China Bank Holidays 2024 list consists of many holidays, both traditional and global. Each and every type of holiday brings all your near and dear ones together, may it be family or friends.

It is the same in all countries, even China. The holidays maybe different, but they are all a blend of the heritage and culture, which is unique to Chinese traditions.


Bank Holidays usually mean the days on which the banks and bank employees have the day off. Most of the traditional Chinese festivals are driven by the lunar calendar and hence the date might change each year. The team of 123NewYear has worked hard to list down the holidays of 2024, as it will be different to last year’s date.


Now we present to you the list of China’s bank holidays for the year 2024, along with a small description about the holiday.


List of Bank Holidays in China for the year 2024


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024):


New Year’s Day is first January, the 1st day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls precisely one week after the Christmas Day of the earlier year. New Year’s Day is an open occasion in all nations that watch the Gregorian calendar, except for Israel.


This makes it the most generally watched open occasion in the year. A few nations may likewise watch an extra day’s vacation for New Year. Countries who still utilize the Julian calendar watch New Year’s Day on January fourteenth. It is customarily celebrated with firecracker shows all over the globe at 00:00 in the local time zones.


  • Chinese New Year’s Eve (4th February 2024):


This day is the eve just before the most crucial event in the life of Chinese all over the world. The most significant supper for the general population of China is the New Year’s Eve or also called Reunion Dinner amid which serving fish is an absolute necessity. In Northern China, dumplings are the more popular option.


The reason being fish and dumplings signify a flourishing year ahead. It is likewise accepted by the Chinese that firecrackers drive away evil. So directly following 12:00 AM on New Year’s Eve firecrackers are propelled to welcome the coming year. The houses are additionally given an exhaustive cleaning and brightened with lamps, year paint, paper cutting, and entryway divine beings and so on.


  • Chinese New Year (5th February 2024):


Chinese New Year starts on 5th February 2024 and will be an open occasion in a few nations in East Asia. Every year in the Chinese schedule is represented by one of twelve creatures in the Chinese Zodiac. 2024 will be the time of the Brown Earth Dog.


Preparations tend to start a month from the date of the Chinese New Year (like a Western Christmas), when individuals begin purchasing presents, improvement materials, nourishment and attire. A gigantic tidy up gets in progress days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned thoroughly, to clear away any hints of misfortune, and entryways and windowpanes are given another layer of paint, normally red. The eve of the New Year is maybe the most energizing piece of the occasion.


Here, customs and ceremonies are deliberately seen in everything from sustenance to clothing. In China, many individuals will go back once again to the places where they grew up. In the day itself, an ancient tradition known as Hong Bao, which means Red Packet, happens. This includes wedded couples giving youngsters and unmarried grown-ups cash in red envelopes. At that point the family starts to state welcome from way to entryway, first to their relatives followed by their neighbors.


Chinese dumplings (as their shape is said to resemble that of silver ingots, which were utilized as cash in antiquated Chinese); spring moves; rice cakes and rice balls are some traditional food that is eaten on this day. The end of the New Year festivities is set the Festival of Lanterns, which includes singing, dancing and a lanterns’ show


  • Women’s Day (8th March 2024):


In 1977, the United Nations proclaimed 8 March as International Women’s Day, a day every year when the world ought to celebrate, perceive and recall ladies and their achievements as well as their valuable contributions towards society.


Global Women’s Day is commended on 8 March. For the vast majority of the nations who watch this occasion, on the off chance that it falls on an end of the week, it will be moved to the next Monday. In China since 2014, ladies are qualified for a half day of work, while the rest is off on Women’s Day.


  • Ching Ming Festival (5th April 2024):


Ching Ming, Qingming, the Remembrance of Ancestors Day or Grave-Sweeping Day. This date is demonstrated on the Chinese calendar by the two characters: Ching, which means pure, and Ming, which means brightness. Ching Ming implies spotless and impartial.


Ching Ming ceremonies not just incorporates weeding of the region around the grave, cleaning of the gravestone, and placing fresh flowers after removing the wilted ones, but also includes the lighting of incense and fake paper cash. The consuming of the fake cash is for the perished to use in the afterlife. A few families may likewise set off sparklers to drive away malice spirits and to alarm the perished relatives that they are there to offer their regards.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024):


Otherwise called May Day, this is a universal open occasion in the greater part of the nations around the globe including China. This day praises the pith of the beginning of spring and also pays a tribute to the accomplishments and diligent work of laborers everywhere throughout the world. On this day every one of the laborers gets a vacation day work to unwind and invest some quality energy with friends and family.


This day has its origins in the endeavors of the union laborers in the 1880’s to enhance the financial and social states of specialists. Customarily, the traditions of May Day symbolized the idea of resurrection of nature and well-being of all.


  • Dragon Boat Festival (7th June 2024):


The Tuen Ng Festival, also called the Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu, has been celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th moon for millennia. If the legend is to be believed then the occasion respects the tragic passing away of Chu Yuan, who dies in 288 BC.


The present festivals symbolize the vain endeavors of the companions and subjects who dashed down the stream to try and save Chu Yuan. There are about six destinations in Hong Kong today that take an interest in the mythical dragon boat races. It is trusted that the Dragon Boat Festivals repulse malicious forces and acquire fortunes during the summer months.



  • Mid-Autumn Festival (13th September 2024):


The Mid-Autumn celebration begins on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. This celebration started in a children’s story. A saint names Hou Yi spared his kin by shooting down the other nine suns that consumed his kin to death. He was then offered with the remedy of eternality by the Queen Mother of the West. He would not like to expend the solution and leave his lovely mortal wife, Chang Er, so he gave the elixir to his wife for care.


Sadly, Hou Yi’s unfaithful understudy constrained Chang Er to swallow the mixture. She, at that point, turned into an otherworldly being. She traveled to the moon, and from that point watched her husband. Realizing that his better half had now been isolated from him, Hou Yi was crazed with misery. Gazing toward the moon one night, he saw a figure like his significant other. He hastily took cakes and succade (sugar coated treats, like fruits, vegetables, and confections) as offerings to his wife. After hearing this, individuals built up the custom of watching the moon and eating moon cakes yearly on this day.


  • National Day (1st October to 4th October 2024):


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) commemorates its anniversary on the 1st of October. China’s National Day has been praised in different courses amid the historical backdrop of the PRC. In China, the occasion is formally three days, yet the occasions are normally extended a bit and compensating the off days on the weekdays by working on the weekends. This creates a week of holidays known as “Golden Week” of occasions. This makes it the second biggest occasion time frame in China.


  • Chung Yeung Festival (7th October 2024):


On this day, your associates in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau praise the Chung Yeung Festival. The celebration of Chung Yeung, also called as the Festival of High Places, Autumn Remembrance or the Double-Ninth, has been praised on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month for centuries.


The celebration of Chung Yeung honors a legend from the Han Dynasty (BC 202 to AD 220) that expresses that a diviner prompted the Woon King to take his whole family to a high place for the whole 9th day of the 9th moon. Once the King and his whole family returned home, they discovered all the people who had not gone to a high place had died.


It is presently viewed as good fortunes to go to a high place on the 9th day of the 9th moon, the Chung Yeung Festival. A customary tradition on this day is to fly kites. It is a strong belief that the kites will be able to convey misfortune up into the sky.