The authorized ancient Vedic Astrology 2017 horoscope has almost everything that you can expect from a yearly horoscope. It will help you to make your future ideas and aims to be strong.

Rashis are also known as the zodiac signs are ruled by God Like powers who controls the individual parts of that particular zodiac sign. The Vedic astrology was only based on the movement of planets in respect to the stars.

The Vedic astrology has main three parts of astronomy, mundane astronomy and predictive astrology. This astrology is nothing but explaining the meaning of the arrangement to humans and other entities. Twelve signs are distributed among 12 houses and nine planets in different houses setting.

Ancient Hindu literature is full of mythology associated to zodiac signs and planets. The crucial teachings of Vedic astrology depend on the planetary developments respecting the stars. Nakshatra or the twenty seven heavenly bodies heading a certain blends of stars are known as Nakshatra.

Vedic astrologers fill every one of these directions in a diagram which is known as “Janam Kundli”. Through this taking a look at this diagram, a Vedic astrologer can represent a man’s qualities, future life and conceivable outcomes. Zodiac signs differ from the western pattern in Vedic astrology.

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Horoscope 2017


Mesha (Aries):

You will face a special plan by the stars in the sky for Aries people in 2017. You will find yourself in pious activities. In the beginning of the year your energy will enlarge speedily.  You will plan for some long term project, but you have to need self-control over your expenditure. Try to save money than spending money unnecessarily. Your other family member will be fine but some health problem will arise with your children. So keep a watch to them. Your incomplete work will be done by your friends in this time. Your success will definitely increase after the month of June. You need to halt your argument with your near persons. Be calm and don’t get angry otherwise you will breakup everything.  About your finances it will good and your children will demand some investments.   By the end of the year you will receive more source of income. Business person will get more offers to improve their business. In your free time you spend more activities. Help those who are in travel. The auspicious number is 9, 18, 27 36. Your favorable direction is east and color is red orange and yellow.

Vrishaba (Taurus):

Money will keep fluently like normally, spend on entertainment and the comforts of your life. Your family members will help you a lot. Your children will give you glory in life. Try to wear white colors and use white color things. If you are single you find your beloved person soon. Take more care of your partner. Your strong relationship will be stronger.  You may face physical problems family related problems and loss in business to be careful. Avoid lots of useless expenditure. Try to keep control on your food habits. New sources of income will be coming. Your favorable color are green, blue and cream and favorable direction is south and lucky number are 6, 15, 24 and 33.

Mithuna (Gemini):

You will be amazed with plenty of good work. Some problem will occur related to your property. Your life will be perfect financially with some lenient ups and downs. You will be happy and excited with the success of your works. Business person will face huge turn in their business. Stay away from lottery and gambling. Your problem will solve at the end of the year. You will get new sources of income. It will be beneficial if you buy expensive things in cash. Share market holders will make profits. Invest for new vehicle or property. Avoid suspecting your partner.  Try to give time in gardening and planting new trees. Always be positive. Cream and green are lucky color and direction west is suitable to you. 5, 14, 50 are the lucky number for you.

Kataka/ Karka (Cancer):

You will get support from tour beloved persons and get a lot of joyful moment from your family members. Logically if you invest there are some good chances of making money. This year is better for the businessman. Avoid investing money in risky matters. You may lose offers from October to November if you not doing carefully. Various new relations will be formed. Politicians spread dignity everywhere. Peace will overcome  the family. Favorable direction is north and colors are orange yellow and white.

Simha (Leo):

You should respect the feeling of your partners this year to maintain cordial relationships. By being supportive of each other the relationship with your partner will remain conducive. Health problems could be plaguing your children. Students will be extremely successful in their path of education and will plant the basis of their future growth. All field of work will be supportive of joyfulness and have approval in their way of working.  East is your lucky direction and yellow and red are the colors to look forward to and wear for bringing in positive energy. Lucky numbers are 1,4,10.

Kanya (Virgo):

Elders and bosses will be extremely supportive of you this year in all your ventures. Promotions are coming to you at the end of the year as a result of your hard work. Media and artistic field persons will taste success. Your interest will get increased in religious deeds. Try to clear all the issues of life by discussing with your life partner. Students may face some complications. Not the perfect time to trust a new relationship. South is your favorable direction and color are green and cream. Offer books to the children, to get rid of facing tough situations. Your lucky colors are green and blue.

Tula (Libra):

You will get lot of sharpness in your life this year.  Relationships will take a beating as your priority settings will be changing and you will be emerging as a much stronger and independent person. Average time for the students will continue in this year too. Growth in business will be successful. Family property will be increasing, but you will need to take care of your health by performing yoga. West is the direction which suits you this year and your lucky numbers are 6,15,24 and 60.

Vrishchika (Scorpio):

If you have your own Business, it will face profits. Small trips for work related jobs are looking around and you may need to travel frequently for job related issues. You will get financial help from your friend. The problems faced by those already married in their marital life will be overcome soon. You will be very successful in your work this year. Take care for your health as there may be some problems for consuming unhealthy foods. Red, yellow and white are auspicious colors for you. 9, 18 and 27 are the lucky numbers.

Dhanu (Sagittarius):

You should focus on your relationships this year. Romance will definitely decrease in your life. Stomach related problems will arise so be careful about eating junk food or too much of processed foods.  Work looks good; however there will be a break up of partnership this year. Red yellow are preferable color to you in this year. East is the direction where you will tend to get success from. Avoid arguments with your beloved ones for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony in relationships. Multiples of 2 would prove to be beneficial for you and the tones of ivory are your favorable color tones.

Makara (Capricorn):

You have an offer to go on pilgrimage this year. It is going to be an average phase for love and romantic matters.  However existent lovers will have a wonderful time but unfortunately new lovers will have problems. The Capricorn born people’s health will be disturbed. You should give rest to your body and avoid taking all kinds of stress.  Blue, green and black are favorable color to you. South will be a good direction for you. Shades of blue would prove to be lucky for you and multiples of 3 would be good numbers for you to bring you luck and good fortune.

Kumbha (Aquarius):

Students will have a mixed time for them in terms of education. Keep working hard as promotions are just a few steps away.  Get involved in a good start in your career. It is a Positive time for lawyers, commercial persons and medicine sellers this year. You should give much time to your partner to keep relationships happy.  Do not trust anyone blindly this year. West is the direction for your success.  4, 8, 17 and 22 are favorable numbers. Red, Orange and pink would be lucky colors.

Meena (Pisces):

Long journeys must be planned very carefully. In the middle of the month you will get new         sources of work. Positivity will help you a lot in this year in all aspects of life.  it is advisable to Maintain a balance with your co workers this year to avoid any kind of misunderstandings. Stomach and blood related health problem will arise to plague you, so take care of your food. Stay away from misunderstanding in love situations this year to have a happy and peaceful life. White and red are the favorable colors. 3,7,16 and 52 are lucky numbers. South is your lucky side. Shades of yellow would be lucky colors.