Send Dussehra Messages that are both inspirational and help to spread the spirit of Dussehra among all. Dussehra signifies not just good winning over evil but also denotes strong family ties.

Bonds include the different ties that you share with each and every person in your life. Strengthen the bonds with the wonderful Dussehra messages that the team of 123NewYear have put together.

  1. May the good fortunes be never ending making your life full of wealth and prosperity. Happy Dussehra dear friend!
  2. Hope your life becomes as sweet as Ladoos filling it with joy and good tidings. Wishing all a very happy Dussehra!
  3. Dussehra is considered to be auspicious and on this day any new venture upon is sure to bring success. Hope you too get over the hardships and emerge victorious. Happy Dussehra Wishes to you and your family!
  4. May this Dussehra mark the end of all bad tidings and the start to a new era of good luck and high hopes. Happy Dussehra!
  5. Prosperity and happiness prevails in the life of those who have learnt to be happy in other’s good luck. You are one of those rare people. Wishing that Lord Rama blesses you with a lot of good fortune!
  6. By laws of nature, the sun sets for darkness to prevail but it lasts not for long. With the sun rising again the next day, darkness and all its force cower away as good stays undefeated. May the same rule apply to your life. Happy Dussehra dear friend!
  7. Dussehra is filled with stories that have a single message, forces of good triumphs over bad forces. May Lord Ram give you the power to do the same so that you emerge successful. Happy Dussehra!
  8. Just as Ma Durga killed Mahishasura, may we all get the power to defeat our inner demons. Wishing you all the luck on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra!
  9. May the stories of Lord Rama and Ma Durga inspire your own stories of victory and success. Wishing you and your family a happy Dussehra!
  10. Enjoy this joyous festival of Dussehra with your family and friends. Happy Dussehra!
  11. Lord Ram was the one who demolished the evil in the form of Ravan to sow the seeds of peace so that tranquility might rule over the corners of earth. Best wishes for all my loved ones on the occasion of Dussehra!
  12. Before the brilliant sun rises let me brighten each of the rays with achievements and good fortune for you and your family. Happy Dussehra.
  13. May every one of the pressures that obliterate your life be destroyed like the statue of Ravana. May your endeavors bear fruit and keep your family happy! Happy Dussehra!
  14. Truth is the only path that can lead you to be triumphant. Happy Dussehra wishes for you and your Family!
  15. On This Auspicious Day, as you honor the bravery and daring spirit that won over the evil forces, I wish you achieve all the good fortune that you rightfully earned. So wish the best of luck for your bright future this Dussehra!
  16. May Lord Rama continue to bless you, making life prosperous and free of troubles. Wishing you and your family a happy Dussehra.
  17. On Dussehra, I wish your life to be full of magnificence and hope that the celebrations stay with you all through the year. Happy Dussehra!
  18. Dussehra comes every year to remind that evil does not last long. May it bring the same goodness in your life as well. Happy Dussehra!