The list of 2024 US Holidays contains holidays and events from various cultures that form the base of America. So, look up and find the events that are relevant to your culture and history.

Mark out the dates today so that you can find time to celebrate these events with people who matter to you. The list has been curated by the 123NewYear team with great care, so it has the dates for the event or holiday set in the Gregorian calendar. These events may or may not be a holiday but they are definitely of great importance to a particular community or state.


The list contains dates and names of the events along with a small description for all to understand the event or holiday. 123NewYear presents for you the list of holidays in 2024 for the U.S.

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Name of the Holiday/Event Date Description
New Year 2024 1st January 2024 From ball drop in times square to amazing parties; that about sums up New Year celebrations in America. A great fireworks show is put up that is worth seeing. Other celebrations include football games that are slated for the New Year’s Day.
Epiphany 6th January 2024 Christians observe this day as it marks the 12th day after Christ’s birthday on which 3 Magi; commonly known as wise men; visited to bless Jesus.
Orthodox Christmas Day 7th January 2024 Traditional Julian calendar marks this day as Christmas instead of 25th December that is indicated in revised Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar.
Lee Jackson Day 18th January 2024 To commemorate the memory of Robert E Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson; two confederate leaders of the Civil War; this day is observed as a state holiday in the state of Virginia.
Stephen Foster Memorial Day 13th January 2024 Stephen Foster was a brilliant songwriter in the 19th Century. Americans celebrate this day to pay tribute to the songs he created.
Martin Luther King Day 21st January 2024 Martin Luther King Jr. was an influential American civil rights leader. On the 3rd Monday of January; this day is spent by Americans paying their tribute to this eminent personality. It is also a Federal holiday.
Idaho Human Rights Day 21st January 2024 3rd Monday of January is a holiday in the state of Idaho. It is celebrated to honor the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr.; a well-known civil rights leader.
Civil Rights Day 21st January 2024 Third Monday in the month of January is also a holiday in the states of Arizona and New Hampshire. They celebrate this day as Civils Rights Day. The aim of celebrations is commemorating the civil right efforts of the civil rights activist; Martin Luther King Jr.
Kansas Day 29th January 2024 It is supposed to be the birthday of the state of Kansas. Celebrations include visits to the museum so that students can explore the state’s historical background.
Tu Bishvat 20th January 2024 This is 15th day of Shevat; a Jewish month. This day is observed to celebrate the beautiful relationship of man and nature. Celebrations include eating fruits and planting trees.
National Freedom Day 1st February 2024 This day bears great importance in the life of Americans. It is the day President Lincoln signed the resolution to outlaw and abolish slavery. Americans usually spend it thinking about the importance of freedom.
Groundhog Day 2nd February 2024 Americans believe that groundhogs come out of their burrows to make predictions about the weather. Celebrations include reporters asking for weather report from the groundhogs and people visiting parks to listen to groundhogs.
Rosa Parks Day 4th February 2024 Rosa Parks was an important figure in the fight for civil rights; irrespective of class; creed and race. This day is celebrated to commemorate her efforts.
Lincoln’s Birthday 12th February 2024 Abraham Lincoln was one of the most popular presidents in the history of America. 12th February is the birthday of this great man and some states have declared it as a holiday as well. .
Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras 5th March 2024 Shrove Tuesday is the last day before the period of Lent begins and is observed by many churches. Mardi Gras is another name of the same day and involves great festivities.
Ash Wednesday 6th March 2024 It marks the beginning of the period of Lent. To observe this day and the coming period of Lent; churches hold special services. During the period of Lent; Christians fast and pray so this day is spent trying to purify the body. Crosses made from ashes are placed on the forehead of individuals by the priests.
Valentine’s Day 14th February 2024 Pagan fertility festivals and remembering St. Valentine are just some of the many legends associated with this day. In modern times; this day has taken the shape of a day of love and romance. Couples spend the day sharing gifts of love like card and flowers.
Susan B Anthony’s Birthday 15th February 2024 Susan B Anthony was one of the most popular female civil rights activists who promoted women’s rights. On her birthday; 15th February; people pay tributes and hold memorial services to show their respect.
Chinese New Year 5th February 2024 Chinese community of the United States celebrates this day as it marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It is also called the Spring Festival of the Lunar New Year and celebrations include floats; firecrackers and dance to name some.
Daisy Gatson Bates Day 18th February 2024 Daisy Gatson Bates; a civil rights activist; worked against racial integration within schools. On 3rd Monday of February; people pay their respects to this great personality and her hard work. It is a holiday in the state of Arkansas.
President’s day 18th February 2024 The third Monday of the month of February is considered to be a Federal holiday to pay respect to the Presidents of the United Sates; especially George Washington; the first president of America. This day is celebrated to recognize their efforts in making America a great nation.
St. David’s Day 1st March 2024 St. David was a patron saint of Wales and thus Welsh people around the world celebrate this day to pay tribute to this saint.
Purim 20th March 2024 Around 4th century BCE; a royal death decree was passed against the community of Jews. This day is observed by Jewish people to celebrate their deliverance from certain death.
Read Across America Day 2nd March 2024 It is a day that falls on the birthday of Dr. Seuss; a writer who has written innumerable children’s books. Students; parents and teachers across the nation join forces to participate in reading events and activities.
Casimir Pulaski Day 4h March 2024 The first Monday of March is a legal holiday in the state of Illinois. It is to commemorate the efforts of Casimir Pulaski; a polish born solider who helped in Unites States’ Independence.
Town Meeting Day Vermont 5th March 2024 This day gives the people of Vermont the power to speak what they have on their minds. It falls on the first Tuesday of the month of March. Events that take place on this day include local officials’ election; discussion of civic issues and much more.
Daylight Saving Time begins 10th March 2024 On this day; at 2 o’clock; the clocks are moved I hour ahead to 3 o’clock. Sunrise and sunset occurs an hour later and the evenings have extra daylight.
Evacuation Day 17th March 2024 This day is a public holiday for people of Suffolk County situated in the state of Massachusetts. Celebrations mark the British Troops evacuating Boston during the American Revolutionary War.
St. Patrick’s Day 17th March 2024 St. Patrick was a patron saint of Ireland so is revered by Americans with Irish heritage. So this day is spent celebrating and paying tribute to this saint.Celebrations include Irish themed parties; people wearing green clothes and so much more.
March equinox 20th March 2024 There are two equinoxes in the year when the sun shines right over the equator. On this day; length of day and night becomes nearly equal. This is the March Equinox.
Palm Sunday 14th April 2024 Christians; around the world; believe that this was the day on which Jesus Christ made his triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem. It also marks the beginning of the Holy Week. Christians make the shape of a cross using blessed palm leaves.
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day 26th March 2024 Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole is a well-known and eminent figure in the history of Hawaii. This day is celebrated as a day to pay tribute to him. It is a state holiday in Hawaii. Some celebrations go onto last for a month.
Seward’s Day 25th March 2024 In 1867; America purchased Alaska from Russia. This day is celebrated to commemorate that event. It is usually held on the last Monday of March and is a holiday in Alaska.
Maundy Thursday 18th April 2024 This day is also known as Holy Thursday. It is observed to commemorate the institution of Eucharist. It is a sacrament that involves the creation of Holy wine and bread. It also commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.
Good Friday 19th April 2024 Christians around the world consider this day to be of great importance. They observe this day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Holy Saturday 20th April 2024 This day is also known as Easter Eve as well as Last day of Lent. According to the bible; it is supposed to be the day when Christ was laid in his tomb. Holy Saturday is the day celebrated to commemorate that event.
César Chávez Day 31st March 2024 This day is celebrated to commemorate the great work done by César Estrada Chávez. It is the birthday of this great man and state holiday in California. States of Colorado and Texas list it as an optional holiday.
First day of Passover 19th April 2024 It is an important day for the Jewish community. This day marks the beginning of a period of 8 days that is auspicious for Jews.
Easter Day 21st April 2024 Jesus’s resurrection is one of the most important events for Christians around the world. Easter is the occasion to commemorate that event. Date of Easter is dependent on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox. Easter also involves the tradition of painting eggs and holding egg hunts on this day.
Easter Monday 22nd April 2024 The Monday right after Easter Sunday is a federal holiday. Some people continue to celebrate various Easter traditions on this day like the Easter rolling race.
Pascua Florida Day 2nd April 2024 In 1513 Juan Ponce de León; discovered Florida. Since then this day has been celebrated to commemorate the discovery of Florida. The irony of the situation was that Juan Ponce de León was searching for gold and Fountain of Youth.
National Tartan Day 6th April 2024 According to history; the American Declaration of Independence was based on the Scottish Declaration of Independence. Americans observe this day to commemorate the Scottish Declaration of Independence.
Last Day of Passover 27th April 2024 Passover is a special period for the Jewish community. This is the last day of that festival. Most Jewish families spend this day enjoying ceremonial meals also known as Seders.
Yom HaShoah 1st May 2024 Holocaust is a dark period of the Jewish history. This day; also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day; is observed to commemorate the heroic efforts of the Jews between 1933 to1945.
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 13th April 2024 Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of America who is considered to be one of the founding fathers and was the principal author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. This date is observed on a national scale.
Father Damien Day 15th April 2024 Father Damien is well-known for his work with Leprosy patients on the Island of Molokai. This day is observed as a day of remembrance for his great work.
Emancipation Day 19th June 2024 The Compensated Emancipation Act was signed by President Lincoln in 1862 on this day. Now it has become a holiday and observed to commemorate the signing of the act.
Patriot’s Day 15th April 2024 Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought near Boston in 1775. The third Monday of April is observed to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought the battles.
Tax Day 15th April 2024 Americans use this day to mark the deadline for income tax filing. In the event of holidays and extreme weather conditions; the date maybe extended.
Yom Ha’atzmaut 8th May 2024 Independence Day of Israel is celebrated by many Jewish Americans on this day. The date is usually the fifth day of Iyar; which is the eighth month of the Jewish Calendar.
San Jacinto Day 21st April 2024 Battle of Jacinto took place between the Texan army and the Mexicans. It was the turning point that led to the freedom of Texas from Mexico. It is a day of pride for Texans. This day is to commemorate the battle and freedom that Texans achieved from it. .
Oklahoma Day 22nd April 2024 This day is observed to commemorate the date on which the Oklahoma area was opened up for European settlers.
Administrative Professionals Day 24th April 2024 It is observed to pay tribute to the administrative professionals in various sectors for their dedication and hard work.
Arbor Day 26th April 2024 On the last Friday of April; this day is observed to promote planting of trees in Nebraska. It is a day when people can show their gratitude towards nature.
Law Day; Loyalty Day 1st May 2024 Law Day was started by American Bar Association President Charles Rhyne in 1957 to celebrate the legal system of America; now it is a day to affirm the loyalties of US citizen’s. Loyalty Day is observed by Americans so that they can recognize their heritage of American Freedom.
Lag Ba’Omer 22nd May 2024 This is supposed to be the last day of the mourning during the Omer period. It falls on the eighteenth day of the month of Iyar; a month in the Jewish calendar. It involves celebrations around the bonfire.
National Day of Prayer 2nd May 2024 Americans of different cultures and faiths; come together to pray for the nation and its leaders on this day. It is usually observed on the first Thursday of May.
Rhode Island Independence Day 4th May 2024 On 4th May of 1776; Rhode Island got its freedom from Great Britain. This day is a holiday across Rhode Island to commemorate its freedom.
Cinco de Mayo 5th May 2024 Battle of Puebla in 1862 led to the defeat of the French and this day is observed in that events honor. This is definitely not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day.
National Nurses Day 6th May 2024 It is the beginning of week-long event called National Nurses Week which ends on 12th May; the birthday of Florence Nightingale. This day is spent creating awareness about the great work that Nurses do.
Truman Day 8th May 2024 Harry S. Truman was the president of US; from 1940 to1950. Being a native of the state of Missouri; this day is a holiday in Missouri as it is his birth anniversary.
Ascension Day 30th May 2024 On the 40th day after Easter; according to the New Testament; Jesus Christ ascended to the heavens and this day is revered by Christians across America.
Mother’s Day 12th May 2024 On the second Sunday of May; people honor their mothers and mother figures with special gifts and gestures. Gifts include cards; flowers; candies; special meals and so much more. Some also make special mother’s day breakfast for their mothers.
National Defense Transportation Day 17th May 2024 On the third Friday of May every year; Americans honor the workers of the Unites States’ Transport Facility.
Armed Forces Day 18th May 2024 On the third Saturday of the May; Americans spend the day honoring men and women of the Armed forces who selflessly serve to protect the nation’s security.
Pentecost 9th June 2024 According to the New Testament of the Bible; the Holy Spirit descended from the Heavens to pass the “gift of tongues”. This event is commemorated on this day.
Shavuot 8th June 2024 It is one of the most sacred festivals for the Jewish people. This occasion follows the event of Passover by 50 days. The day is observed with special customs and services.
Whit Monday 10th June 2024 This day is commemorated on the day post Pentecost.
Harvey Milk Day 22nd May 2024 Harvey Milk was a Gay rights activist. He was the first Gay person to be elected to the public office. This day is commemorated to pay tribute to his life’s work for Gay rights.
Trinity Sunday 16th June 2024 Post Pentecost; this day is the next Sunday; when Christians celebrate it as a doctrine rather than an event. It is dedicated to the belief of Trinity – Father; Son and Holy Spirit.
Corpus Christi 20th June 2024 The name of the event literally translates to “Body of the Christ”. It is to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. It is observed by Roman Catholic Churches and some Anglican Churches. This day is also observed in honor of the Eucharist.
Statehood Day 1st June 2024 On this date; Kentucky and Tennessee became the 15th and 16th state of the Unites States. It has been since commemorated as the day to celebrate this state admission.
Jefferson Davis Birthday 3rd June 2024 Jefferson Davis was a Confederate leader during the American Civil War of the 1860s. This is the birth anniversary of Jefferson Davis and people spend it organizing and attending reunions for associations linked with Jefferson Davis.
D-Day 6th June 2024 On 6th June of 1944; American soldiers and Allied Forces landed on the Normandy beaches of France to fight and end World War II. It is still observed to commemorate the heroic efforts of the soldiers.
Kamehameha Day 11th June 2024 Kamehameha the Great; monarch of Hawaii between 1782 and 1819; united the Kingdom of Hawaii. This day is celebrated by Hawaiians to pay tribute to this great man.
Flag Day 14th June 2024 On 14th June; 1777; the modern American Flag design replaced the British symbols of the Grand Union flag. Each year on the same date; Americans honor the flag of US to commemorate its adoption.
Bunker Hill Day 17th June 2024 Battle of Bunker Hill fought in 1775; was part of the Siege of Boston. This day is observed to commemorate the battle with events like historical event re-enactment; live musical concerts and much more.
Father’s Day 16th June 2024 One of the stories revolving around Father’s Day is the mining accident of Monongah in West Virginia involving miners; many of whom were fathers. A memorial service was held for these men who died in the accident. On this day fathers and father figures are honored.
Juneteenth 19th June 2024 On June 19 of 1865; Union soldiers freed remaining slaves and enforced the Emancipation Proclamation. This day has since been observed to commemorate the event.
Independence Day 4th July; 2024 1776 is the year that America got independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was published on this date. Since then this day has been commemorated with family events and patriotic displays.
Parent’s Day 28th July 2024 On this day; Americans honor the role of parents and how they can affect their children’s lives. It aims to promote responsible parenting.
Tisha B’Av 10th Aug 2024 It is a day of mourning for Jewish people for events like destruction of First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem. The day usually falls on the 9th day in the month of Av. If the 9th day falls on a Saturday then it is shifted to Sunday.
Pioneer Day 24th July 2024 In the year 1847; Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers entered Utah’s Salt Lake Valley. The day is celebrated to celebrate the bravery of original settlers and their strength of character.
Friendship Day 4th August 2024 Friendship is a special bond shared between people of all cultures. This day is to celebrate that bond.
Victory Day 8th May 2024 Also known as VJ Day; it is held every year to commemorate the surrender of Japan to the Allies. The celebrations are held on the second Monday of August. It is a state holiday in Rhode Island.
National Aviation Day 19th August 2024 On the birthday of Orville Wright; one of the Wright brothers; Americans celebrate the history and development of Aviation. Celebrations include activities being held in classrooms on topics related to the Aviation.
Senior Citizens Day 21st August 2024 Senior US Citizens have a huge role to play in the American community. Every year; this day is observed annually to recognize the efforts of such US Citizens.
Labor Day 2nd September 2024 This day is observed to celebrate the labor union strength and recognize their contributions for the US economy. It is a federal holiday. Celebrations include firework displays; barbeques; sports events and so much more.
Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day 7th September 2024 It is the first Saturday after Labor Day. This day is observed by encouraging Americans to clean up federal lands along with other programs as well as activities.
National Grandparents Day 8th September 2024 Many origin stories are involved with this day. One involves; Michael Goldgar while another one involves Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade. Each year the first Sunday after Labor Day is observed as National Grandparents Day. It is celebrated to honor grandparents and their love.
Rosh Hashana 29th September 2024 It is supposed to be the traditional Jewish New Year. Some celebrate it for two days while others celebrate it for a day. Celebrations involve eating challah bread along with apples dipped in honey. This day is also called the Day of Blowing the Shofar or Day of Remembrance
Patriot Day 11th September 2024 11th September was a dark day in the American history; it is also known as 9/11. This day is observed to honor the memory of those people who were injured or died during the terrorist attack.
Yom Kippur 8th Oct 2024 This is an event important for Jewish community; which falls on the 10th day of Tishri; a month in the Jewish calendar. It is also known as a Day of Atonement and is spent fasting and praying.
First Day of Sukkot 13th Oct 2024 Sukkot is another festival important for Jewish people. Sukkot is a period of 7 days also known as Feast of Tabernacles. The period of 7 days usually starts on the 15th day of Tishri.
Child Health Day 7th October 2024 On the first Monday of October; Americans try to create awareness about the ways people can protect and help develop the health of children. .
Feast of St Francis of Assisi 4th October 2024 St Francis is a patron saint known for his love of nature and animals. It is a popular tradition to bless pets of all shapes and sizes on this day.
Columbus Day; Native Americans’ Day; 14th October 2024 On the second Monday of October every year; the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the American shores is commemorated; but it is a controversial holiday and not observed everywhere. Certain people celebrate it is Native Americans’ Day.
Indigenous People’s Day 14th October 2024 Arrival of Columbus to the shores of America; led to the demise of history as well as culture of indigenous people of America. So instead of celebrating the arrival of
Columbus; certain states celebrate the day learning culture and history of the native Americans and Indigenous people of America.
White Cane Safety Day 15th October 2024 Many visually impaired people have great achievements. This day is to commemorate those achievements and make people aware about how important the white cane is for such people.
Boss day 16th October 2024 Every year on 16th October; Americans honor and recognize their employers. If the date does not fall on a working date then it is shifted to the nearest working date.
Alaska Day 18th October 2024 It is the official day on which the territory of Alaska was transferred to the US in the year 1867. It is a 3 day festival; with mayor’s proclamation; costume ball with period costumes; races and much more.
Halloween 31st October 2024 Halloween has origins back to Pagan festivals that started in Northern Europe. It was considered a time of the year when potent spirits can make contact with the physical world. The modern celebrations involve parties and costumes.
All saints Day 1st November 2024 Churches around America are known to celebrate this day. It is observed to honor all the saints.
All Souls Day 2nd November 2024 It is a day that is observed by people to dedicate prayers for the dead. Celebrations involve visit to cemeteries and offering candles to the graves of departed loved ones.
Election Day 5th November 2024 On the first Tuesday of November; popular ballots are held to elect public officials. It can involve election of national; state as well as local representatives of the government.
Veteran’s Day 11th November 2024 On this day in 1918; the armistice was signed between the Allied troops and Germany to end the first world war. Every year on the anniversary of that event; veterans are thanked for their services. Parades and church services are some of the many celebrations associated with this day.
Thanksgiving Day 28th November 2024 Origin stories for this occasion involves; rain that ended drought period in 1623. Another story involves the harvest celebrations of the Pilgrims of 1621 in Plymouth. Modern day celebrations occur on the 4th Thursday of November. Celebratory meals are prepared including the popular Turkey roast.
Black Friday 29th November 2024 It is seen as a day when Christmas shopping starts. The event falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the busiest shopping day of America and even a holiday in some states.
Cyber Monday 2nd Dec 2024 Just like Black Friday; this is another busy shopping day but for online shopping. It started in the year 2005. Deals and discounts are available for various online stores.
First Sunday of Advent 1st December 2024 In many western churches across US; this day is considered to mark the beginning of the Advent season which in turn is believed to be the start of the Christian year.
First Day Of Hanukah 22nd December 2024 This day marks the beginning of the 8 day celebration of Hanukkah. Celebrations include traditional food sufganiot; potato latkes; mandelbrot and rugelac. It is a time spent by Jews to remember the struggle of Jewish community through history.
St Nicholas Day 6th December 2024 St Nicholas is a legendary figure associated with Nicholas of Myra; a bishop of the 4th century Greece. He had a reputation of handing out gifts by putting coins into other people’s shoes. Modern day celebrations include handing out candies; cookies and other tasty treats.
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 7th December 2024 The attack that the air fleet of Japan mounted on Pearl Harbor naval base during World War II left many service men and women dead. This day is observed to honor their memories and services along with the aim to commemorate the attack.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8th December 2024 It is a day to recognize the fact that no sins were committed by Virgin Mary or Mother Mary during the time she had conceived the Jesus Christ.
Wright Brothers Day 17th December 2024 This day is celebrated to commemorate the first flight of Wright brother’s
December Solstice 21st December 2024 Winter Solstice is supposed to be the shortest day of the year.
Christmas Eve 24th December 2024 It is the evening prior to Christmas and considered to be the last day to complete all preparations to make Christmas fun and jolly.
Christmas 25th December 2024 Birth of Jesus is one of the most important events in the lives of all Christians across the world. Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Apart from family meals; decorations are put up on Christmas tree. People also exchange gifts on this day.
Day After Christmas Day; (KS; NH; TX; SC; NC; VA) 26th December 2024 For the states of North Carolina; South Carolina; Texas; Virginia; Kansas and New Hampshire; this day is a public holiday. It gives the people a chance to enjoy the Holiday season much more.
Kwanzaa 26th December 2024 This marks the start of a week long holiday that goes on till 1st January to honor the African cultures and traditions. It was proposed by an African-American leader called Maulana Karenga.
New Year’s Eve 31st December 2024 On the final day of the year; people celebrate to usher in the New Year. New Year is a symbol for great hope and amazing achievements. A hope that the next year will be better than the last. Keeping these in mind Americans celebrate the Eve of the new year with a lot of pomp; show and celebrations.