The Sikh community is one of the most prominent communities all over the world. They are a monotheistic religious sect that developed in the Punjab region of India in the 15th century. The basic and fundamental beliefs of the Sikhism are found in the scripture Guru Granth Sahib.

Being based on the teachings of Guru Nanak, Sikhism has evolved through centuries and preaches having faith and meditating on one creator. There are many fairs and festivals which are held by the Sikh community.

Some of the most significant festivals which are held by the Sikhs community are the ones where in such festivals the entire families of Sikhs gather in a particular place of Gurdwara. The Gurdwara is their most sacred and religious place for prayers.

The Gurdwara is well decorated. The holy book of Sikhs, known as ‘Guru Granth Sahib’, is read constantly and consistently. The hymns are sung by Sikh singers in chorus. Karah Prasad is distributed to the whole lot of people congregated there.

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In the hot days iced and sweetened water is served by them at different places. In the evening they lighted up all the houses with lights. Free langar or distribution of food at the main Gurdwara is a must for every occasion.

Name of festivals Date of festivals Description
Guru Gobind Singh birthday 5th January 2024, Thursday Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth guru of the Sikh. He was born in Patna on 22nd December according to Julian calendar. Now no one use this calendar and it was changed by Gregorian calendar. Following the Hindu calendar it was saptami, shukla paksha , paush when he was born. The birth date of his was not in disagreement as other gurus have. It is common for large sequence cavalcade go through to roads in India on this day. Sikh people sing devotional songs during the procession. Many of them distribute cold drink and sweets among all the elders, children and adults. After that they gather together in gurdwara for a special prayer. Guru Gobind was the son of guru Teg Bahadhur who gave all his life to protect religious freedom. This festival celebrate a holiday within India’s vast beneficial society.
Maghi day 13th January, 2024, Friday Maghi is the festival when the Sikh celebrates the sacrifice of forty Sikhs, who fought for guru Gobind Singh ji. It is the first day of Magh, Makar Sankranti so it is known as Maghi. In the day of Maghi evening all The Sikhs were lit the bonfire. It is also known as Lohri. They greet the birth of sons in the families and alms are distributed. In the morning they for an early bathe in nearby water tanks.  This day is recognized to honor the heroic fight of the Chali mukte. Big fairs are organized and pilgrims take a holy dip in the sacred waters. Sugarcanes, sweets, rice, popcorn and peanuts are thrown into the flames of Lohri bonfires by families and friends. Childbirth or newly marriages are especially alert in the actions. Numerous kites are seen in the sky during this festival. Children are gifted with jujube fruits for protection from evil .new clothes are donned to the poor, a rich khichdi dish are prepared.
Hola mohala 13th March,2024, Monday Hola mohalla is a Sikh festival recognized in the month of phalguna. After the day of Holi celebrations. An annual festival is held in Punjab. Holla Mohalla is the festival of tenth Sikh gurus. It reminds the people of defence attentiveness and concepts to the tenth guru who was at that time battling with the Mughal empire. Numerous durbars where Guru Gobind Singh is present to sing kirtan and religious lecture. Flour, rice milk, vegetables sugar are provided by the people living nearby. Women cook food and clean the utensils. Traditional cuisine served to the pilgrim sitting in rows on the ground.
Baishakhi 14th April, 2024, Friday This festival falls on 14th April and marks the beginning of the year. All the Sikhs thank God for the harvest. It is the main festival of the Sikhs. Nagar Kirtans are held around the world in this time. Major celebrations are held at the birth place of the Khalsa, Golden temple in Amritsar and in Talwandi sabo. Baishakhi is a celebration of the new year according to the Sikh calendar. This is celebrated in all the regions Including the other regions such as West Bengal, Haryana, Assam and Kerala and is celebrated in the new year on this day.
Guru Arjan Martrydom 16th June, 2024, Friday Anjan Sikh guru was the fifth Sikh Guru who sentenced to death as he refused to stop preaching his message of God. He was made to sit on a burning hot sheet and hot sand was poured over his body. After this painful torture for continue five days he was taken for bathe in the river. There thousands of people watched the entering in the river by him but never to be seen back again.  Guru Arjan Singh laid down to the tradition of living with honor in Saheedi diwas during this time.
Diwali 19th October, 2024, Sunday ‘Diwali ‘or’ Dipawali ‘ is perhaps the biggest festivals for Sikh community. In this day people lit the clay lamps, candles to symbolize the light to protect their families from spiritual darkness. It was the celebrations of the return of the sixth Nanak.The Sikhs celebrate this day as Bandhi Chhorh diwas. The celebrations are both held in homes and Gurdwaras. They make offering of many kinds of flowers, candy and karah Prasad. Small lamps lightened with mustard oil all around the tank nearby. Colorful light are decorated in and outside of each houses. Clay lamps fed with pure ghee are floated in the tank.
Guru Nanak’s birthday 4th November, 2024, Thursday Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the most respected and admired day noticed by the Sikh community. And to praise and worship the beliefs of Sikhism.  He was the first Sikh guru.  Guru Nanak Jayanti   honored the birth of his by Sikhism. Gurupurab means ‘festivals of the gurus.’   Guru Nanak enlightened the world with his great ardent teachings. This day is known as ‘Prakash Utsav’. Akhand Path is reading for two days before Guru Nanak Jayanti at homes and Gurudwras. Gurudwaras are embellished with flowers and lights. Some Gurudwaras also held night prayers. In the U.K. Canada and in U.S.A.  The Sikh members also visit Gurdwara. Devotees turn out in huge numbers to participate all the ceremonies. As Guru Nanak birth was after midnight the celebration also goes on past midnight.
Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadhur 24th November, 2024, Friday Guru Tegh Bahadar was the ninth Sikh guru who undertook the sacrifice for the protection of the most fundamental of human rights.  This was an extremely an important event in Sikh history. He contributed many hymns to the Guru Granth. He toured different parts of India, and was asked to form several Sikh temples in Mahali. His works are included in Adi Granth, topics of body, mind, sorrow, dignity service, death and human attachments. He describe what an ideal human being is like.