Sagittarius born people are charmers and are the biggest travelers. They are optimistic, extroverts and superbly enthusiastic.

The Sagittarius born people are also many-a-times extremely tactless, thereby alienating themselves in their hurry to express their opinions.

The natives born under the Jupiter ruled sign are also humorous and possess a playful nature. Thus they too need a partner who shall have a sense of humor themselves. When these people love, they love with a deep dedication and remain completely dedicated and faithful.

Positions of Planets and Stars
The 7th house of love and marriage for the Sagittarius is not very powerful this year, and therefore the possibility of a major change in their life is also nearly null. That means to stay that those who are married , remain so and the single also have very limited opportunity of getting married.

But despite this, the year and the astrological positioning gives you an opportunity to make your life exactly the way you want it to be. Singles therefore, as earlier said, may get hitched, if they really put their mind to it, but the universe offers them an assistance to better themselves this year. If the singles mould and make themselves the way they had idolized their idols, then chances are they will not have to pursue love, rather love will pursue them.

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2017 – New Year


This is essentially a year where the Sagittarian born should vest themselves of all their bad habits, habits which had chained them to their baser selves.

These could be characteristics mindset, habits amongst others. The erotic and quirky link that the planet of Love, Venus establishes with Uranus around July sets in motion some interesting chance encounters and dates.

A stormy relationship can occur within the period of 3rd April to 7th of August as Venus, the planet of Love stays put in your 7th house, the house of love and marriage till 7th of August. Venus, in its place makes constant movement thereby signaling a very happening love life with not a single dull moment.  But whether this relationship will pass or last, or if it is a fling is for you to decide and whether it will affect your life is again your call.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Love being a little complicated this year, it will be easier to take things easy. The middle of the year brings good news for your love life. Since the Sagittarius born people are going through an evolution   by themselves, in terms of getting rid of their negativity and negative character traits; getting to know who their compatible signs are will definitely an additional help. There are always compatibility and incompatibility factor, keeping those in view let us see who the natives born under Sagittarius are comfortable with.

Compatible Sun Signs for Sagittarius in 2017 – Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius
Incompatible Sun Signs for Sagittarius in 2017 – Virgo and Pisces