This is a good year for those born under the sign of Leo. Things at times may seem a little slow, but the lack of momentum will be made up by the amount of work that you will need to do and the harvest that you will reap out of the hard work.

This lack of momentum will actually give those Leo born people to look at their careers and to delve deeply into the betterment of their careers.

Though the money house of the Leo s is not energized for the year 2019, yet there will be substantial financial gain coming out of the blooming career and you will also live on a grand scale.

Planetary Positions
From the second half of January there will be a lot of cards on your table and you will be as busy as the proverbial bee. You will be resourceful enough but try not to handle too many things at the same time.

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In the second half of March, Venus transits Leo’s tenth house making you acutely conscious and concerned about your career than ever before the month of June and July brings forth surprising amount of professional growth and opportunities.

Leo born people will win many prizes and monetary rewards this year. Jupiter transits in your sign in the month of August, thereby bringing in its wake promotions, pay rise, and creative projects.

Job security overall in this year seems good, but the solar eclipse happening on the 10th of June could very well be a testing ground for that. Post this there could be a possibility of change of job or promotion which will happen in your existent organization only. The Leos on the other hand have business, and employ others, will not be recruiting any more people. The Leo born people are advised not to be complete workaholic this year and engage in certain social banters and activities.

Since career highs bring in its wake a chance to go and do things for others, there will be lot of good deeds. However you are advised to still check and see whether you are going overboard by tring to help people. The hardworking Leo s will have their task cut out for going abroad for additional work and also they will need to work rapidly for national work. Those who are into their own business will do phenomenally well and may look at the option of branching out. It is advisable for entrepreneurs to work alone rather than being in partnerships, as they will then work better with greater result. People in the business of trading in fast moving consumer goods will do well in exports and imports and also go national to establish their brand and their allied organizations.

Favorable professions
Though the Leo born people could opt for numerous careers with their astral influence for a good year, it is always great to know which career would suit them fine on the year 2017.  Actors, Artists, musicians, performers, traders, etc are some of the professions which should work well in 2017.