This list of banks holidays for 2016 in Singapore are the days that are set down by the laws of the country as public holidays per the Holiday Act of 1998, which had been revised back in 1999.

There are numerous different factors that are looked at when these dates are decided and there is much communication with the various community leaders and those of the religions. According to the law, if anyone works on any of the public holidays, then they should be paid an extra day’s wages.

Here is the complete list of Singapore bank holidays for 2016 along with a brief description of each of the reasons it is celebrated.

  • New Years Day – This holiday is celebrated in Singapore and it is a huge affair with plenty of bases and parties that organized on New Year’s Eve. People gather together to countdown the time until the New Year arrives and huge groups are found at Siloso Beach found in Sentosa, Central Square, Clarke’s Quay, Marina Bay and many other places. Liquor and food are free flowing and there are plenty of competitions and concerts that are planned for this day. Also, one of the most unique things that you will find at the Singapore celebrations for the New Year include the Wishing Sphere. Everyone purchases these huge white spheres and then writes their dreams for the New Year on them, including the Prime Minister. The balls then float from the Marina Bay and go into the Singapore River.
  • Chinese New Year – Singapore is another one of the countries that celebrate the Chinese New Year and the date can change since the date is dependent upon the lunar calendar. The traditional celebrations for this time of the year last for somewhere close to 15 days, but only the first 2 days are considered to be Chinese public holidays. The preparations for this holiday start months in advance with spring cleaning, purchasing gifts and new clothing, planning the various festive meals and other activities. The celebrations start the day earlier with what is called the Reunion Dinner, which is normally held at the oldest family member’s house and everyone else attends. During the first 2 days of the holiday people visit with their friends and family, which are part of the celebratory traditions. Also they put up decorations in their homes, put on new clothes, exchange presents, eat various symbolic dishes and children are given red envelopes full of money from the elders.
  • Good Friday – This is the holiday when those who are Christian mourn the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified.
  • Labor Day – This holiday is the one where everyone upholds the struggle and the contribution from the working class and their rights to earn proper wages, better working hours and better working condition. This holiday is celebrated all over the world and it also acknowledges the role that the Labour Unions played in bringing justice to those in the working class. The unique tradition in the country is that Istana, which is the President of Singapore’s house is open to the public. This means that there is an atmosphere like at a carnival and everyone fully enjoys it.
  • Vesak Day – This holiday is always held on the 15th day of the 4th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar and this is one of the most important holidays for the Buddhist religion. On this day they celebrate the 3 major events that happened in Lord Buddha’s life, the day he was born, the day of his enlightenment and the day that he died. People decorate various temples and participate in special prayers and it is thought that on this day it is auspicious to do good deeds. Typically on this day blood donation drives are set up on this day.
  • Hari Raya Puasa – On this day you will hear “Selamat Hari Raya” that are said all over the country while the Muslim community celebrates the end of Ramadan, which is a period of a month long fasting. Starting on the 20th day of Ramadan the homes and mosques are lit up with oil lamps that are burning until the time until the festivities are over. People on this day don new clothing and attend special prayers at the mosques before they have some fun and plenty of food with friends and family.
  • National Day – On this day in 1965 Singapore gained their independence from Malaysia and huge shows and parades are organized on this day. Thousands of people head to Marina Bay to listen to the Prime Minister’s speech and other activities that are arranged.
  • Public Holiday – This day is when one of the holidays that are on a normal off day, such as Sunday and the holiday is then observed on the Monday after.
  • Hari Raya Haji – On this day the Muslim community in the country celebrates the sacrifice of Abraham or Ibrahim’s son by his father when he was ordered to sacrifice him by Allah.
  • Deepavali – There are some 10% of Singapore’s population that are of Indian heritage, which means that Deepavali or Deewali is one of the most loved holidays and it is celebrated with plenty of noise. This is thought to be the day that the belief of virtue always winning over vice since on this day Lord Krishna killed Narakasura. Singapore’s Little India turns into a fairytale area with plenty of lighting and decorate, especially in the area of Serangoon Road. Those who are celebrating this holiday start by spring cleaning their houses and purchasing new clothes, along with gifts for their friends and family. Also, on this day the people use colorful motifs, garlands and flowers to decorate their houses and they pray to the Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity. They also meet and spend time with friends and family and enjoy great food.
  • Christmas Day – On this day all of the streets, businesses and homes in the country are full of decorations and lights as everyone celebrates Christmas, which remembers the birthday of Jesus Christ. However, today this holiday is more of a social holiday with plenty of banquets and parties and the holiday has crossed all boundaries of religion.

List of 2016 Bank Holidays in Singapore

Day of the Week Date Holiday
Friday January 01 New Years Day
Monday February 08 Chinese New Year
Tuesday February 09 Chinese New Year
Friday March 25 Good Friday
Sunday May 01 Labor Day
Saturday May 21 Vesak Day
Wednesday July 06 Hari Raya Puasa
Tuesday August 09 National Day
Monday September 12 Hari Raya Haji
Saturday October 29 Deepavali
Sunday December 25 Christmas Day
Monday December 26 Public Holiday