2016 is a good year when it comes to contentment and cheerfulness for those who are born under the Taurus sun sign. You will find that new opportunities will be thrown at you and you will be able to show off your talents that are hidden deep within yourself.

You are hardworking, eager and smart and you will be showered with creativity this year. However, when this is combined with your determine you will be able to take care of any small issue that might come up and it will simply vanish. This means that you will be completely happy in your life during this year.

Love and Relationship

You will want to experiment this year when it comes to your love life and you will even want to take some risks, which make it an adventurous trip. You will be in such a loving mood this year that you might even be tempted to try some of the forbidden items, even if it involves more risks. The adventures that you undertake will give you a rush of adrenaline and for those who are looking, then you will find your soul mate this year and given them your heart. Make sure to keep your eyes open to avoid any problems that might arise, but the cards suggest that you will get your own way with the blessings and support from your elders and your friends. For those who are planning to get married, then the months of October until December are the best times and this year you will be in heaven when it comes to your love life.

Taurus Daily Horoscope (February 01, 2016)

Today you shall be in a benevolent mood. You shall mentor someone at work or at school and good karma always comes back to you. You shall be treated favorably by your superiors too. Spend some time with your family and let them know how much they mean to you. Financial aspect does not look too good today, so control your expenses. Some minor health issue may bother you, like some chronic problems surfacing after letting you breathe easy for a while.

Lucky Number : 26, 40, 51

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Career and Business

Those who were born Taurus will have plenty of opportunities to grow and become successful during the year in their chosen field, no matter what it is. You will be able to grow because of the fact that your confidence will be stroked by your coworkers, but you should rely on your gut feelings rather than what others think. However, don’t become overly stubborn in the way that you approach things and you will be able to have a good sense of judgment that will help you through anything. You should make sure to undertake complete research before you start any new ventures to ensure that you will benefit from all of the projects. You should make sure to nurture the work that you already have and put your mind to it and finish it. However, if you have been thinking about taking a new bend in your career, then go ahead and take the turn, but don’t let your head get too big because of confidence, since it can bring you down.

Health and Wellness

If you are ill, then you need to make sure that you are properly caring for your health or it will cause some major problems that will push your dreams away. However, the predictions show that there isn’t any reason that you should experience any serious health issues this year, but you might have some sudden small problems because of you neglecting your health. You can stay healthy with a good diet, proper habits and a lifestyle that is healthy and you need to carefully balance your rest and how much you work to ensure that you don’t burn out and crash. However, overall during this year you will be active and full of zest and zeal.

Taurus Horoscope 2016

Taurus Horoscope 2016

Money and Finance

This year will be one where you see the financial benefits and you will have big chance of inheriting some funds, according to the cards. However, you might purchase some big ticket items that will ramp up your assets, including car, property or a new home. You might also invest in some skeptical seeming plans, but they will pan out and you will get some great returns. You might also become involved in some new business or even partnerships that will also bring in some extra income, but be aware that the cards are so showing that you will have larger expenditures during the first part of the year, so make sure to balance everything out to keep your account fluffy.

Family and Relatives

During 2016, Taurus will find nothing for them to complain about when it comes to their home lives, at least according to what the astrologers predict. This is happening because Jupiter is influencing the charts and is guarding you and your loved ones from any negative auras. The family sector will be full of contentment, warmth, peace and love, which is something that anyone would kill for. However, the only problem is that you will have to travel and work a lot, which will tear you from your family for long periods at a time. Make sure that you are with them in spirit to ensure that they feel safe and secure. You will most likely be organizing one of the religious occasions at your home, so make sure to properly prepare for that.

Travel and Vacation

Those who were born under the Taurus zodiac sign will be spend lot of time traveling during 2016, regardless of whether or not you are a professional or a student. The cards are predicting that not only will you be traveling for work, but you will also be traveling for religious and other personal reasons. However, ensure that you are planning everything in advance to ensure that you can travel hassle free. Also, the cards are warning against troublesome incidents while undertaking this travel, so keep this in mind since you might have to take some immediate decisions or make room for plans that suddenly shift. You will go traveling with your friends and your loved ones which will help you to relax and distress and it will be rejuvenating time and you will be able to focus more clearly on life.

Education and Studies

The Taurus born people will be full of concentration and their focus will be directed towards the right sphere during the year. The cards say that you will surpass any of your expectations when it comes to your endeavors and you will be interested, creative and smart, which will help to bring around the results you crave. Those who are pursuing education in the areas of metaphysics, theology and philosophy will attain some exceptional levels of success and those in the management, finance or banking sectors will also find that their dreams will be achieved. However, you will need to focus from some meandering from the path and avoid all of the negative pressure from your fellow students or other distractions. The time is perfect for those who have been thinking about appearing for their competitive tests.

Areas of Growth

This year you will find that your business and financial sectors will experience great development and you will easily win this year because of the cooperation and backing of some of the top people in your path. You should properly learn how to manage whatever resources you have because when you have too much money, then you can become careless and frivolous in your spending. However, organize what you have saved and you will be able to freely express yourself in a capable manner. Also, you will be given a myriad of exciting opportunities because of your skills in communication and you will be able to grow and develop more, but you should also start to think about what you are going to say before you talk.

Areas of Challenge

This year you will be tested in regards to your handling of your intimate relationships and how much you value them, including your family relationships, friendships and with your significant other. Try to avoid any problems that might cause any small fractures or cracks in the relationships and both the Sun and Saturn are in tricky locations, which will leave you wanting more than what you have and you will crave it as well. You will also feel dissatisfied with numerous things and you will also feel irritated and it is advised by the cards that you don’t make any quick decisions during this phase to avoid making the wrong choice and creating more problems. Also, for those who are in committed relationships, then make sure to listen to your partner’s thoughts and what they want to do before you make up your mind on any problem. For those who aren’t in a relationship, then when you start one do so with care and extreme discretion.

Areas of Excitement

This is the phase of your life where you are looking to find out who you truly are and that will lead you to wanting to share what you find with everyone. However, you will be constantly checking over every aspect in your life and this might not be the most comfortable situation at all times, but you will realize in time that you have done right by yourself. You have moved on and created new beginnings in different specters of your life, so make sure to be ready to walk forward as you adjust to the changes that will help you to become who you truly should be.

Areas of Change

During this stage you who you see yourself as and what those around you see are the same and are constantly changes. You will want to put out that you are a person that is independent and strong willed and you will want to make changes in yourself and redefine who you are. However, you might find that this brings problems in some of your relationships since people don’t want you to change permanently, but after time they will work out in the ways that they should. Don’t let people hold you back from making the changes that you want or think should be made, but go ahead and if they don’t care, then they aren’t worth it.

    • Favorable Months – January, February, March, June, July, September


    • Unfavorable Months – April, May, October, December.


    • Favorable Colors – Dull Steel Grey, Sky Blue, White, Yellow


    • Lucky Numbers – 6, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60