Scorpio Health Horoscope 2016 speaks of a year when your general lifestyle and your emotional wellbeing would have an impact on your health. Scorpio born natives are known for their energy and robustness. However these would be missing at times during this year making you feel lethargic and low on energy.


However due to the planetary configurations there is no major health hazard predicted from the astrological point of view. Your personal habits would also play a role in your health for you are likely to be prone to infections this year.

Many Scorpio born natives would have to take the help of dermatologist during this year as you may get bothered by skin rashes and allergies. Female Scorpios may also suffer from infection in the urinary tract. Your psychological wellbeing would also be essential for maintaining good health for if you feel low and stay for days in a dark mood that would definitely take a toll upon your health.

For this purpose it would also be suggested to maintain peace and harmony in all the other spheres of your life. It is also recommended for you to try and lower the stress level in your life.

Planetary Positions:

The Planet that would influence the health sector of the natal chart of the Scorpio born natives for the most part of the year is Planet Pluto. This Planet is known for its power to heal. It is because of this that the Scorpio born natives would find themselves in overall good health condition during the year 2016. However, in the third quarter of the year, the Planet Jupiter would also enter into the picture. However, Jupiter makes its entry in the retrograde mode. This would cause some health hiccups during this time of the year. However, since Planet Pluto would still prevail in the health sector of your natal chart you shall get the power to rejuvenate and bounce back to good health soon.

Diet Suggestions:

This is a year when your diet and how you plan it would play a major role in your health and well being. Because of this you should attach special attention to your diet. If you think you cannot plan and organize your diet and meet your nutrition needs, then it is best that you consult a professional dietician or a doctor for that purpose. It is also recommended that you have portion controlled meals at regular intervals. Your diet should have high protein content and food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Omega 3 fatty acids would take care of your cardio vascular system, and is found in fish, flaxseeds, quinoa, cabbages, figs etc. The element calcium sulfate when included in one’s diet is known to help in regeneration and thereby healing – this can be found in food items like tomatoes, onions etc.

Health Horoscope 2016

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