2019 would be the year that puts a lot of emphasis on matters of love and marriage for Taurus locals. Although things would not be that smooth as it had been for the last couple of years, but the relationships that you have will cruise through to the next year, easily.

Pluto would be in the seventh house this year for men and women of Taurus Zodiac sign. It is a planet that signifies disposal and change. So, ultimately this would be a period when you have to remove and cut away from some of your connections. It is a decent time when you can keep the compatible relationships, and dispose of the undesirable ones. Try not to stick onto old, immaterial troubled relationships that are not compatible for you.

In 2019, you will be able to make a handful of friends, but they will be genuine and trustworthy. Your romantic side is drawn out this season. Physical relationship is of considerable measure to you this year than any time in recent memory. Through the course of the year, you would be able to improve the compatibility quotient with your partner over some time. Spouses or partners will be demanding less and can come across as more loving.

Some Taurus folks might be in for a second chance at marriage or romantic relationship. Be as it may, you will have to face some inconveniences and turmoil through the course of finding love.

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Most of your love life would be decent this year. With disappointments and moments of incompatibility, you would be a bit nearer to finding the love of your life. There would be umpteen separations and fix ups during that time for Taurus folks. Numerous partners would not be a good idea for you at this time. Try not to be reckless in the search for the right one. For a successful relationship you need to become matured. For this year, love, love and compatibility take the prime spot in your life. During that time you would learn numerous lessons in similarity and getting along in a relationship. Possessiveness and liberality are some issues that might create problems in your compatibility quotient.

The second half of 2019 will be especially advantageous in matters of love and romance. With Venus retrograde kicking in, November can be a very bad month for such matters. Movement of Saturn into your eighth house, signals that your partner might be showing up in 2019.


  • The most perfect signs for Taurus folks are Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio for the year 2019. They will be able to meet up with your emotional side.


  • Leo and Aquarius may prove to be the worst compatibility matches for men and women of Taurus. If your partner belongs to Leo Zodiac sign, they might try to dominate you while Aquarians may share your resources with many people, something that you will not be able to accept.  If you stay with your Leo or Aquarius partner, then 2019 will be filled with fights.


  • It would a great romantic match with another Taurus, but once celebrations are over and the dust settles, issues may start popping up like issues of incompatibility.


  • Men and women of the zodiac signs, Gemini and Sagittarius, might appear to be beneficial for you however only for financial oriented reasons, so it is best to stay away from people of these zodiac signs.


  • Initially, it might seem as a good time for relationships with Aries and Libra folks but on long term there might be fights and other issues.


  • Folk of Cancer zodiac sign might have good a compatibility with you, the Taurus man/woman as they complement you in a great way


  • Folks of Pisces are ready to share your love, making them a good match.