2019 will be an important year for people of Pisces. Ambitions and goals will be fulfilled in 2019. Desires that have been burning on a low in your heart will get the spark to take wings and fly high.

Certain drastic decisions will be made for your career, lifestyle as well as future. Make sure that through the year you use your energy in the right direction to get the best from life and achieve success. Emotions can take you down the wrong path so make sure that they are controlled. Let your creative side run wild instead so that 2019 turns out to be a great year.

If you were born between the dates February 19 – March 20, then you belong to the Zodiac sign Pisces. 2019 will be a year where you will get numerous chances to pursue your hobbies.

In the past you might have had to put your hobbies at the last of things to do list but this year it can be among your priorities. Use your creativity and take out old projects from the closet to finish them. This new found energy might drive you to achieve great things.

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The people of Pisces are usually emotional and tend to make great friends. They are creative as well as imaginative. These and various other traits will definitely play a role in shaping 2019 for Pisces. Here is the 2019 horoscope for the Pisces men and women.

Career & Money

2019 will demand a lot of professional commitment from the men and women of Pisces. This will be imperative if they want to succeed in their career.

You just need to work hard for the first quarter, after that you just have to see what wonderful fruit your hard work yields. Make sure that your personal activities do not get diversified.


You need to focus on one job at a time so that all your energy is channeled into completing that before moving on to the next one. Promotions, overseas travel and many such great incentives feature on your card for the year 2019.

As 2019 hits the middle, some of the Pisces people would need to change their course of professional life. You will also need to stay in the good books of your seniors as well as colleagues so that you can ride through this tumultuous time.

It is best to stay stable and not take hasty decisions around this time. If you need to take a de-tour this time is not the best time for such things.

Just like the first quarter must be a time of hard work, as spring approaches you can start giving attention to your creative ideas as well. Make sure that you do not take steps that can wreck your success streak.

Try your best to adjust into your job but if you feel that the present scenario is not working out then you need to change your job so that you can be satisfied. Before quitting you must have a job otherwise it might become a huge risk.

Love & Relationship

Love life of the Pisces will be chaotic in 2019. Your emotional side and sentiments will control your love life as both reach a high. Relationships might be looking for a route and it is best to head for that direction. While taking the new route do not lose sight of your values and traditions. If you are a looking for a long term and happy relationship then be ready for compromises and adjustments.  It will be a good year to start family planning if you have good compatibility with your partner.

If you are still single then be ready for potential partners to come your way. You must measure out the pros and cons before taking a decision and committing to a relationship. Communication will be key to a happy relationship. Even if misunderstandings do pop up, make sure that they are resolved immediately. Matters can be resolved successfully if you are able to communicate your feelings and understand your partner’s feelings.

2019 will be a passionate year but it is up to you, the Pisces to put it to good use in your love life. If you are able to do that then you can expect a thriving relationship. It will be a period of satisfaction in your love life. The single Pisces will need to decide about what they want if a potential partner is found. Whether you are single or married or in a relationship make sure that you have clarity with your partner.  If you are starting a new relationship then you will need to take things slow.

Finance & Business

2019 is going to be different from the previous years with respect to the financial aspect. It will be a year when you show restraint in matters of spending money. You will give more importance to your monetary needs and make sure that all you’re spending are well-planned. Planning is essential for a good financial year but so not forget to have some expenditure urges as well. These will be needed as these spending can help you to earn a good name in both professional and personal aspects.  Investment in real estate and other land related dealings may make it a good year for all but be careful while making high value purchases.

In 2019 you will need to move with the flow and not against it as that might make your life more difficult. Your financial planning must be fool-proof so that you have an amazing 2019. Investments of the past may yield good returns for some Pisces. Financial stability will be possible only if you pay off all your debts and bills in 2019. Once those are paid off, you can concentrate on yourself and splurge a little bit for yourself.

Health & Wellness

Through the year 2019 make sure that you stick to exercising and a balanced diet. This will make you more energetic for the majority of 2019. The year will be full of various activities so that your energy is easily spent but do take some time off as well so that you do not over-stress yourself. Stress can lead to a complete mental breakdown.

Metabolism will be good but have food that is fresh and stay away from processed food items. Deficiencies may develop in some Pisces so keep a watch on your health. Rejuvenation of the mind is essential so take up activities like meditation and yoga. Pilgrimages may also help in rejuvenating the mind and body. Your optimism will help you get through the tough phases in the aspects of health.

Towards the end of 2019, certain small health issues may pop up but with rest and proper medication it will be resolved. So the problems must be addressed immediately before they take a turn for the worst.

Family & Lifestyle

In matters of family, Pisces will need to speak out and take a stand in the year 2019. Speaking out is necessary but don’t take hasty decisions as they might not be good. Positive attitude must be maintained at all times. Disagreements are bound to occur in a family but do not let it last solve the issue immediately.

You will have to take decisions and actions so that family ties can last the storm of time. Make sure that you understand the situation well enough so that problems do not creep into family. While taking assertive actions try to not appear rude. You must be firm but not disrespectful. Meaningful conversations and decisions will be possible only when you speak in a way that does not hurt anyone.   

Pisces Monthly Horoscopes

  • January 2019: This month will definitely be a month that brings independence and success for you. During this month you will be able to take charge of your life.
  • February 2019: This is going to be a spiritual month. You will gain insight about how to solve your problems during this month.
  • March 2019: This will be a month of improvement in confidence and self-esteem.  
  • April 2019: During this month your theories about financial matters will definitely bear fruit.   
  • May 2019: This month might include binge eating so be cautious. It will also be a month when you want to gain a lot of knowledge.
  • June 2019: It might be bad month that involves health issues related to shoulder and knee pain. So take care of yourselves.
  • July 2019: This month is going to bring forth drastic changes in both your professional and personal lives.  
  • August 2019: You might seem distracted during this month as the 2019 Mercury Retrograde sets in.
  • September 2019: During this month, the health of all Pisces might need to be watched carefully.  
  • October 2019: This month is bound to have a countless activities leaving little time for other things.  
  • November 2019: This month is going to be a difficult one but do not worry it will only help in developing a better future.  
  • December 2019: As 2019 comes to an end, this is going to be a month where things become more stable. You will need to show sincerity if you wish to achieve your goals.