During 2016 Virgo will learn to be passionate when it comes to love. Make sure to keep in mind that every lover wants to be openly adored and a small expression of your love can make them feel special.

Yes, this is outside of your nature since Virgos don’t like to express their feelings, but this is what is suggested that you learn throughout the year. You would see that this would add some more magic to your loved life, including the long distance relationships that might be in store for you.

Also, some of you might find yourself marrying the individual that you secretly admire.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

In your horoscope chart for the year, the fifth house is the one that determines your partnerships, romance and love and during this year it is the Planet Pluto that is in the fifth house. This is an extremely powerful planet and it will influence you to search for a relationship that is all or nothing and you will do anything for one with some passionate romance and a deeper and intimate connection. This year is the best year for having satisfying and long term romantic relationships.

You will be influenced by another planet for the first half of the year, which is Planet Jupiter. This planet is the one in control of optimism and luck, so you should be expecting to achieve whatever goals you have set out for yourself this year.

Another planet will come into play during 2016 that will influence the love life of Virgo’s everywhere, which is Planet Neptune, which is in the seventh house. This planet rules over illusions and dreams, including romantic dreams, but it can also prevent you from seeing reality clearly as it can fog your vision. This placement of this planet will mar the Sun influence in your yearly chart, which means that you will be pulled away from the light and radiant energy that will allow the through to be in the forefront. This means that you could possibly have fights with your partner over issues that don’t exist. However, Jupiter’s influence should be able to give you extra intelligence to help you see clearly through the fog.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility:

Virgos tend to be stern critics and extremely analytic, which narrows down their chances of finding their soul make since they can be too busy finding the flaws. Make sure to avoid finding the flaws on purpose since it isn’t a hobby, but because of the attention to detail it makes it hard for them to ignore anything. Virgos are down to earth souls and they tend to feel embarrassed when they outwardly show their love with public displays of affection. However, they will always be a source of strength and support for their partners when it is needed.

Compatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces.
Incompatible Sun Signs for 2016 – Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

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