2016 is going to be a crucial year for you in regards to your career and you will have some huge developments come your way, so make sure to prepare for that. You won’t have the time to indulge in deliberation or dilemma since timing will be crucial.

Make sure to keep a good working relationship with all of your office mates to ensure that they will cooperate when you need them to. They can also help you to determine the right path for you to take and students can expect a good year with the results that they worked to achieve.

Those who are looking to go on for more education will find that there won’t be any problems in the way and for those who have been thinking about promotion, then you will get the desired one. This will also be a good year to start up some new business partnership and if you have been thinking about starting a new business or other joint project should go ahead.

You will also benefit from changing your job and your efforts will get the appreciation they deserve and you will be extremely busy this year, but you will feel satisfied and happy.

Planetary Positions:

You will be blessed by Planet Neptune to help you see through any blockades that you might face and you will be able to see the right path when you need to and come out as the winner. However, you will also have plenty of mood changes that would make you want to crawl into your shell. Don’t let this mood linger over long because you will only be able to be successful with the help of your fellow peers.

Planet Saturn will also come out to play and it will make you serious to anything responsibilities or commitments, but make sure that you remember that being petty or secretive while competing with others can hurt you. Make sure to keep the competition healthy and work on your skills in communication. You will gain from interacting without being secretive with others in your professional area.

Favored Professions:

Legal Profession, Engineering and Technology, Civil Services and Administrative Positions.

During this year those that are born until the Scorpio sun sign will be pay more attention to their goals in their professional career and some hard work will bring in promotions. However, make sure to go at a slow, yet steady pace since if you go too fast, then your efforts could be wasted. You could go on international trips for work or for your higher education, especially during the first part of the year. Despite being an introvert, make sure to get suggestions from your superiors and peers before making any serious decisions regarding your career. The key virtue for 2016 is patience and the ability to choose the right time to go into action, especially if you want to change your profession.

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