Bank employees of every country need a day off, even France, so here is the France Bank Holidays 2024’s list. The holidays range from being patriotic to religious and the people of France love enjoying the holidays with their friends and family.

The holidays usually kick off with the New Year’s Day and ends with Christmas in December.  In between there are many more holidays, that people look forward on celebrating/observing.  The many bank holidays in France also include a few national holidays.

Would it not be great to have an idea about the holidays? This provides an opportunity to plan out your vacations and time with family. 123NewYear feels the same. For this reason, our team has created for you a list of bank holidays in France in the year 2024. In the list you will not only find the dates, but a small description about the holiday as well.


List of Bank Holidays in France for 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

This is the first day of the year, is typically a day that is spent peacefully by the French. There are some gatherings and get-togethers as companions get together, however, not at the level of the prior night. In France, heart-shaped and king cakes assume pride of position in festivities on the day and amid the early parts of January. In homes, grandparents frequently convey little blessings to their grandchildren. These are generally envelopes with some amount of money. Most of the shops are shut on New Year’s Day in France.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

Easter Monday falls on the final day of the Easter weekend. This is a public holiday in the country of France. Individuals spend this day outside to appreciate the essence of nature and spring that surrounds them around this time of the year. A few families might have a custom of sorting out Easter egg chases in their greenhouses. Festivities for this day are organized according to the French traditions and customs.

The occupants of Bessieres which is a town in the Pyrenees mountains close to the Spanish fringe have a custom of making a huge omelet with fifteen thousand eggs in an immense dish around 13 feet wide in measurement. At that point a public supper is held with a specific end goal to eat it. The town of Cargese on the island of Corsica has a vivid parade on this day. Likewise, on the boundary areas of Paris as well as in the Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte, a renowned Easter egg chase is organized that pulls in a large number of guests every year.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Otherwise called Might Day, this occasion is spent celebrating and battling for laborers’ rights. A tribute is paid to each one of those Union specialists who had battled for better working states of workers many years ago. It is likewise an event when the people of France present to their friends and family a regular blossom called the dog rose or lily-of-the-valley. This tradition began hundreds of years prior when King Charles, the Ninth of France was given lily of the valley blooms on first of Might, 1561.

From that point forward the lord used to give a bunch of these blooms to the women of his court on the first day of the month of Might each year. Around the 1900’s, the men of the nation took action accordingly and began giving these blooms to their friends and family to express their love and it has been so from that point forward.

There are extraordinary directions and laws in France that enable individuals to purchase these blooms without paying taxes on this day. On this day, exchange unions and comparative associations set up parades, exhibitions and introductions with respect to specialists’ rights and human rights as a rule.

  • Victory Day (8th May 2024)

This day denotes the commemoration of the date on which the World War II had been announced to be formally over on the eighth of Might, 1945. The French flag is the image of this day as it implies the freedom that France gained from the many years of Nazi abuse.

Flag of all the European countries are shown at functions to point towards the peace and unity that the European countries have shown since. Individuals are likewise found to wear garments in shades of the French flag, Red, blue and white.

Many individuals go to parades and church services along with patriotic song recital. Despite the fact that this is a glad event, the general population and veterans of the armed force who have given their lives for the opportunity of their homeland are remembered on this day.


  • Ascension Day (30th May 2024)

This is an open occasion in France happening on the 40th day of Easter, 10 days before Pentecost Sunday. This is viewed as one of the holiest days by Christians. On this day Jesus was said to climb to paradise after his execution and revival. On this day, a few people go to exceptional administrations in houses of worship while some go through this day with their family and companions getting a charge out of the spring season. Additionally, some might take leave on the following day that is a Friday and appreciate a long end of the week by going on a short trek.


  • Whit Monday (10th June 2024)

Otherwise called the Solidarity Day, it is the day directly after Pentecost Sunday and is an open occasion in France. As per Christianity, the Holy Spirit was said to have descended on the supporters of Jesus, on the day of Pentecost. Whit Monday was an open occasion until 2005 when a monstrous episode of 15,000 elderly individuals lost their lives because of the warmth wave of summer that year.

After that the occasion was strengthened from 2008 after numerous exhibitions and endeavors by the general population of France. These days, individuals spend this day in the organization of dear loved ones by setting off to the farmland for picnics and outdoors trips. Sporting and social occasions are likewise held in some neighborhood towns and towns.


  • Bastille Day (14th July 2024)

This day is celebrated as a mark of respect towards the French Republic and French culture. It celebrates the start of the French Revolution that had begun on the fourteenth of July, 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille. Otherwise called the French National Day, military aviation shows are held in Paris alongside dinners, dance, parties, melodious performances and firecracker shows on this day.

There is additionally a vast military parade that happens in Paris on the morning of this day where service men and ladies from various units including cadets from units like the military school, French Foreign Legion and the French Navy partake. The parade is started off by the French president and finished by the Paris fire brigade unit. Individuals of France either go to these substantial scale open occasions or spend quality time with their families.


  • Assumption Day (15th August 2024)

This day is commended to respect the Christian conviction for when the soul and group of Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus had climbed into paradise. Various Catholics in France go to chapel benefits on this day. It is a critical event for the Christians. Different church celebrations are held in the towns. Additionally different celebrations are held in the towns which incorporate game occasions, parades, public dinners and markets.

Lourdes is a town south-west of France. It turned into a pilgrimage destination for the Christians after a young lady guaranteed that she had seen Mother Mary here on February eleventh, 1858. It is additionally trusted, that in the event that a person drank water from the spring inside a particular cave at Lourdes, the individual would be cured of all diseases thus many individuals head for Lourdes on the Assumption of Mary day.


  • All Saint’s Day (1st November 2024)

This day praises every single Christian holy person particularly the individuals who do not have a feast dedicated to their name. It is a day of grieving and individuals recollect and respect their perished relatives.

It is standard for individuals to introduce wreaths or chrysanthemum on the graves of their relatives or companions when they visit the burial grounds on that day. Individuals in France visit exceptional administrations held in holy places and visit the graves of their friends and family on this day.


  • Armistice Day (11th November 2024)

This day is an open occasion in France and is the commemoration of the finish of the World War I. It is a serious event and on this day, the French people recollect and honor the people who had sacrificed their lives during the war. At precisely 11 AM on the check in the morning of Armistice Day, the whole nation watches a one moment hush to pay regard to each one of those individuals who surrendered their lives to get the opportunity that they appreciate today.

The flag of France is shown at half-pole or on flag shafts by the military faculty. Extraordinary commemoration events are held each year in the holy places and military parades to war dedications, where the leader of France sets down wreaths and blooms. Individuals for the most part wear dark and dim shaded garments.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

This day praises the event of the introduction of Jesus Christ and is otherwise called Noel. On this day, the French people adorn their homes, decorate the Christmas tree, spend some time with their relatives, present gifts to each other and eat traditional and scrumptious dinners.

The feast on Christmas Day, known as Le Reveillon incorporates dishes like Brouillade de Truffle, Rabbit terrine, Aigo-Boulido, Roasted Capon and Papillottes. Kids hang up stocking in any expectation of getting presents from the cherished Papa Noel or Santa Claus.