This is a list of the bank holidays that will be observed in the United States in 2016 when the banks and other various financial institutions take the days off.

However, the most interesting thing about the holidays that are celebrated in the United States is that none of these holidays are considered to be national holidays. There are particular holidays that are determined by the federal laws of the country and they are called federal holidays.

Apart from these holidays each territory or state has the independence to observe, or even not to observe, any particular holidays. There are holidays that are state specific and this list consists of those that are celebrated unanimously, for the most part, in the whole country.

Here is a small glimpse of the bank holidays that are celebrated in the United States along with a brief description of the holidays.

  • New Years Day This is one of the largest events in the country and every person has a festive spirit and they  make merry at parties where the spirits are free flowing. There are plenty of great food and beautiful garments that are put on for the celebrations. There are numerous locations where the people gather in groups to watch the amazing fireworks that light up the sky. There are also plenty of parades that are organized in various cities and football games are enjoyed by the sports enthusiasts. This day is celebrated with a bang in the United States.
  • Martin Luther King Day This is a yearly holiday that is always celebrated on the 3rd Monday in January and this is the day when the US pays tribute and remembers Martin Luther King Jr. He was a Civil Rights Activist and this day was selected since it is close to his birthday, which is on January 15th and he is famous for his protests that weren’t violent that were planned to bring equal civil rights for everyone and to get rid of racial discrimination.
  • Groundhog Day This holiday comes from an ancient folklore that are rampant in the United States that says that the groundhog’s behavior on this day who can help to determine the weather in the coming months. On this day everyone flocks to their local grounds and parks to observe the activities of the groundhogs when they come out of their burrows. People spend this day by going on barbecue’s or picnics in the parks with family and friends.
  • Presidents Day  The country pays tribute on this day to all of the Presidents, past and current, of the United States. This day has been chosen to coordinate with the birthday of George Washington, who was the first ever President of the United States and is referred to as the Father of the country. However, this is the name of the holiday and in the federal law the holiday is actually called Washington’s Birthday. Some cities mark this holiday with parades and it is a common tradition to read out the “George Washington’s Farewell Address” at various gatherings to celebrate the holiday.
  • Emancipation Day This celebrates the fact that in 1862, Abraham Lincoln, who was the current President, had put his signature on the Compensated Emancipation Act, which abolished serfdom and slavery in the country, especially those of African descent. However, this act had abolished all various types of servitude.
  • Mother’s Day On this day the children in the country pay tribute to their mothers along with any mother figures in their lives. They also acknowledge the contribution of the women to the life of the children and it is always celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May. This day was first established by Anna Jarvis back in the 19th century and has been celebrated widely since then. People often send cards, flower and gifts to their mothers, and if possible, spend the day with them.
  • Memorial Day This is a federal holiday that always fall son the last Monday in May and it is a holiday for honoring all of the brave citizens of the United States who had died while fighting for their country in the Armed Forces. On this day many people visit cemeteries to pay tribute and many volunteers place the National flag on the graves of such individuals. There are also parades that are held on this day and it marks the start of the summer holiday.
  • Father’s Day –  This holiday originated back in 1907 when numerous men had been killed in West Virginia in a mining accident. Many of the men who were killed were fathers and this led to this day being selected as the day for honoring fathers and their roles in the lives of children. This day is always on the 3rd Sunday in June and the day is celebrate by showing respect and love to the fathers and various father figures.
  • Independence Day – This holiday is always on July 4th, which is considered to e the Independence day for the country. This is also commonly called as the Fourth of July and it marks the time in history when in 1776, the United States was freed from the reign of Great Britain. On this day lectures and parades are organized to help the citizens remember what the holiday is all about and fireworks displays are an important part of the day. People usually enjoy this time off by planning vacations or barbecues and picnics with their friends and family.
  • Labor Day This holiday is always on the 1st Monday in September and this is a long weekend that is the end of the summer vacation and is when the children start going back to their schools. People use this last opportunity to relax and enjoy time with their friends and family, but this holiday is to celebrate those who belonged to the working class and who had made significant contributions to the economy of the United States. Also, the Labour Associations and unions are remembered for the constant effort that they had put in, and still do, in protecting the rights of these workers.
  • Columbus Day This is the day that Christopher Columbus had first stepped onto the land of the United States on October 12, 1492. This had also paved the way for the subsequent European settlers that came to the country and this is also believed as the day when the American continent had been discovered. This day is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October every year, according to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This holiday does bring some controversy regarding the celebration of the holiday because a certain part of the people see the European settlements as the reason for the rich cultural heritage downfall that those who were indigenous to the land could show off.
  • Veterans Day This holiday is held every year and it is the day where everyone shows their respect and gratitude for those people in the country, either dead or living, who are veterans of war. Marches and parades are organized to mark the holiday and some churches organize special prayer services. Also, on this day the living war veterans are given badges of honor.
  • Thanksgiving – This holiday is one that is celebrated with friends and family and is full of traditional feasting on some great food. It is also the day when people express their thankfulness, which is why the holiday is aptly named, for everything they have been blessed with throughout the year. However, the traditions had originated from some ancient rituals that celebrated the harvest and the gratitude for the amount of crops that were produced.
  • Day after Thanksgiving – This day is also called Black Friday and it is the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving. This is a huge shopping festival where there are plenty of great sales and offers that stores use to lure in customers. It is also the day that marks the start of the shopping season for Christmas.
  • Christmas Day – On this day the Christian followers, along with everyone else, celebrates the birthday of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the son of God. This is also the time of the year when those who live far way come home to visit their friends and family. People go all out and decorate their businesses and homes and it is also common to put up Christmas trees that are decorated with lights, ornaments and candy canes. People purchase gifts for their friends and family and it is a time that is full of joy and happiness.

List of 2016 Bank Holidays in US

Day Date Holiday
Friday January 01 New Years Day
Monday January 18 Martin Luther King Day
Tuesday February 02 Groundhog Day
Monday February 15 Presidents Day
Saturday April 16 Emancipation Day
Sunday May 08 Mother’s Day
Monday May 30 Memorial Day
Sunday June 19 Father’s Day
Friday July 04 Independence Day
Monday September 05 Labor Day
Monday October 10 Columbus Day
Friday November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving
Friday November 25 Day after Thanksgiving
Sunday December 25 Christmas Day