Honk Kong Bank Holidays 2024 can actually be your go-to list for holidays in Hong Kong. Whether you plan a vacation or just some relaxing days with the family, holidays can be a great way to enjoy life. Hong Kong is a culturally diverse country with numerous festivals. Most of the festivities revolve around the lunisolar calendar, so dates tend to change from year to year.

If a holiday happens to fall on the weekend, the next working day is usually a holiday. 123NewYear has pulled in all their resources and created this list, so that you can refer to it whenever needed. The list also has small descriptions, so that you can understand the culture and belief that is linked with each and every holiday.


Here is a list of the bank holidays in Hong Kong for the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

Gregorian calendar is the calendar, which is globally recognized by all. So, it is no wonder that Hong Kong celebrates the New Year in a grand way as well. As the clock strikes 12, the celebrations turn spectacular. Victoria Harbor offers one of the most fabulous shows for the world to see. Numerous places all over Hong Kong offer amazing light, sound and display shows. New Year’s Day is usually spent with family and friends.


  • Chinese New Year (5th February 2024)

On the first day in the first Lunar month, the Chinese celebrate their greatest occasion the Chinese New Year. It is no different in Hong Kong; this day is celebrated with great pomp and show.  The occasion is also popularly called to be the “Spring Festival”. A spectacular parade of international stature takes place in the city of Tsim Sha Tsui. The 2nd day celebrations include a fabulous and beautiful show of firecrackers with choreographed laser and lights show at the Victoria Harbor. Furthermore, on the last day, some of the best horse races take place at the Sha Tin racecourse. Due to the increased surge of shopping, shops tend to stay open, during the Chinese New Year.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

The Friday, which falls post Maundy Thursday, is known as Good Friday. It marks the day in which Jesus Christ was crucified.  Good Friday is observed as a holiday for the people of Hong Kong.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

The tradition of Easter is a custom in Hong Kong, which has trickled down from the British Legacy. The holiday starts with Good Friday and continues till this day, Easter Monday. It basically marks the end of the long weekend. Some might relax and unwind to take time off from working so hard, while others would take off with loved ones on a weekend getaways.  Special Church Services are characteristic of this day, as are Easter egg (made with chocolate) hunts, picnics and so much more.


  • Ching Ming Festival (5th April 2024)

Ching Ming Festival is also called as Quing Ming Festival. In the 3rd lunar month, people of Hong Kong honor their ancestors on this day. Celebrations for this festival include cleaning the area around the tombstones. People also burn paper replicas of commodities that might be needed in the afterlife.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Also called May Day, Labor Day is also another holiday and Hong Kong also celebrates it with sincerity. This day recollects the battles, endeavors and victory of the workers. They had contended energetically for the law that would entitle everybody to an 8 hour work day amid which a few people also died. On Labor Day in Hong Kong, laborers and union individuals and activists walk to government workplaces and associations from Victoria Park.


  • Buddha’s Birthday (12th May 2024)

Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of the religion Buddhism, was known as Buddha. His birthday is a revered festival, which is observed in Hong Kong. Buddha’s Birthday is a holiday, which is celebrated on the 8th day in the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. While there are numerous Buddhist monasteries in Hong Kong who will hold special services on this day, most likely the best place to visit is the Po Lin Monastery in Lantau, which houses the world’s biggest situated, open air bronze Buddha.


  • Dragon Boat Festival (7th June 2024)

Tuen Ng Festival or Dragon Boat Festival began around 2000 years back and spins around fables that are based on Qu Yuan. He was an acclaimed Chinese artist and priest amid the Zhou Dynasty. The celebration happens on the fifth day in the fifth month of the customary Chinese lunar calendar, to honor the memory and sacrifice of Qu Yuan. When Ying was caught, Qu Yuan couldn’t acknowledge it and jumped in the Miluo River to commit suicide. People, who respected Qu Yuan, tried to drive the fish away from Qu Yuan by riding in boats with a dragon adorning the front of the boat. A tradition originated, from that day onwards, for races to be held in dragon boats, so that they can honor his memory. Various localities host a number of races, with Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race being one of the best. Zongzi are rice dumplings, a traditional treat prepared for this this day.


  • Special Administration Region (SAR) Day (1st July 2024)

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Establishment Day is observed and celebrated on the 1st of July. The celebrations are to commemorate the end of British Colonial Rule on the same date in the year 1997. It basically honors the move of the power of Hong Kong to the Republic of China from the United Kingdom and the foundation of SAR. At the place, where the handover took place, the Golden Bauhinia Square, military and police bands along with helicopters make rounds with the flag of Hong Kong.


  • The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival (14th September 2024)

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day in the 8th lunar month of the conventional lunar calendar and is being celebrated since the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BC). The round shape symbolizes unity as indicated by the Chinese culture; the round shape signifies the full moon and thus occurs on a full moon night. Celebrations include praying for a great harvest with family and distant relatives. Fire dragon dances, parades and lantern exhibitions can be a part of the celebrations.


  • National Day (1st October 2024)

People’s Republic of China or PRC was established in the year 1949 at the Tiananmen Square, this day is celebrated to commemorate the same event. There are an assortment of government composed occasions on National Day, including firecrackers and shows alongside open show of representations of regarded political pioneers. A spectacular and outstanding occasion that takes place on National Day is the firecrackers show of more than 20 minutes in length at the Victoria Harbor joined by synchronized music. Flag raising service at the Golden Bauhinia Square as well as the National Day Horse Race, which happens at Sha Tin race course, are some of the other celebrations.


  • Chung Yeung Festival (7th October 2024)

Chung Yeung Festival also has another name due to the fact that it falls on the ninth day in the ninth lunar month, which is Double ninth Festival. Like Ching Ming Festival, the celebrations include ancestor worship as well. Individuals visit the burial grounds and cemeteries to light up incense sticks. People might also offer things to their predecessors, like fruits. On the day of Chung Yeung Festival, individuals in Hong Kong additionally go outside to appreciate the climate and take part in picnics with their family and friends. Likewise, they eat cakes, made especially for this day. The cakes are called ‘Ko’ or ‘Chongyang’ which means top or high, it is believed that these cakes and bring advancements or better position in life and your career.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

The birth day of Jesus Christ is celebrated in Hong Kong with a considerable measure of lavishness. Individuals amid this time meet up to invest energy with loved ones, purchase presents for their family and friends. They might also get ready and eat lavish Christmas feasts with loved ones. On the eve of Christmas, you will be able to see Christmas lights on forty buildings alongside Victoria Harbor to arrange for a light show. Chinese Christians attend special services that happen at the church. Consistently amid this particular season a ‘winter fest’ is held. It is basically a tremendous party, which happens in the winter season with a bunch of food stalls, shops, music, amusement parks and more.