2015 Bank Holidays in Singapore talk of those days that have been listed by the law of the land as public holiday as laid down by the Holiday Act of 1998 which was again revised in 1999.

Many factors are taken into account while deciding upon the dates and close communication is maintained with leaders of various communities and religions. According to the law, if an employee is required to work on any of these public holidays, then the person would be entitled to get paid wages for an extra day.

Here is a list of 2015 Bank Holidays in Singapore along with a comprehensive narration of its commemoration:

New Years Day – New Year celebrations in Singapore is a gala affair with parties and bashes organized on the New Year’s Eve as people gather to countdown minutes to the arrival of the New Year. Huge congregation of masses are witnessed at the Siloso Beach at Sentosa , Marina Bay, Clarke’s Quay, Central Square etc. Food and liquor has a free flow. Concerts and competitions are arranged for. A unique feature of the New Year celebrations in Singapore is the Wishing Sphere. People buy huge white spheres and write their favorite wish for the New Year on it. Even the Prime Minister pens down on it. The balls are then set afloat from the Marina Bay into the Singapore River.

Chinese New Year – Singapore celebrates the Chinese New Year as determined by the traditional lunar calendar. Traditional Chinese New Year celebrations last for about fifteen days among which only the first two days are declared to be public holidays in China. Preparations for this day begin months before with spring cleaning of homes, buying new clothes and gifts, planning the festive meals etc. The celebrations begin the day before with the Reunion Dinner which is held at the house of the eldest member of the family which all other members attend. Since the first two days only are nonworking days, people visit their families and friends (a part of the traditions) during these two days. People decorate their homes, wear new clothes, exchange gifts, eat symbolic food and children receive red packets containing money from elders.

Good Friday – This is the day when the whole Christendom mourns the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Labor Day – This is the day that upholds the contribution and struggle of the Working Class People and their right to proper wages, humane working hours and tolerable working conditions. This is celebrated worldwide and also acknowledges the role of the Labor Unions to bring justice to the Working Class. The unique feature of Labor Day celebration in Singapore is the fact that on this day the Istana which is the residence of the President of Singapore is open to public and there is a carnival like atmosphere with people enjoying to the hilt.

Vesak Day – Celebrated on the fifteenth day of the fourth month according to the traditional lunar calendar, this day is of great significance to the Buddhist community who commemorate on this day the three major events of the life of Lord Buddha – His Birth, His Enlightenment and His Death. People decorate the temples and participate in prayers. It is believed that doing good deeds on this day is auspicious, and as such it has now become a trend in Singapore to organize blood donation camps on this day.

Hari Raya Puasa – ‘Selamat (Greetings) Hari Raya’ fill up the air in Singapore as the Muslim community of the country celebrates the end of the month long fasting period of Ramadan. From the 20th day of the Ramadan mosques and homes light oil lamps which are kept burning till the end of the festivities. People wear new clothes and attend prayers at mosques before they indulge in merriment and feasting with family and friends.

National Day – This is the day when in the year 1965 Singapore could gain its independent status as a country from the clutches of Malaysia. Huge parades and shows are organized at the Marina Bay with thousands of spectators thronging the place which is followed by a speech by the Prime Minister.

Public Holiday – Since the National Day is on a Sunday which a non working day as it is, the holiday has been shifted to the following Monday.

Hari Raya Haji – This is the day when the Muslim community in Singapore celebrates the sacrifice of Abraham/ Ibrahim who did not hesitate to sacrifice his son at the Will of Allah.

Deepavali – Since about 10% of the total population of Singapore is of Indian descent, it is no wonder that Deewali or Deepavali is celebrated with much pomp. This is the day that is believed to reinstate the belief that virtue always prevails over vice since this is the day Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna, according to mythology. The Little India area turns into a Fairytale land with decorations and lightings, especially in the Serangoon Road area. Those observing this festival start preparations with spring cleaning homes and buying new clothes and gifts for family and friends. On the day people decorate homes with flowers, garlands and colorful motifs, pray to Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, wear new clothes, meet and greet family and friends and enjoy sumptuous meals.

Christmas Day – Homes, businesses and streets of Singapore come alive with lighting and decorations as people from all communities celebrate the birth of Jesus. Today it has become more of a social carnival with parties and banquets and has transcended religious boundaries.

List of 2015 Bank Holidays in Singapore


Day of the Week
Thursday January 01 New Years Day
Thursday February 19 Chinese New Year
Friday February 20 Chinese New Year
Friday April 03 Good Friday
Friday May 01 Labor Day
Monday June 01 Vesak Day
Friday July 17 Hari Raya Puasa
Sunday August 09 National Day
Monday August 10 Public Holiday
Thursday September 24 Hari Raya Haji
Tuesday November 10 Deepavali
Friday December 25 Christmas Day

2015 Bank Holidays

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