For those Scorpios that are married or in a committed relationship, this is the year to proceed with caution even more than those who are looking for love. Make sure to be attentive to the wants and needs of your partner to avoid having them feel ignored, give them some surprise gifts or even romantic nights out to get into the right position.

If you are too outgoing or attentive to your friends it might make your partner green with jealously, but remember that possessiveness can be a manifestation of your love as long as it isn’t suffocating. You need to be sensitive to the desires of your partner and you are one of the best people of all the sun sings to be able to understand the subtle hints of love, the manifestations and possessiveness and jealousy.

This is possible because you have the depth required to understand them and the same traits for empathizing, if you want. Make sure that you avoid all arguments that come from misunderstanding on non-important issues.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

The love life of Scorpios will be affected by two planets this year, including Planet Venus, which will have a strong influence for the first half of the year, until March ends. Venus will start to shift away from the start of April and complete the move by the time May starts, but during this time will be the most romantic slot. This is time where they find all their dreams being fulfilled and an positive and extra energy that will strengthen the tie with their partner to make it stronger than before.

Starting in May Planet Neptune will take over the fifth house and it is all about dreams and illusions and the fifth house is over partnerships, romance and the likes. During this time Scorpios will have frequent mood swings and be extremely sensitive and it might be hard for your partner to keep up with your needs and wants. Neptune can also fog up your clarity and prevent you from selecting the right person based upon your compatibility instead of based on your impulses and desires.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility:

Scorpio likes to feel fortified in love and also as a person and they want a strong commitment and to have a comfortable feeling regarding the clearly defined zones in their relationships. They like to have relationships that are structured and they don’t like people that go around with a nonchalant attitude. Scorpios are also very jealous and possessive lovers, especially when they are in committed relationships, so make sure if you are with one that you have the required endurance and patience with them along with the connection.

Compatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Taurus, Gemini, Virgo.
Incompatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius.

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