Taurus Health Horoscope 2016 suggests that you take your health seriously if you want to stay healthy and happy for the major part of the year. This is the year when Taurus born natives may get bogged down by infections.

This is all the more true in case of throat infections and those in the upper respiratory tract. Those who have asthmatic tendency should take precautions so that they can avoid suffering from bronchitis or prevent getting asthma turned to COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

You should also avoid allergy triggers for the indications on the cards show that you may succumb to allergy related problems during this year. it may be food related allergies or otherwise. Female Taurus born natives may also suffer from hormonal disorders during this year, they may particularly face problem with the malfunctioning of the thyroid glands.

One factor that would act in your favor is the fact that you are someone who has been blessed with the virtues of patience and endurance, and as such you are not someone who would feel dark and lonely due to illness. This indomitable spirit would be your secret to good health in this year.

Planetary Positions:

The natal chart of the Taurus born natives shows an interesting configuration in the health sector during the year 2016. There would be three astral bodies that would exude more or less similarly strong influence in the sixth house of the horoscope of the Taurus born natives. The Planets are Venus and Saturn, and the other astral body is Rahu. Rahu is the one who tempts you to indulge in the worldly pleasures, while Planet Saturn makes sure that none of your “karma” goes unnoticed – as such you get back what you give. A little slipshod attitude towards your health would land you into trouble.  However, the Ruling Planet of the people born under the sun sign Taurus is Planet Venus. Since Venus too casts a strong influence, you shall be blessed with the power to heal and get back to shape in no time.

Diet Suggestions:

A proper balanced diet would be of utmost importance for the Taurus born natives for the sake of their health. It would also be required that you maintain the proper water balance and pH balance in the cells of your body. For that purpose it is recommended that you consider the intake of a diet that is rich in the element sodium sulfate. This element would supply adequate water to your body. This would help to reduce water retention in the body thereby providing you relief from the bloated feeling that may arise in case of some hormonal imbalances. The other element that aids to achieve the same results is iodine. Saturated fat and refined sugar should have no place in your diet. Instead you should fill up your plate with legumes, fresh vegetables, organic fruits, fiber rich seeds and cereals, lean meat etc.

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