will be work and professional related. However, these will keep you from your loved ones for a large piece of the year, but they will be extremely crucial in helping you to be successful this year. You should make sure to grasp all of the opportunities that are pushed in front of you, despite what you will have to do and the travel will help to broaden your career along with your mind. You will also meet plenty of people while you are traveling that will help you and guide you along the path to success. However, the later part of the year will provide you a rest from all of the traveling and you will be able to make up for the time that you were away. You should start planning your family holiday that will allow you to strengthen the bonds with the family and loved ones and even allow your mind and full body to recuperate.

Education and Studies

Those people who were born under the Sagittarius will find that the second part of the year will be auspicious in regards of your education. You will also find that the year will start off slow for students and even for those in academics or the field of research. However, don’t get yourself feeling down because you need only to put in the required efforts and you will reap the rewards at a later date. You should also start getting ready to embrace the myriad of paths that you will face during the second part of the year. If you are thinking about appearing for your competitive tests or even applying for further education, then put it off until the second part of the year.

Areas of Growth

This year you will find your partnerships developing, both in your professional area along with your personal ones. However, you need to make the time to nurture both of these relationships to ensure that they blossom and fulfill every promise that you can imagine. You should find that those joint projects that you undertake will bring in better and quicker results. Your romantic relationship will bring you the contentment along with the solace that you will be searching for.

Areas of Challenge

This year you will be challenged when it comes to seeing through the various people that are trying to ruin your reputation and take away the credit that is yours. However, you will see yourself rising up the ladders at work through promotions that you will be given and people will be green with jealous and some of them won’t stop without trying to ruin you. They will put plans into action that will jeopardize your new position and that will bring you trouble while they are trying to tarnish your hardworking image. During 2016, make sure that you are extremely cautious about those who you trust and you should try to see through the masks that people can wear in front of you and then to others behind you. Also, make sure that you are careful in what you say and then the actions that you put forward and don’t let anyone take advantage of you and put you into any problem situation by putting a new twist on what you said.

Areas of Excitement

This year you will find yourself hit by the arrow from Cupid’s bow and you will have a huge shake up in your romantic life. However, you will want to be more adventurous when it comes to love and you will have plenty of opportunities to fulfill these dreams. You will be looking to experiment, but you also need to consider what levels of comfort your partner has and don’t send out any signals until you are sure of your feelings to avoid hurting anyone, even without meaning to. Don’t go into the experiments blindly, but make sure that you take care of your personal safety and make sure you are aware of that before you plunge into anything new.

Areas of Change

During this year you will find yourself in a tornado of different changes happening all around you that will affect numerous different areas of your life. However, the most important thing to remember to avoid any breaks in your stride is that you need to keep your mind calm and composed and react in a way that is required during the time and make sure that your actions are methodically thought out. The ideal way for you to handle the problems will be to put together a list of your priorities and then take the correct decision or mark out your path of actions.

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    • Favorable Colors – Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown.


    • Lucky Numbers – 3, 21, 33, 59, 60.