• January – This is a month when you shall be busy clearing backlogs from the past. Travel is on the cards and it would open newer professional horizons.




    • February – This month you feel philanthropic. You shall get involved with a lot of social and charitable causes – causes that you hold dear to your heart.


    • March – You shall be in a mood to enjoy in company of your near and dear ones. You feel lethargic and this may hamper the quality of your work. Instead of being marked for slipshod work, you may consider taking a break for a while to feel rejuvenated.


    • April – This is a month when a lot of projects would lure you. However, you should be farsighted enough to know which one would be right for you and your organization.


    • May – This is an auspicious month for finances. There would be inflow of funds from various expected and even unexpected sources. It would be wise if you consulted a professional to make futuristic financial investments at this time.


    • June – You are in an amorous mood now. Along with that you feel nostalgic too. You may have a chance reconnection with an old flame, which would act as a catalyst to fuel the state of your mind.


    • July – You have worked hard for a while, and now you are in a mood to party hard. Indulgence is fine once in a while, but you should not let it take a toll upon your health.


    • August – This month is for honing your skills no matter what profession you may be in. Those who have applied for studies abroad or appeared for competitive exams may expect satisfactory results.


    • September – This month you should be on your guards for there may be forces working against you – they may try to sabotage your work or malign you somehow or the other.


    • October – You have too many ideas in your head – creative – but backed with sound logistics for execution. However, you may not find helping hands that are essential for the execution. This may make you feel angry and frustrated. Do not lose your heart or hope. This is the time to have faith in yourself and your abilities – the rest would fall in place soon.


    • November – This month you shall have to learn to juggle between your professional and personal liabilities. There may be an emergency situation at home that would require your attention. They would perhaps be pressing deadlines at work alongside. The key is to stay composed and also outsource some of the work to trusted teammates.


    • December – This is a month when you need to become the friend philosopher and guide for someone younger in the family. The experience would make you feel happy and contented, and it would also forge a strong bonding between you and the member of your family.


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