• January – This month will keep you up and about. There would be a lot going on both in your social and professional spheres, and you shall have to give a lot of time to keep up to them.


    • February – Your work will take the front seat now and would occupy most of the time. This is the time of the month when you shall have to burn midnight oil. But you shall have immense support both from your family and your peers. This would enable to emerge winner after accomplishing the herculean task list that was entrusted upon you.


    • March – This is the month when you should concentrate to fortify your finances. You shall have surplus income at this time, and you should make plans so that these do not get used up. You may take the help of a professional who would be able to guide you for a better financial future.


    • April – As a Virgo born native you are very detail oriented and calculative.  However, this often comes in the way of going in the direction your heart desires. Do not let a lot of skepticism come in the way when it comes to the matters of the heart during this time. If you mingle with an open mind the stars would bring you the  love of your life.


    • May – Whether you are a student or a working professional, this is that time of the year when you shall have to make plans as to how you can better your chances in whatever you do. Some of you may consider pursuing higher studies in a distant land.


    • June – Your creative mind and analytical brain has always brought back awards and accolades. This time it took some time for you to reap your rewards. But the time has come to celebrate your achievements.


    • July – This is the time when Lady Luck will test your integrity by bringing you many options. It would be up to you to be very careful about determining your next course of action.


    • August – This is the month when you should divert all your attention to your finances and how to secure them for a better future.


    • September – This month you shall be busy to try and strike a happy balance between your professional and personal lives. However, make sure that in giving everyone all the attention they want, you are not depriving yourself from some time with yourself.


    • October – This month there may be some family festivity, and this would bring together a lot of your loved ones.


    • November – Your integrity may get challenged at work during this time. However, if you are confident about your abilities you should be able to emerge a winner.


    • December – The month your social calendar would be very busy, and you are likely to make a lot of new friends.


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