Virgo Health Horoscope 2016 you shall be full of energy and vitality. On one hand this would be one of the key reasons why you shall not face any major health hazard during this year.

However, this is also the factor because of which you shall pile up your plate with a lot of plans and activities. Perhaps this would make you feel exhausted and burn out. Consequently you shall experience some change in your mind, which in turn may affect your health.

This is one year when Virgo born natives should be careful about infections and allergies. Apart from that you may also suffer from skin eruptions. Your digestive and respiratory systems too may need some tender loving care. The best way to deal with your health issues is to prevent letting them in by keeping your mind free and happy; and yet if they do get in, eradicate them as soon as possible by seeking medical help.

Planetary Positions:

The Ruling Planet of the Virgo born natives is Planet Mars. During this year, Planet Mars nests itself in the sixth house of the natal chart of the Virgo born natives. This is the segment of your horoscope that determines the condition of your health. We all know that Planet Mars is the ruler of the mind. As such it can easily be deduced that your emotions and feelings would be closely linked with your physical wellbeing. As such it is suggested that you always think in a positive manner, for this would imbibe in you a fresh burst of energy, which in turn would help to attain and maintain good health.

Diet Suggestions:

This is the year when the predictions on the card cannot promise of a year when you shall be naturally strong and sturdy. In fact your environment would play an important role in your health condition. How you feel would also have a huge impact on your health. As such it is recommended that you design your diet in a way so that you get an ample supply of energy making you get an extra dose of zest and zeal. Your aim would be to strengthen your immunity system so that you can ward off diseases with ease. For you, during this time, it is best to stick to light food that would not cause havoc with your digestion and your digestive system at large. Vitamin C is known to help in boosting immunity system. This can be abundantly found in lemons, limes, strawberry, oranges, melons, guava, papaya and many more such easily available food items. For your energy it is suggested that you help improve your circulatory system, so that blood carries oxygen to all the parts of your body properly, thereby providing you a burst of exuberance. You may consider including potassium sulfate in your diet for this purpose. This element can be found in food items like cottage cheese, eggs, whole grains, almonds, oats, yoghurt etc.

Health Horoscope 2016

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