Canada Bank Holidays 2024 is a complete list of holidays on which Canadians get to enjoy a day off from their work. Holiday might be a small word, but it can bring a lot of enjoy in the life of people, as they get to spend some quality time with family and friends. A holiday is something that people of all ages can enjoy.

A much-needed non-working day awaits you in the form of a holiday. It provides the break that people need from their hectic work schedule. Holidays can be enjoyed in the form of vacations or even a long weekend getaway. You might also relax and laze around the whole day, if you want. Ultimately, you get to do what you want.

As per the rules of Canada, public holidays are known by the names, “stat holidays”, “statutory holidays” or just “stats”. These holidays have been legislated at the federal, provincial and territorial level. Some of the holidays are celebrated or observed on national level, while others maybe observed on a provincial level.

123NewYear’s team is well aware of the fact that why you need the holidays. So, they have created a complete list of Canadian holidays that people of Canada can refer to whenever they want. Usually, if a holiday falls on a weekend, then it is observed on the immediate next Monday.


Here is the list of holidays in Canada for the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)     

Just like any other country, this day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in Canada as well. Clubs and bars are popular places to spend the previous night, while on this day people might visit other people’s home, to welcome the New Year. Resolutions are a common tradition around the world and Canada is no different. On New Year’s Eve, you will be able to witness spectacular fireworks shows.


  • Day after New Year’s Day (2nd January 2024)

The festivities that started with Christmas reach an end on this day. People usually spend it with family, before heading off to join their hectic life the next day. If anyone had gone for vacations, they return back on this day.  It is basically a buffer to shift back to your work mode from the holiday mode.




  • Family Day (18th February 2024)

Every worker gets to have a day off to spend time with family and friends. This day is of great significance as people observe it as a day of strengthening bonds with loved ones, as their hectic schedule takes away all their time. As people continue to understand the importance of a close knit family, this holiday is gaining quite a lot of popularity.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

It is the last Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a day when Christians mourn as it signifies the day, when Jesus Christ was crucified. Special Church services are characteristic of this day. Hot Cross Buns are a traditional treat that are prepared for this day.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)         

Easter Sunday falls on a Sunday thus the next day, which is Monday is called Easter Monday. People tend to commemorate the resurrection of Christ on this day. It also marks the end of the long weekend that started with Good Friday. Easter tradition involves eggs made out of chocolate that are hidden and competitions are held to find them. These chocolate Easter eggs can also be presented to one another as a gift.


  • Mother’s Day (12th May 2024)

Moms are an integral part of everybody’s life, so to show gratitude and appreciation for them; the 2nd Sunday in the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Apart from gifts like cards, flowers, chocolate and jewellery people might show their love through small gestures like taking out their mom for lunch or prepare for them a breakfast in bed.




  • Victoria Day (20th May 2024)

On the Monday preceding the 25th of May, Victoria Day is celebrated to honor the birthday of Queen Victoria. Queen’s birthday is an official holiday in the country of Canada. Royal Union Flag is a part of the celebrations on this day, as they are flown at all the federal government buildings. Parades and evening fireworks show are characteristic celebrations for this day.


  • National Patriots’ Day (20th May 2024)

The celebrations for this day coincide with that of Victoria Day. It marks the day the rebellion that was built against the British in the year 1873. The celebrations for this day include marches, public speeches and music concerts as well as a special commemorative dinner.


  • Father’s Day (16th June 2019)

Fathers have been a pillar of support, all your life. On the 3rd Sunday of June you get to show your love for your father. Cards, clothes, chocolates, bottles of wine and even books are presented to the fathers to show gratitude and appreciation.


  • Discovery Day (24th June 2024)

Discovery Day is also by the name Cabot 500 day. On this day, Giovanni Cabot discovered the province’s island portion and is celebrated across the province of Labrador and Newfoundland.


  • National Holiday of Quebec (24th June 2024)

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is another name for National Holiday of Quebec.  National Holiday of Quebec is also the feast day for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Festivities for this day include bonfires, parades, feasts and fireworks.


  • Canada Day (1st July 2024)

Canada day signifies the day on which, Canada became a self-governing dominion that included a federation of four provinces in the year 1867. Pancakes as breakfast, concerts, parades, and firework displays are some of the celebrations that are popular for this day.


  • Civic Day (5th August 2024)

A statutory holiday in Canada, Civic day is also known as the “August Holiday”, “Terry Fox Day” or “Provincial Holiday”. On the 1st Monday of the month of August, Canada celebrates this day to honor the culture and history of the country.  Special breakfasts, barbeques, fireworks, sports events and other interesting activities are a part of Civic day celebrations.


  • Discovery Day (19th August 2024)

This is a holiday in the Yukon Territory. The discovery of gold in 1896 initiated the Klondike Gold Rush. This day is celebrated to commemorate this discovery. Watching historical street theatre and photographing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police wearing their uniforms in the Dawson City are part of the celebrations.


  • Labor Day (2nd September 2024)

The 1st Monday in the month of September, marks the movement that was started by the workers to earn their rights to higher wage and better working conditions. Nowadays, people plan vacations to spend time with family on this day.


  • Thanksgiving Day (14th October 2024)

The 2nd Monday in the month of October has been celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in Canada since the year 1957. People of Canada celebrate this day as a day to appreciate the good harvest that they received. Traditional meals like turkey roasts, pumpkins, corn ears, and many more delicacies, are prepared on this day. Being on a Monday, people get a long weekend, hence some may take off on a family getaway.


  • Remembrance Day (11th November 2024)

Memory of martyrs in the First World War and the Second World War are Remembrance Day is celebrated on this day. Artificial poppy flowers are popularly used by some to decorate their clothes. Special Church services are held on this day to honor the local war memorials. All government building hoists the Canadian national flag on this day.



  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas Day marks the birthday of Jesus Christ and is a holy day for Christians around the world. The original date is supposed to be 25th December in the year 1 BC. 25th of December is considered to be a public holiday in majority of countries around the world. On this day people decorate their homes and place beautifully adorned Christmas trees in their house. Exchanging gifts and visiting or organizing get-together are a common practice on this day.


  • Boxing Day (26th December 2024)

Boxing Day is also considered to be a public holiday. It is celebrated on the day after Christmas as a part of Christmas celebrations on the 26th December in many countries. Boxing Day is celebrated by spending quality time with near and dear ones.