2015 Bank Holidays in the US lists those holidays when banks and other financial institutions observe non working days. The most interesting feature about holidays in the United States is the fact that there are no days that are declared as National Holidays.

There are holidays that are laid down by the federal laws of the land, and these days are known as federal holidays. Apart from that each State or territory has the independence to observe or not to observe a holiday. There are State specific holidays too. Here in 2015 Bank Holidays in US we have listed only those days that are observed mostly unanimously across the country.

Let us take a glance at the list of 2015 Bank Holidays in the United States before we start to read about a brief narrative about the observances.

New Years Day — New Year bash is a major event in the country where every person gets into the festive spirit. Merry making in parties is common and spirits flow free. Sumptuous spreads and gorgeous garments set the stage for the celebrations. There are many places where people come together to watch fabulous fireworks light up the night sky. Parades are organized in some cities. Football matches keep the sports minded people occupied and high on adrenaline. To sum up, United States welcomes New Year with a bang.

Martin Luther King Day — This day is observed annually in the United States on the third Monday of the month of January. This is the day when the country remembers and pays homage to the celebrated Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King, Jr. This day is selected to nearly coordinate with Martin Luther King’s birthday which is on the 15th of January. He is known for his non violent method of protests to bring equal Civil Rights for all and to abolish racial discrimination.

Groundhog Day — This day has emerged from the ancient folklores prevalent in the United States which states that the behavior of the groundhog on this day can help one to predict the weather in the months to come. On this day people flock to local parks and grounds to observe the activities of groundhogs as they emerge from their burrows. People celebrate this day by arranging for picnics or barbeque parties in the parks or grounds.

Presidents Day — On this day the Nation pays tribute to all the Presidents that the country has had. The day has been selected commemorating with the birth date of George Washington who was the first President of the country and is called the Father of the country. However Presidents Day is how the day is referred to colloquially. In the federal statements, the day is officially called Washington’s Birthday. In some cities parades are organized to mark the occasion. It has now become a common tradition to read “George Washington's Farewell Address” at gatherings commemorating this day.

Emancipation Day — On this year in the year 1862 the then President of the country, Abraham Lincoln, signed the Compensated Emancipation Act that abolished the serfdom of people who were then serving as slaves, especially those people who were of African descent. By this Act all types of servitude was abolished in the country.

Mother’s Day — This is the day when the country pays tribute to all mothers and mother figures and acknowledges their contribution in the life of children. This day is observed annually in the country on the second Sunday of the month of May. This day was established in the 19th century by Anna Jarvis, and since then the day has been widely celebrated. People send greeting cards, gifts and flowers to their mother or mother figures. It is also a custom to spend time with them on this day.

Memorial Day — This federal holiday is observed on the last Monday of the month of May, and it has been designed to honor all those brave citizens of the country who sacrificed their life while fighting in the United States Armed Forces. People visit the cemeteries to pay their tribute. Many volunteers plant a national flag on the graves of such martyrs. This is the day that also marks the beginning of the season of summer vacation.

Father’s Day — Father’s Day celebration in the United Sates goes back to the year 1907 when many men lost their lives in a mining accident that took place in the State of West Virginia. Many of these men were fathers, and as such on this day fathers are honored for their role in the life of children. This day is at present commemorated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. Today people mark this day by showing love and respect to their father or father figures.

Independence Day (observed) — In the year 2015 this day is being observed on the Friday before 4th of July which is the Independence Day for United States since the date itself is a Saturday which is a non working day for most employees. Colloquially termed as the Fourth of July, this day marks that event in history when in the year 1776 United States became free from the clutches of Great Britain. Parades and lectures remind people of the essence of the celebrations. Fireworks celebrate the victory. People enjoy the day by taking vacations or enjoying picnics or barbeques with family and friends.

Labor Day — Observed each year on the first Monday of the month of September, today this day marks the long weekend which brings an end to the season of summer breaks and beginning to back to school. People take the opportunity to relax with near and dear ones. However, the essence of this day has been to honor those people belonging to the Working Class who made a difference with their contributions to the economic scenario of the country. Labor Associations too are remembered for their constant effort in protecting the rights of such workers.

Columbus Day — It is believed that Christopher Columbus set foot on the grounds of United States on 12th of October in the year 1492. This is the day that paved way for the European settlers to the country, and many people propagate this day to be the one when America was discovered. As per the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, this day is observed every year on the second Monday of the month of October. There is a slight controversy regarding celebration of this day since a sect of people believe that the European settlement in the United States led to the downfall of the rich cultural heritage that the Indigenous people of the land could boast of.

Veterans Day — Each year the country takes the opportunity on this day to show their gratitude and respect for all those citizens of the country, living or dead, who are war veterans. Parades and marches mark the occasion. Special prayer services are organized at churches. This is also the day when the living veterans receive badges of honor.

Thanksgiving — Today the day is mainly celebrated to unite with family and friends and to enjoy traditional sumptuous feasting. This is also the day when people feel thankful (hence the name) for all that they have been fortunate enough to be blessed with in the course of the year. The traditions however originated from the ancient rituals of celebrating harvest and being grateful for the bounty of crops that have been produced.

Day after Thanksgiving – Day after Thanksgiving is also known by the name of Black Friday. This is at present a shopping carnival which marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Retailers offer many promotional discounts and door buster offers to lure customers.

Christmas Day — This is the day when the whole Christendom celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ whom they believe to be the Son of God. This is the time of the year for people to come home to family and friends. People decorate their homes and businesses. It is also a common custom to decorate and put up Christmas trees. People also buy gifts for one another. This is on one word a joyful season of festivity.

List of 2015 Bank Holidays in US

Thursday January 01 New Years Day
Monday January 19 Martin Luther King Day
Monday February 02 Groundhog Day
Monday February 16 Presidents Day
Thursday April 16 Emancipation Day
Sunday May 10 Mother’s Day
Monday May 25 Memorial Day
Sunday June 21 Father’s Day
Friday July 03 Independence Day (observed)
Monday September 07 Labor Day
Monday October 12 Columbus Day
Wednesday November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday November 26 Thanksgiving
Friday November 27 Day after Thanksgiving
Friday December 25 Christmas Day

2015 Bank Holidays
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