During the year of 2016, Taurus will be in a mood to reflect and you might want to reorganize all of your long term goals based on this same reflection that you have done of the past.

You will be craving to sort out exactly what is of importance to you and what isn’t. You will be in the mood to get as much done in a short time as possible, including fulfilling the past promises that you have made to others.

However, the best part is that Taurus never impulsively commits to anything and isn’t shy about keeping the commitments that they have made, even when the promises are difficult to keep.

Taurus is all about integrity in everything that they do and they don’t want to have a unstable love, but one that is long term and full of bonds. You are aware that there are two sides of every relationship, including the enjoyment side and the side that has responsibilities. In 2016 you will have to prepare to take on all of the responsibilities for your partner with care and love.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

For a long time, the Sun and Saturn have played a duet together in your chart, which makes you more realistic, mature and practical in the way that you approach life. You have never given up on your responsibilities, which has earned you love and respect.

The planet of Love, Venus, is always one of the guiding planets for those who are born Taurus, but in January and February this planet will be taking a back seat in your natal chart. This is not the time to make any auspicious changes and you should wait patiently for this time to slip away before making any serious decisions. If you are in a committed relationship or married, then make sure to deal with your partner along with the relationship with more patience than normal.

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2016 – New Year

Planet Mars will take over from March until May, but it will be in reverse gears. Mars is a masculine energy that plays a part in the physical chemistry in your love life. During this time it might seem that the magic of your physical love might disappear and problems connecting with your partner abound, no matter how hard you try. This can cause some major problems for a married Taurus, but after May the pattern of planets will change and the chemistry return.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility:

Taurus likes to be in control of everything, especially when they are in love and they are the “marrying type”. They like relationships that are clearly defined and are domestic souls that take every relationship seriously. They are dedicated, loyal and reliable, which is one of the most important traits and they expect their partner to have the same personal integrity. This often leads to jealousy in many Taurus born people and when challenged by fidelity in their relationship it feels like their world has stopped. They are willing to accommodate almost everything and adjust as well, but they need loyalty from their partner.

Compatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio.
Incompatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.