123NewYear brings for you the 2019 Financial Horoscope. Financial predictions will include the gain or loss that each Zodiac sign might experience in matters of money and other financial aspects. Plan the year 2024 accordingly with the help of the financial horoscope for growth in monetary matters. The 2024 Financial Horoscope predictions are as follows:




  • Expected first half of 2019 to be excellent for generation of wealth and making investments
  • Second half will be a good phase to conserve and consolidate your monetary aspects.
  • Good year for financial institutions that deal with loans as well as business partnerships that make wise decisions.
  • Investors in real estate might suffer a loss.
  • Some Arians can expect an increment in their existing jobs
  • New job opportunity might cross your path that leads towards a huge financial leap.
  • Risky investments should be avoided.



  • Business with foreign collaborators might be profitable.
  • Service sector professionals can expect a financial windfall.
  • Health issues might cause a hefty drain of your financial resources.
  • A heavy financial loss can be expected around mid-year onwards
  • Financial gains can be expected towards 2024-end.
  • Mid- 2024 might bring in great financial benefits in the form of inheritance or shared family sources.
  • Avoid huge personal loans or lending out money.


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  • Tread with caution while taking monetary decisions like investments.
  • First half of the year will be good for share dealings.
  • Mid-2024 might be advantageous for Insurance Sector professionals.
  • Towards end of the year, art investors might gain huge profits.
  • Avoid business ventures with family members other than your spouse.



  • You will be torn between the urge to save or spend extravagantly.
  • Enhanced efforts can bring in good tidings at your workplace in the form of extra monetary resources.
  • Good year for businesses associated with medicinal products, surgical equipment and computer software.
  • Innovative and practical approach can lead to promotion and increment.
  • Sort out all problems before they are blown out of proportion that leads to fallout in partnership and a huge monetary loss.
  • Profits might increase by looking into business opportunities abroad.
  • Unanimous decisions between business partners can be fruitful.
  • Look at new career prospects for positive financial changes



  • Monetary gains in foreign land are on the cards for the year 2024.
  • People involved in share dealings will find the year to be profitable.
  • The latter part of the year will be great for people involved in matters of real estate and any related industry.
  • Wise investment decisions can bring in huge profits.
  • Invest in business involving fitness equipment and sports goods for stable gains.



  • Good year for investments in real estate.
  • Mid-year would also be a period of boost for people who share resources and joint properties with family members.
  • Family business will thrive.
  • Hard work might bring in good gains
  • Businesses related to educational tools, kits and publications can be profitable.
  • Avoid investments in share market



  • Expect business ventures with younger siblings and friends to yield profitable returns.
  • Real estate related businesses need to tread carefully to avoid financial mismanagement.
  • Businesses related to food sector like restaurants and catering might not be profitable this year.
  • Chemical manufacturing units and pathological labs can expect thriving business.
  • 2024 will be favorable for banks and other money lending business and institutions.
  • Avoid any kind of land purchase as well as purchase of residential or commercial property.



  • Excessive expenditure might come your way in 2024.
  • A split in family business might occur that reduces your share of monetary resources thus straining your financial well-being.
  • Foreign origins or collaboration for academic or educational institutions has great financial prospects.
  • Rise in demand can be profitable for people involved in business that deal with sports equipment and goods or personal fitness.
  • Latter half of the year will be good for businesses related to pharmaceuticals.
  • Avoid share market investments



  • Good year for working professionals and people involved in the service sector.
  • You can expect great financial gains in 2024.
  • Partnerships can prove to be advantageous on the long term.
  • Share market will definitely bring in good returns except for the last few months of 2024.
  • Avoid investments as 2024 will be full of fluctuations
  • Around the middle of the year, avoid loans and lending out money.



  • If involved in family business then expect fallout that reduces your monetary resources.
  • Foreign collaborations and assignments in your business can be quite profitable.
  • You might experience a financial loss for property investments
  • Latter part of the year will bring in a steady inflow of monetary resources.
  • Changing career options or handling your business affairs creatively can be profitable.
  • Avoid forming new business partnerships in 2024.



  • Overall 2024 will be a good financial year, especially 2024 end.
  • As your career grows, so will your financial package.
  • Good time for financial advisors as well as market analysts.
  • Startups will have an amazing year.
  • Excellent profits can be expected from joint family investments in shares and property.



  • It would be good to look for new career opportunities in 2024.
  • Whether you change or switch your job, expect satisfactory outcomes.
  • Expect a financial stability in 2024.
  • Family business might run into problems but towards year end, situations might improve.

People in service sector can expect a good financial year.