2024 Love horoscope is for all the people around the world who are searching for love and life-partners. See for yourself what the predictions are for the coming year, 2024. What does 2024 hold in your love life? If you are seeking the answers to this question, then have a look at 2024 love horoscope. Here are the love predictions for 2024 depending on planetary positions:


  • Venus, the planet of love will be in a state of combustion
  • It will not be a year that favors singles so dreams of finding true love might have to be put on hold.
  • If couples in love plan to take it to the next level of marriage, then wait for Venus to come out of the state of combustion.
  • Venus might show signs of being favorable around the end of February.
  • As Venus comes out of its state of combustion, lovebirds can rethink and get married when they find suitable.


  • Transit of Mars is likely to have a crucial role in matters of love and relationships for Taurus born natives.
  • Harmony between couples is only possible if you are willing to improve your level of compatibility.
  • Improved compatibility will also be a good way to build confidence levels.
  • As Jupiter moves into the seventh house, it might not be good for married couples.


  • In 2024, Jupiter will move into the seventh house and this plays a major hand in matters related to married couples.
  • 2024 might not be such a good year for married couples as there are predictions of strong disagreements and adverse effects.



  • Saturn will rule the seventh house. This has a crucial role in matters related to your spouse.
  • 2024 might not be a great year for married couples as time spent together might not be enjoyable or pleasant.
  • Differences might pop up out of nowhere and put your relationship at a risk.


  • Presence of Rahu and Ketu in your horoscope along with the position of Saturn point towards a discontent in the love aspect of your life
  • Do not stress out and shout under times of disagreement as that might hamper your relationship for a long time. Embittering your relationship is never a good idea.
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  • Jupiter will remain in the eleventh house for most part of 2024 which ensures that the year is filled with harmony between couples.
  • Saturn will also influence the eleventh house which might not prove to be good for relationships.
  • Problems and misunderstandings might pop up causing dissention between couples.


  • The earlier part of 2024 might not be such a good time for singles who want to get into an intimate relationship.
  • This can be attributed to the presence of two astrological factors; one of them is the presence of Ketu in the fifth house.


  • 2024 will be a mixed year in aspects of love and relationships.
  • Two planetary movements are on the cards, one that favors love and intimacy while the other might hinder your smooth sailing.
  • Jupiter will have an aspect over the fifth house that can definitely favor singles to find a strong relationship.



  • Mars has an aspect over the fifth house in 2024 which might have a strong role in matters of love and intimacy.
  • Beginning of 2024 might not be good for singles looking for love as Venus enters a state of combustion.
  • This means that moving into a stronger relationship will be difficult but that does not mean hindrance to physical intimacy.



  • Moon will rule the seventh house in 2024 and Saturn will influence your seventh house along with Sun and Venus.
  • These have a direct impact on relationship with spouse.
  • Moreover, Venus and Saturn seem to be in a state of combustion towards the beginning of 2024 that makes it a bad phase for love and relationships.
  • The planets will definitely come out of the combustion phase. This could be a good sign for singles as well as couples.


  • Permanent relationships might be difficult in 2024 as Rahu occupies the seventh house.
  • 2024 might not be a good year for matters related to love, especially the early part of 2024.
  • The above can be attributed to the state of combustion for the planet Venus.
  • A dip might be experienced for Aquarians who are already in love.
  • It is imperative that you take steps to make sure that misunderstandings do not develop as it might cause a huge rift.



  • 2024 will have a mixed effect on your love life as the planetary positions keep changing.
  • Mercury rules the seventh house; it is related to permanent relationships. This position will neither have a positive nor a negative effect on your love life.
  • The position to worry about is that of Mars. It will form an aspect with the seventh house from around the middle of May. This position can be detrimental for relationships.

Married couples need to be aware of what might cause a rift if they want their relationship to survive this phase.