2015 Bank Holidays in Australia is a list of national holidays and also those declared by the State government and territorial holidays.

The custom of the country is that when such a holiday coincides with a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) which are normally non working days in the country, then the holiday is observed in the following Monday so that the employees do not have to compromise on enjoying a holiday.

We at 123NewYear bring you a comprehensive list of all the Bank Holidays in Australia that would be observed in course of the year 2015.

New Year’s Day – The beginning of the brand New Year is celebrated with much élan all over Australia. People take this day to recover from the parties they attended the night before. Stores and other retailers may be open or closed depending on the State or territory they are located in. In certain areas of the country public transport operate with much restriction, and in some places public services may be closed altogether. In Sydney, millions of people gather at the Sydney Harbor to view the gala display of fireworks. Those who are into horse racing enjoy the Perth Cup at the Ascot Racecourse in Perth, in the Western part of Australia, on this day.

Australia Day – This is the day that commemorates the first European settlement in Australia that happened in the year 1788 at Port Jackson which is now a part of Sydney. This is the day when all the Australians join hands to celebrate their country’s rich culture and heritage. There are many discussions organized where people reflect upon the achievements of the country and also debate about the ways that can make the country’s future even better. In Lake Burley Griffin an awe inspiring display of fireworks is held and many people gather there for the spectacular view. This is also the day when the country awards those citizens who have made the country proud with their achievements. This is also the day when the country welcomes ceremoniously the immigrants who have been granted Australian citizenship recently.

Canberra Day – This is a public holiday observed in Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This day is commemorated on the second Monday of the month of March each year. This is the day when in the year 1913 Canberra was officially founded. As such, in that territory this day marks a major festival. Various forms of entertainment uphold the festive spirit. Various fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, cultural shows etc are organized to mark the occasion.

Good Friday – Good Friday is a very auspicious day for the Christendom for it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In Australia Good Friday marks the beginning of a long weekend that extends for four days giving people ample opportunity to plan vacations or family get together. Although there are special prayer services organized at the churches all across the country, some also including long prayer vigils, there are variations in the celebration of his day depending on the practices of each Church. In Catholic Churches of Australia it is recommended that people observe this day as a fast which comprise of no meat and only three small meals all through the day. Some Churches allow fish in place of chicken. Eating hot cross buns is also a common tradition adhered to on this day. Hot cross buns are small round shaped breads that are tempered with spices, raisins, chocolate chips, dried fruits, nuts etc. Since this day marks a long weekend, various sporting events too are organized. These include The Three Peaks Race in Tasmania, Yacht Race from Brisbane to Gladstone, Easter Racing Carnival in Sydney, etc.

Easter Saturday – This is the Saturday that comes in the four day long holiday that the country enjoys in the Easter season. On this day special church services are organized for. Many people consider this to be an auspicious day for weddings or christening. Since the year 1956, this is the time when the Ulladulla area in the New South Wales region witnesses the blessing of the fishing fleet. This is a prayer for bountiful catches round the year and also for the safety of the fishermen and their boats whom people want to return happily to their homes after their fishing expedition. A unique feature of Easter celebrations in Australia is to have bilby instead of the usual custom of bunny as Easter presents. Bilby is a native mammal of Australia and is chosen over bunnies since rabbits are considered to be pests by the Australian farmers as rabbits destroy a lot of crops each year. People uphold the need to preserve the bilby population. Stores are flooded with chocolate models of this mammal.

Easter Monday – This is the last day of the four day long Easter vacation that the country enjoys. This is commemorated on the Monday following the Easter Sunday. On this day many people opt to spend the day with family and friends and have a relaxed time before they resume work on the following day. This day also brings an end to a lot of musical, cultural and sporting events that are organized across the country to celebrate the four day long holidays. Public transports operate infrequently, and businesses are either closed or have much reduced hours of operation.

Anzac Day – ANZAC or the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Day commemorates the anniversary of that day in the year 1915 when the troops from these two countries landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula of Turkey during the period of World War I. this is observed each year on the 25th of April. This is the day when the country pays tribute to its armed personnel for their bravery, especially those who were martyred fighting for their nation. In most major cities and towns parades and marches mark the occasion. Memorial services too are held in many places. It is also a common custom to recite loudly the fourth paragraph of the verse known as The Ode that is part of the open called “For The Fallen” that was composed by Laurence Binyon in the year 1914 and speaks of all those who have lost their lives and thus remain evergreen. At the ANZAC Square situated in Brisbane, an eternal flame reminds the citizens of the country’s military heritage.

Queen’s Birthday – This tradition was started in the country since the year 1788. The celebration of the Queen’s Birthday has become a custom because of the fact that Australia is a constitutional monarchy where the English Monarch is considered to be the head of the State. This day is commemorated on the second Monday of the month of June in most parts of Australia, although the date may vary in some parts of Western Australia. This is a public holiday with restricted operations of public transportation that people generally spend whiling away time with friends and family. Many sporting events are also organized for, a major one being Australian Football League. Many public places host firework displays in the evenings.

Northern Territory Picnic Day – This day is observed annually on the first Monday of the month of August. Apart from providing a respite from work there are also various events that take place traditionally on this day. This is the day when Harts Race is organized which include bull riding, racing utility trucks, rural balls, lizard races, various novelty event for children, whip cracking and much more. Traditional railway picnic adds more cheer in the town of Adelaide River complete with various games and railway refreshments.

Family & Community Day – This is the day that upholds the principal that workers need to spend quality time with their family and other members of the community they belong to. As such, this is a public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Labor Day – This is the day when the country pays tribute to the working class who contribute majorly towards the economic growth of the nation. This is also the time when people remember the long struggle of the Union leaders and other workers that paved the ways for proper wages and a decent working condition and hours for the labors in the country. In Brisbane Labor Day marches are organized for that are led by prominent political leaders and other influential persons. Labor Union members and also the common people are welcome to join the march. This day is also known by the name of May Day in the Northern Territory and Eight Hours Day in Tasmania. This is also a long weekend that people enjoy in a relaxed manner.

Melbourne Cup Day – Cheekily labeled as “the race that stops the nation”, Melbourne Cup Day is the most popular horse racing event of the country that has transcended from a sporting event to a major social event as well. This event is organized on the first Tuesday of the month of November each year. This day is an annual legal holiday in the State of Victoria. Millions of people gather at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne where this is held. People dress in their very best on this day, and viewers are served gourmet food, beverages and even champagne. Restaurants and clubs with television sets organize for special banquets for those people who cannot be at the venue but would like to enjoy the sport just as much. Betting too is a common practice on this day.

Christmas Day – This is one of the holiest days in the calendar of the Christians for this day marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. However, in the present times this day has transcended all religious borders to become universally celebrated by all and sundry. Christians mark the occasion by attending special church services. This is the time to put up holiday décor in homes and businesses. Christmas trees are displayed looking regal decked up in ornaments. People buy and exchange gifts for each other. This is the time people try to spend with their family and intimate circle of friends amidst fun and feasting.

Boxing Day – The day after Christmas is a public holiday in Australia. Since in the year 2019, Boxing Day falls on a Saturday which is normally a non working day for most employees, this observation of this day would be held on the following Monday making Christmas a long weekend. Naturally this facilitates travel plans, especially for those people who stay away from family and would want to travel during this time to spend the days with the near and dear ones. Public transport is restricted in most places. Businesses too have reduced working hours if operational. This is the day from when the retailers offer stock clearance sales at even more reduced prices allowing people to fill up their shopping bag with items that they had to leave out during Christmas shopping. This makes good use of gift cards they receive as Christmas presents. This day is also a host to a number of major sporting events; the major ones being a cricket test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground that is played between the Australian National Cricket Team and any visiting team from another nation, and also the Blue-water Classic Yacht Race that is held between Sydney and Hobart and covers a distance of 630 nautical miles.

List of 2015 Bank Holidays in Australia


Date in 2015
Day of the week
New Year’s Day 1-Jan Thursday
Australia Day 26-Jan Monday
Canberra Day 9-Mar Monday
Good Friday 3-Apr Friday
Easter Saturday 4-Apr Saturday
Easter Monday 6-Apr Monday
Anzac Day 25-Apr Saturday
Queen’s Birthday 8-Jun Monday
Northern Territory Picnic Day 3-Aug Monday
Family & Community Day 28-Sep Monday
Labor Day 5-Oct Monday
Melbourne Cup Day 3-Nov Tuesday
Christmas Day 25-Dec Friday
Boxing Day Observed 28-Dec Monday

2015 Bank Holidays

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