For the Gemini born people this is going to be a year of transitions. Both of two major planets like Jupiter and Uranus will bring in loads of variations in two of your major areas of life – career and home life.


It is advisable that you go ahead with all the changes as that will be highly beneficial or you. Astral indications show that there will be plenty of opportunities coming across but you must be willing and ready to grab them and utilize them.

It can be a little more challenging than 2016, but by this time you have learnt the requisite skills to take the bull by its horn. Being the third house of the zodiac will teach you to give others with your intelligence and compassion.

The karmic cycle will ensure that you get back certain things in return. Remember that the hard work that you have put in or are putting in will yield results which will start coming in from this year.

Planetary positions
Jupiter is in Leo and also in your solar third house, and the natives born of Gemini will be superbly busy this year. There will be times when it will seem to you that a lot of things have happened together in your work front and you are trying to address all of them together.

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When Jupiter moves onto Virgo and your solar fourth house you will find that you are being pulled for work extensively and travelling too frequently because of your career and working options.

The planet of luck Jupiter goes into Libra on September 24th and there will be a tremendous creative flow of energy.

This energy can be used in a most creative way for those who are in the allied fields for professional purposes. You could be involved with a group which would further align your career goals with greater networking .If it is a job or a career change that you are looking at, then this is a golden time for you.  If you are a first time job hunter, then you should submit your resume on the first week of January as it is a good period for first job related issues. Pay rise, promotions and various other increments could also happen at this juncture.

When The Sun enters your 5th house, it symbolizes a great phase ahead. This will be a very good time for those seeking job and career progressions. November however may bring a bit of insecurity in the job sector. There will be quite a number of changes in jobs this year or certain career related discomfort. Those who will start with a job for the first time are advised to accept whatever they are offered, as the year does not bode well in matters such as this. Control your temperament and don’t take hasty decisions.

Favored professions
There could be numerous choice of profession for the pragmatic and artistic Gemini born people. However, journalism, public relations and marketing in 2017 may bring good result.