2015 Bank Holidays in Canada are legislated statutory holidays on which all employees, public workers or private workers, get to enjoy a day off without sacrificing their regular pay.

These are non working days at the federal, provincial or territorial levels. Apart from these there are holidays that are observed in the provincial and territorial levels. Also there are religious holidays which an observant person can opt to take off.

Here we bring for you a list of 2015 Bank Holidays as observed in Canada.

New Years Day – Since the year 153 BCE January 1st of every year has been considered to be the beginning of a brand New Year, and like most countries across the globe Canada too welcomes the New Year with much pomp. Apart from usual partying, there is also fireworks display. This is especially prevalent in Toronto where the fireworks are accompanied my music and public performances. Ice fishing too is a custom on the New Year’s Day, especially in the area of Quebec, in keeping with the winter chill that Canada experiences this time of the year.

Day after New Year’s Day – The Day after New Year officially brings an end to the festive season that began with Christmas and continued till New Year. The 2nd day of January each year is the time people spend with their family and friends to rejuvenate before they get back to work. It is also a day when people who had gone for vacation during the Christmas and New Year leave get back home. This day also coincides with the day on which the Quebec Bank was taken over by the Royal Bank of Canada.

Family Day – In British Columbia observes Family Day on the second Monday each year of the month of February. This was decided by an online poll that was conducted by the provincial government, and based on the results of the poll this decision has been adhered to since 2013.

Family Day – In most parts of Canada, Family Day is observed in the third Monday of the month of February each year. This is the day when people uphold the institution of family and celebrate the bond between the family members. This day is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time and change in the social scenario where it has now become extremely important to deeply root the values of familial bond among people.

Good Friday – This is the Friday before Easter, and on this day the Christians in Canada commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For all people this is an opportunity to take a break from work and enjoy the spring season after the harsh winter months in the country. Among the traditions, Canadians eat hot cross buns on this day. These bunds are peppered with raisins, fruits and nuts and a cross is marked on the top.

Easter Monday – This is the day after Easter, Easter being the day when Canada like other countries in the world that follow the Christian traditions celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the opportunity for people to enjoy the long weekend and to nibble on the confectionary that they have received from friends and family for Easter, especially the Easter Eggs.

Mother’s Day – Canadians celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month of June each year to show their love and respect towards their mother or anyone else one considers as a Mother Figure in their life. This is the day when people spend time with their moms. It is a common custom to present moms with bouquets of carnations.

Victoria Day – Victoria Day is celebrated in Canada on the Monday that comes right before May 25. This day is also known by the names of May Long or May Long Weekend and May Two-Four. This day finds its origin in the birth date of Queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarch of the then expanding kingdom of Great Britain. The date has been adjusted later as per statutes. The day is observed with parades and fireworks in many places.

National Patriots’ Day – Commemorated on the Monday preceding May 25th, this day is celebrated in the same day as the Victoria Day. This is the day on which in the year 1837 there arose rebellion against the British rule. Across the country a lot of events are organized that make the citizens aware of the history of Canada.

Father’s Day – Canadians honor their father or those whom they consider to be father figures in their life on the third Sunday of the month of June each year. Apart from spending time together and presenting greeting cards and other gifts, it is also a custom to participate in a charity run, the proceeds from which are donated for the cause of prostate cancer.

Discovery Day – This day is celebrated in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador in the Monday which is nearest to the 24th of June each year. This is the day that commemorates when in the year 1497 John Cabot discovered the provinces. Since the year 1997, as the day observed its 500th anniversary, the day has also been named as the Cabot 500 Day.

The National Holiday of Quebec – This day was introduced as the French colonists settled in the country and thought of celebrating the Feast of Saint John the Baptist who is considered to be the patron saint of the Canadians of French descent. The celebrations of this day can be traced back to 1636. Since 1925 this day was declared to be a legal holiday, and since 1977 it gained the status of national holiday.

Canada Day – The celebrations of this day dates back to the 19th century and was first observed as the anniversary of the rule of Great Britain in Canada. Since 1958, the day is being celebrated in an organized fashion all across the country with the Secretary of State of Canada being responsible for all the arrangements.

Civic Day – This day is a paid non working day provided it is in keeping with the policy of one’s employer and provides people the perfect opportunity to take a break in the middle of the summer season and enjoy the warmth and sunshine before the cold winter months set in.

Discovery Day – This is especially celebrated in Yukon since 1911 on the third Monday of the month of August each year to commemorate the day (August 17) on which in the year 1896 gold was discovered at Bonanza Creek of Yukon by George Washington Carmack which resulted in the gold rush that is so famous in the history of the land. Due to this, the day is also known by the name of Klondike Gold Discovery Day.

Labor Day – Labor Day celebrations in Canada can be dated back to 1872 when printers in Toronto revolted to establish a sane working hours per week, although at that time it was not legal to have any Labor Union activity. Since then the day has been celebrated to uphold the rights of Workers and to acknowledge their contribution to the economic growth of the country. Marches, parades and picnics mark the occasion.

Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving was introduced in Canada by the British explorer Martin Frobisher who celebrated this day to show gratitude of having survived the exploration. The day became nationally recognized since 1879 and is commemorated to show gratitude for a good harvest and general well being all through the year.

Remembrance Day – This is the day when the World War I ended in the year 1918, and Canada commemorates this day by paying tribute to the war veterans and martyrs who have served the country.

Christmas Day – The birth anniversary of Jesus Christ has transcended the barriers of Christendom and has now become a global celebration with more emphasis on socio cultural aspect. People exchange greeting cards and gifts, decorate their houses and business places and celebrate the holiday season with their near and dear ones. This is also a time for people to plan a vacation.

Boxing Day – Although the origin and background of this holiday is not very specified, this day has now been established as a paid holiday and gives people the opportunity to get some breathing space after the Christmas celebrations.

List of 2015 Bank Holidays in Canada


Day of the Week
Thursday January 01 New Years Day
Friday January 02 Day after New Year’s Day
Monday February 09 Family Day
Monday February 16 Family Day
Friday April 03 Good Friday
Monday April 06 Easter Monday
Sunday May 10 Mother’s Day
Monday May 18 Victoria Day
Monday May 18 National Patriots’ Day
Sunday June 21 Father’s Day
Monday June 22 Discovery Day
Wednesday June 24 The National Holiday of Quebec
Wednesday July 01 Canada Day
Monday August 03 Civic Day
Monday August 17 Discovery Day
Monday September 07 Labor Day
Monday October 12 Thanksgiving
Wednesday November 11 Remembrance Day
Friday December 25 Christmas Day
Saturday December 26 Boxing Day

2015 Bank Holidays

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