During 2016, the cards predict that you will learn exactly how to balance different areas of your life, while taking everything that is put into your path in stride. You will be successful and content and you should learn to trust in your gut feelings and the path that they will lead you on.


Love and Relationship

This year you will be the one that decides which path your personal relationship will take and you could possibly share your free time and feelings with your significant other or you might also not tell them how you feel.

However, you will also be working plenty of long hours during the year and you will have to have straight forward speaking, including about how to feel in order to rescue the relationship. However, the later incidents will cause the spark in your relationship to flicker and die. You should try to be sensitive to the requirements of your partner to ensure that your relationship can keep going.

If you are in a committed relationship, then it might make it into the marriage cycle, but you should look into your heart and figure out exactly how you feel before you make the final choice.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope (February 01, 2016)

Today is a great day to make new beginnings. If you have been dillydallying taking up a new project at work, you may do so now. If you had second thoughts about starting a business venture you have been toying with in your mind, get into action today. No idea of yours will stay unimplemented due to lack of funds – finance is one thing you shall not have to worry about.

Lucky Number : 23, 32, 46

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Career and Business

Your work and career will be at the top of pyramid in terms of importance and it will give you plenty back beyond anything you had ever expected. You will see a difference in the achievements that you reach this year compared to those in the previous years. If you are in a business, then you will have a great year and it will blossom and this is the most auspicious time to start up your new projects, including both alone or a partnership. You should also find the job that you were looking for during this time. The students who have been wanting to go abroad for their further education will find that all of the problems simply disappear. You will have a good level of compatibility with your coworkers and you will be able to work together without any problems when required. You simply need to ask for something and ask for help. This would be the best time for those in the communications or media industry and your skills in communication will help to find you new people and contacts that would be inspiring to you and help you to care more about your chosen field.

Health and Wellness

During the start of the year you will be experiencing the best health along with great cheer and you will find yourself to bull of enthusiasm along with energy. However, you should make the most of this phase by using the energy and putting it towards all of the different assignments that you have taken up, however, this might mean you will spend plenty of extra time working and staying up late. Working at this pace will slowly and at a steady pace drain you completely of your energy and during the middle of the year; you will be completely exhausted and drained. When this starts to happen, then you need to start to slow down and take it easy a bit.

Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Money and Finance

During the year you will find yourself having plenty of funds flowing in, but at the same time there will also be a large amount of funds going out, which are beyond anything you can control. This means you won’t be able to save much, so makes sure that you are sticking to your budget and be careful about anything that has to do with money or else you will find yourself to have a huge amount of pressure placed upon you. You should practice your patience and go over the budget again to make sure that you have funds available for anything that might come up and you should make sure that your budget covers only the bare requirements and that everything else is removed. However, during the end part of the year, everything will change since Planet Jupiter will have the influence in your natal chart. During this period you might get some dividends from earlier investments or even funds through inheriting or even through gifts. However, you should avoid taking out any loans throughout the year.

Family and Relatives

The family sector for those born under the Scorpio sun sign will be perfect throughout 2016, especially if you can take care of the small problems that will get people riled up. Most of the year you will be experiencing peace and contentment in the house and in your relationships with your relatives. You will be caring and be extremely accommodating when it comes to the requirements of your loved ones and they will stand next to you in support because of this. The problems that you will have to smooth over won’t be done on purpose, but there will be some unexpected issues, but your family will be by your side and you will be able to take care of everything together. You should attend the social gatherings in order to spend time laughing and having fun.

Travel and Vacation

You will be spending a lot of time traveling during this year and you will have to do it for work. The constant traveling might leave you feeling stressed out and fatigued, but each of these work trips will help you to add something to your professional career, so they will be worth it. You should start to soar this year in a; way you had never imagined and you will be able to be valued more and you will have new and exciting opportunities that are put into your path that will be an experience for learning and a way to prove your mettle the cards are also indicating that you will gain financially from these travels and for those students who are thinking about traveling outside of their country to pursue their higher education should find these dreams being realized without many problems.

Education and Studies

The key to being successful this year in the academic field is to know when to put in the extra effort and you also need to make sure that it is the appropriate type of effort. You should work on achieving your goals this year during the first part of the year and the configurations have suggested that will be the most auspicious time. For those who need to appear for their competitive tests or put in their applications for further education, it should be done during the first part of the year. Also, during this time you will have the guidance from your seniors along with their recommendations. The second part of the year is when you should be working hard to get your skills up to par.

Areas of Growth

During 2016 you will find your life to be changing and expanding, especially in your romantic relationship sector. You will be sprucing up the relationship and your life to make it more exciting and beautiful in a positive way. You will be interested in striking up a comfortable intimacy with your significant other and you will be surprised to find out that your partner wants to take the relationship a bit farther. The experiences that you have in your love life will also help to mold your person as well during this phase, which will leave you feeling more secure and with a better stability. You will feel that you belong and you will think that this will last forever if you take the relationship to a committed one. If you are married, then you might be thinking about starting to grow your family.

Areas of Challenge

You will have to face a challenge this year when it comes to remaining confident, composed and serene at points when you don’t like the situation. However, you will have to remember that the anxiety and the heartbreak won’t get you anywhere. There are always adversities that can’t be gotten around and trying to get out of the way isn’t one of the options, which means you will have to face up to it and take care of it. However, as long as you remain composed and have a high level of maturity, then you will get through it along with you trusting your gut feelings. Make sure that you are connecting with your brain so that can understand what your heart is trying to tell you. Many people that will surround you will attempt to influence in you in numerous ways, but you need to have the stability to process all of this information and determine what you think is the best path for you.

Areas of Excitement

During the year you will be facing changes that are ever evolving and this will lead you to having an excited state. However, your life will be unpredictable for most of the year and you will find enjoyment in this state as your brain will be stimulated and you will get immediate responses and ideas. This will also excite you, but you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t go past what you can afford just because you are excited. Plan your responses, but make sure to keep reason in mind and some ideas, regardless how brainy they are, should stay ideas only and not be executed. You should be able to tell the difference.

Areas of Change

This year you will have to change the way you act towards others and learn to be less disdainful when it comes to others and to give them some leeway. However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply trust everyone, but you should not just assume everyone is telling you the truth and go with your gut feelings. However, make sure that you aren’t biased when you are making the appropriate decisions and you need to learn to see the world with an impartial eye to and to judge people less. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the positive things that are all around you in life.

  • Favorable Months – January, June, September, November.
  • Unfavorable Months – March, July.
  • Favorable Colors – Orange, Black, White, Blue.
  • Lucky Numbers – 9, 45, 59, 63, 78, 85, 90.