• January – This month is an auspicious time for the Scorpio born natives. Whatever you attempt to do would turn out to be fruitful. This would fill up your mind with happiness and contentment. It is suggested that you also take care of your personal responsibilities at this time alongside your professional ones.




    • February – This month it is time to establish your leadership powers and teambuilding qualities at your place of work. Naturally, this would not be an easy thing to do. You may have to face obstacles. The good news is that the cards suggest that you shall emerge victorious.


    • March – This is a month when financial woes may bother you. There may be hefty yet unavoidable expenses – for example, in the field of medicine, treatment or education. You should be prepared that there would be a hole burnt in your savings. However, do not bother all too much – the year would bring you opportunities to regain what you shall lose now.


    • April – You may face some problem at your place of work. The best solution to it would be to communicate and reach an amicable solution. Never undermine the power of a team effort. So do not discard opinion of your peers.


    • May – This is the month when you shall meet and greet a lot of people. This would open up a plethora of opportunities for you to explore both at the professional and personal levels.


    • June – Your hard work would start showing results during this month. Naturally you shall feel happy and satiated. But do not let the feeling of contentment to set in for long for it may rob you of your urge to perform.


    • July – You shall be love struck during this month and the position of the stars in your natal chart also promise of a fruitful time to take your love to the next level.


    • August – It is time you gave some time to your family. You have been very busy of late, and this means that you have not been able to spend quality time with your family. This has to be remedied now. A family vacation may be a good idea.


    • September – This is the month when you shall be on the wheels. This is also the month when the cards indicate there may be change of place for a long period – you may get transferred, may change your home, or venture out for some endeavor.


    • October – This month your financial condition would be stable, and you may consider fulfilling a few of your desires and those of your loved ones.


    • November – This month you may feel a little under the weather, and as such it is recommended that you take it a little easy.


    • December – This month you shall be in a mood to spread cheer and goodwill. This is also the time when you shall host a lot of friends and family and have a nice time in unison.


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