This will be a much easier year the Taurus’, especially those that have been toiling for a while. However, those who have just started something new might face some initial hiccups and it isn’t the time to undertake a new business.

There might also be some financial problems, so investing in major projects might not be on the table for you in 2016. You should also avoid creating any new partnerships in your work life and those that are in partnerships might have some problems. Make sure to attempt to handle these problems in a practical, yet calm manner and to select what you say carefully to avoid getting into major trouble.

The best thing to work for is to be tactful, especially when it comes to your business since Taurus is known for being shrewd and to gain more, you need to stay so. Your saying for 2016 should be about working slowly, yet steadily to get ahead and win.

You might also see that your payments and results are being delayed and you will probably feel upset and it could be difficult to make all your required payments in your business. Don’t worry, there won’t ever be a spot that you can’t get out of and everything will work out, but it will require a bit more time. This will stay in place until May and July is the ideal time to start moving forward in your career, which should be your focal point during the slow phase. You should also look now if you want to change your job since you will be offered numerous prospects that you would have never imagined. Students can also expect to get good results during this year as long as they have the required composure.

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Planetary Positions:

Planet Mars will be in the sixth house starting in January and leaving in May, but it might happen in 2 ways. Mars will influence you in January until March where you will be very busy and you will have too much on your plate and you will always feel like you are running out of time. However, from March until May Mars will recede and you will be in a frustrating place where you will have plenty of delays.

After May Planet Uranus will come to rule the house regarding profession, which will bring with it prestige and honor. This is the best time for you to look at exactly what you want and how you have progressed. If required, this is the time to change up your strategy to get where you want to go faster.

Favored Professions:

Creative Writing, Media and Communications, Technical Profession.

You need to assert yourself more this year instead of your typical laid back style since that won’t help you be successful. You are both dedicated and sensible and you just need to add some zeal and energy to make the combination better. You might not be in the spotlight, but then again you don’t care anyways since you would rather be the backbone from behind. However, your efforts will be rewarded in time.