Germany bank holidays 2024 contain the list of bank holidays that is observed across the country of Germany. Whenever a new year comes knocking at our door, we are not only filled with hope of a wonderful year, but also want to know about the holidays that can be spent enjoying with family and friends.

Might it be bank employees or any professional, everybody needs to get a break and relax for a while. The holidays help you do that. The team at 123NewYear has worked hard to get the list ready for you. Plan the year, so that you can go on vacations or even a log weekend getaway. As per the state legislation, banks remain closed on public holidays and these holidays are known as bank holidays. The employees get a day off to relax or enjoy, basically they get to do what they wish.

The German constitution says specifically that post offices and banks are supposed to stay closed on Sundays and these bank holidays. The list offers the dates of the holidays along with some insight into the culture and traditions behind the holiday or how they are celebrated.


Here is the list of bank holidays for the year 2024 that the people of Germany observe:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024):

In Germany, this day is also called “Neujahr” or “Neujahrstag”.  This day is the main day of the Georgian Calendar. Many individuals commend the beginning of a radical new year by visiting bars and parties as the clock strikes twelve, on the previous night.

The vast majority of these gatherings last till the early hours of the first day of the New Year. Many individuals like to spend whatever remains of the day unwinding with their family at home which is typically trailed by lunch or night supper. The festivals on the last day of the previous year include shows like firecrackers and so much more.


  • Epiphany (6th January 2024):

“Epiphanias” and “Erscheinung des Herrn” are the names of the public holiday Epiphany, which are popular in Germany. Three wise men also known as Magi, had gone to Jesus Christ, after he was born, on this day. Individuals go to chapel to attend special services.

The patios of houses are enriched with icons and other decorations to depict the scene. Youngsters dressed as Magi’s visit houses and sing hymns to gather cash for charitable reasons. Individuals likewise drink a German beer on this day known as bockbier.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

Good Friday signifies the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and is known in Germany as “Karfreitag”. This is the Friday that falls prior to Easter Sunday. People spend this day grieving. Individuals go to church and attend special held for God Friday.

Plays portraying the story of Jesus Christ’s life are organized at various institutions. Fish is the more popular option for meals on this day, rather than meat. It is additionally the start of a long weekend. Numerous individuals accept this occasion to go on little excursions.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

“Ostermontag” is another public holiday of Germany, which is known as Easter Monday in the rest of the world. Right after Easter Sunday, Easter Monday falls on the next Monday. This day denotes the resurrection or revival of Jesus Christ.

Individuals partake in flame lit parades, early in the morning, which is trailed by chapel services. The grieving time frame reaches an end with the celebrations. Tremendous dinners are organized. Eating Easter bunnies and Easter eggs made out of chocolate is a traditional custom.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

In Germany, Labor Day is also called “Tag der Arbeit”. This day commends the rights of workers. Labor Day concurs with the occasion of May Day in Germany. Celebrations incorporate getting ready of Maypoles that are basically branches, which are enclosed in ribbons.

Different merriments incorporate bonfires and other festivities. Individuals additionally partake in encourages to battle for laborer’s rights.


  • Father’s Day (30th May 2024)

“Vatertag” is the German name for Father’s Day. On this day, celebrations are organized to pay tribute to fathers or father figures. Individuals present their fathers with different types of gifts like chocolates, watches, books and wine bottles to name some. These gifts are just to say thank you for all the support that they received from their Father/father figures.


  • Ascension Day (30th May 2024)

“Christi Himmelfahrt” is known as Ascension Day in the country of Germany. Ascension Day symbolizes the day when Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven. It is observed 39 days post Easter Sunday.

Individuals attend church services that are specially held for on Ascension Day and individuals might participate in religious parades as well. “International Charlemagne Prize” is presented on this day, in Aachen, to somebody who had made a huge commitment towards mankind and world peace. This day corresponds with the Father’s Day.


  • Mother’s Day (12th May 2024)

In the year 1933, Mother’s Day was declared as a public holiday. “Tag der Mutter” is the name of this day in Germany. It is commended to recognize the unlimited and selfless endeavors of moms and mother figures.

It is generally celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Be that as it may if Pentecost happens to be around the same time, it gets preponed to the first Sunday. Individuals for the most part either do something special for their mothers or present them with gifts like chocolates, flowers, and sweet little gifts.


  • Whit Monday (10th June 2024)

Whit Monday is the Monday after Whit Sunday, which takes place 2 days post Pentecost. In Germany, it is known as “Pfingstmontag”. According to Bible, it recognizes the descent of the Holy Spirit on the pupils of Jesus Christ. Customarily festivities occur in chapel consistently. On this day young fellows place branches of the birch tree on the walls of that young lady’s home, whom they desire to get married to.


  • Corpus Christi (20th June 2024)

“Fronleichnam” is the German name for Corpus Christi, which is celebrated to pay tribute to the Eucharist. This day is observed around sixty days post Easter Sunday. Numerous individuals go to attend unique church services.

From that point onward, honored holy observance which comprises of wafers or breads is paraded outside. On this day, another tradition is “Muelheimer Gottestracht”, which is basically a procession of ships that occur on the Rhine stream in Cologne, since 1435. Individuals can also take a ride on a couple of boats in this parade.


  • Assumption Day (15th August 2024)

Assumption day is a Christian holiday that is also known as “Maria Himmelfahrt”. The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is observed for the day when the Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, left this world to go to Heaven. Individuals go to the church to attend special services that are held on this day along with religious parades that are held in a few places.


  • German Unity day (3rd October 2024)

“Tag der Deutschen Einheit” is the name by which Germans know this day. It is held every year to mark the day, when Germany was unified. On this day the Federal Republic of Germany and the Democratic Republic of Germany were united to form Federal Germany on the 3rd of October in the year 1990. The celebrations incorporate shows, which include firecracker as well as scrumptious meals.


  • Day of Reformation (31st October 2024)

“Reformationstag” is the name for Day of Reformation in Germany. It denotes the religious reformations, which occurred all over the entire of Europe. In 1517, on this very day Marin Luther, the German scholar and priest, had nailed a rundown of his proposition on the doors of churches. This occasion denoted the start of religious and social changes in Europe.


  • All Saint’s Day (1st November 2024)

All Saints Day is also known as “Allerheiligen” and is celebrated in honor of the Christian saints and the life that they lead. Individuals pay tribute to their expired relatives and furthermore light candles in chapel recollecting their memories.

They additionally visit graves of their loved ones to decorate with blooms and candles on this day. Individuals additionally go to unique church administrations to appeal to God for the everlasting tranquility of their perished companions and relatives.


  • Repentance Day (20th November 2024)

“Buss-und Bettag” is the name for Repentance Day in Germany, but it is also known as the Day of Prayer and Repentance. This day is observed as a public holiday in the state of Saxony, Germany. This is commended eleven days before the start of the Advent.

On the occasion of Repentance Day, Protestant Christians pray or think deeply about good deeds. While individuals of Saxony spend this occasion with their loved ones, other parts of Germany do not consider this to be a holiday.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

“Weihnachtstag” is the name for Christmas in Germany and is a public holiday all over the country and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. This day is loaded with a lot of merriment and joy. The entire family meets up for a huge feast and the tables are set with customary luxuries which incorporate Roasted duck or goose with stuffing, mashed potatoes, dumplings and numerous more dishes.

People adorn their houses with beautiful Christmas pyramids, Christmas trees and nut crackers. Individuals go to chapel benefits and sing Christmas songs.


  • Stephen’s Day (26th December 2024)

St. Stephen’s Day is also known as “Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag”. It is a day when the first Christian martyr, St Stephen is remembered by devout Christians. Individuals as a rule spend this day unwinding at home with loved ones. A few people might also go to extraordinary church services.