France Bank Holidays 2024

Bank employees of every country need a day off, even France, so here is the France Bank Holidays 2024’s list. The holidays range from being patriotic to religious and the people of France love enjoying the holidays with their friends and family.

The holidays usually kick off with the New Year’s Day and ends with Christmas in December.  In between there are many more holidays, that people look forward on celebrating/observing.  The many bank holidays in France also include a few national holidays.

Would it not be great to have an idea about the holidays? This provides an opportunity to plan out your vacations and time with family. 123NewYear feels the same. For this reason, our team has created for you a list of bank holidays in France in the year 2024. In the list you will not only find the dates, but a small description about the holiday as well.


List of Bank Holidays in France for 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

This is the first day of the year, is typically a day that is spent peacefully by the French. There are some gatherings and get-togethers as companions get together, however, not at the level of the prior night. In France, heart-shaped and king cakes assume pride of position in festivities on the day and amid the early parts of January. In homes, grandparents frequently convey little blessings to their grandchildren. These are generally envelopes with some amount of money. Most of the shops are shut on New Year’s Day in France.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

Easter Monday falls on the final day of the Easter weekend. This is a public holiday in the country of France. Individuals spend this day outside to appreciate the essence of nature and spring that surrounds them around this time of the year. A few families might have a custom of sorting out Easter egg chases in their greenhouses. Festivities for this day are organized according to the French traditions and customs.

The occupants of Bessieres which is a town in the Pyrenees mountains close to the Spanish fringe have a custom of making a huge omelet with fifteen thousand eggs in an immense dish around 13 feet wide in measurement. At that point a public supper is held with a specific end goal to eat it. The town of Cargese on the island of Corsica has a vivid parade on this day. Likewise, on the boundary areas of Paris as well as in the Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte, a renowned Easter egg chase is organized that pulls in a large number of guests every year.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Otherwise called Might Day, this occasion is spent celebrating and battling for laborers’ rights. A tribute is paid to each one of those Union specialists who had battled for better working states of workers many years ago. It is likewise an event when the people of France present to their friends and family a regular blossom called the dog rose or lily-of-the-valley. This tradition began hundreds of years prior when King Charles, the Ninth of France was given lily of the valley blooms on first of Might, 1561.

From that point forward the lord used to give a bunch of these blooms to the women of his court on the first day of the month of Might each year. Around the 1900’s, the men of the nation took action accordingly and began giving these blooms to their friends and family to express their love and it has been so from that point forward.

There are extraordinary directions and laws in France that enable individuals to purchase these blooms without paying taxes on this day. On this day, exchange unions and comparative associations set up parades, exhibitions and introductions with respect to specialists’ rights and human rights as a rule.

  • Victory Day (8th May 2024)

This day denotes the commemoration of the date on which the World War II had been announced to be formally over on the eighth of Might, 1945. The French flag is the image of this day as it implies the freedom that France gained from the many years of Nazi abuse.

Flag of all the European countries are shown at functions to point towards the peace and unity that the European countries have shown since. Individuals are likewise found to wear garments in shades of the French flag, Red, blue and white.

Many individuals go to parades and church services along with patriotic song recital. Despite the fact that this is a glad event, the general population and veterans of the armed force who have given their lives for the opportunity of their homeland are remembered on this day.


  • Ascension Day (30th May 2024)

This is an open occasion in France happening on the 40th day of Easter, 10 days before Pentecost Sunday. This is viewed as one of the holiest days by Christians. On this day Jesus was said to climb to paradise after his execution and revival. On this day, a few people go to exceptional administrations in houses of worship while some go through this day with their family and companions getting a charge out of the spring season. Additionally, some might take leave on the following day that is a Friday and appreciate a long end of the week by going on a short trek.


  • Whit Monday (10th June 2024)

Otherwise called the Solidarity Day, it is the day directly after Pentecost Sunday and is an open occasion in France. As per Christianity, the Holy Spirit was said to have descended on the supporters of Jesus, on the day of Pentecost. Whit Monday was an open occasion until 2005 when a monstrous episode of 15,000 elderly individuals lost their lives because of the warmth wave of summer that year.

After that the occasion was strengthened from 2008 after numerous exhibitions and endeavors by the general population of France. These days, individuals spend this day in the organization of dear loved ones by setting off to the farmland for picnics and outdoors trips. Sporting and social occasions are likewise held in some neighborhood towns and towns.


  • Bastille Day (14th July 2024)

This day is celebrated as a mark of respect towards the French Republic and French culture. It celebrates the start of the French Revolution that had begun on the fourteenth of July, 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille. Otherwise called the French National Day, military aviation shows are held in Paris alongside dinners, dance, parties, melodious performances and firecracker shows on this day.

There is additionally a vast military parade that happens in Paris on the morning of this day where service men and ladies from various units including cadets from units like the military school, French Foreign Legion and the French Navy partake. The parade is started off by the French president and finished by the Paris fire brigade unit. Individuals of France either go to these substantial scale open occasions or spend quality time with their families.


  • Assumption Day (15th August 2024)

This day is commended to respect the Christian conviction for when the soul and group of Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus had climbed into paradise. Various Catholics in France go to chapel benefits on this day. It is a critical event for the Christians. Different church celebrations are held in the towns. Additionally different celebrations are held in the towns which incorporate game occasions, parades, public dinners and markets.

Lourdes is a town south-west of France. It turned into a pilgrimage destination for the Christians after a young lady guaranteed that she had seen Mother Mary here on February eleventh, 1858. It is additionally trusted, that in the event that a person drank water from the spring inside a particular cave at Lourdes, the individual would be cured of all diseases thus many individuals head for Lourdes on the Assumption of Mary day.


  • All Saint’s Day (1st November 2024)

This day praises every single Christian holy person particularly the individuals who do not have a feast dedicated to their name. It is a day of grieving and individuals recollect and respect their perished relatives.

It is standard for individuals to introduce wreaths or chrysanthemum on the graves of their relatives or companions when they visit the burial grounds on that day. Individuals in France visit exceptional administrations held in holy places and visit the graves of their friends and family on this day.


  • Armistice Day (11th November 2024)

This day is an open occasion in France and is the commemoration of the finish of the World War I. It is a serious event and on this day, the French people recollect and honor the people who had sacrificed their lives during the war. At precisely 11 AM on the check in the morning of Armistice Day, the whole nation watches a one moment hush to pay regard to each one of those individuals who surrendered their lives to get the opportunity that they appreciate today.

The flag of France is shown at half-pole or on flag shafts by the military faculty. Extraordinary commemoration events are held each year in the holy places and military parades to war dedications, where the leader of France sets down wreaths and blooms. Individuals for the most part wear dark and dim shaded garments.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

This day praises the event of the introduction of Jesus Christ and is otherwise called Noel. On this day, the French people adorn their homes, decorate the Christmas tree, spend some time with their relatives, present gifts to each other and eat traditional and scrumptious dinners.

The feast on Christmas Day, known as Le Reveillon incorporates dishes like Brouillade de Truffle, Rabbit terrine, Aigo-Boulido, Roasted Capon and Papillottes. Kids hang up stocking in any expectation of getting presents from the cherished Papa Noel or Santa Claus.

Europe Bank Holidays 2024

Europe Bank holidays 2024 is a list that will help all understand on which dates the holidays fall in the year 2024. Everybody loves holidays, especially professionals who need some time off from their hectic schedule at work. Holidays are the joyous times of year, when the whole family can get together and spend some quality time together.

People around the world love to enjoy the holidays and European people are no different. Go through the list of bank holidays in Europe, which the team at 123NewYear has created to find out which holiday falls on which date and plan your 2024 accordingly.

A major tradition of European countries is that if a holiday falls on non-working days of Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday is extended to the next Monday. The list of the holidays provides an insight into the European traditions and culture, with the help of the small description that we provide.


Here is the list of bank holidays in Europe for the coming year 2024:


  • New Year (1st January 2024)

Diverse nations have distinctive traditions everywhere throughout the landmass; however every one of them celebrates this bright new day with a lot of happiness and hopes of having a great year ahead. As New Year’s Eve is spent celebrating and drinking throughout the night individuals have a tendency to use this occasion by resting and having a relaxing day with family and companions.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

This day denotes the sad occasion of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and thus is thought to be blessed for the Christians. Holy places like the Church hold long and special services/functions. It is likewise thought to be a day of grieving and henceforth many individuals keep fasts or eat simple meals for the duration of the day. Many people even abstain themselves from having meat and drinking alcohol.



  • Easter Sunday (21st April 2024)

In the customarily Christian European nations, this is the ideal time to encounter decades old ceremonies and traditions like unrestrained religious parades through the cities. In Spain, there is a glorious parade comprising of candlelit floats, brass bands and people who are repentant of their deeds march together wearing satin robes.

Scoppio del Carro in Florence also hosts magnificent celebrations. This occasion includes firecrackers being lit or detonated on a 30 foot tall antique cart which is dated at 500 years old with groups and artists all around. Each and every European nation has a unique way of celebrating this holy occasion.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Work Day or otherwise called May Day is celebrated every year to honor workers everywhere throughout the world and their accomplishments. For most nations it is praised on the 1st of May with a few exemptions like Canada and the United States.

This day has its underlying foundations in the Labor Union Movement, which was focused to give workers eight hours of work, eight hours of recreational activities followed by eight hours of rest every day. Professionals get a day off and can spend the day relaxing or spending quality time with family and friends. Likewise, many parades and walks in which the Union individuals are the recognized contributors, take place.


  • Europe day (9th May 2024)

This day is also known as Schuman Day as it commemorates the anniversary of Robert Schuman’s Declaration which occurred in 1950. On this date around 67 years ago, the European Coal and Steel Community were first founded.

In celebrations of Europe Day, the EU (European Union) institutions, even the Parliament allow the common public to enter while many local EU officials organize different kinds of events and programs in the various European countries.


  • Ascension Day (30th May 2024)

This day remembers the rising of Jesus into paradise and is observed on the 40th day of Easter or to be precise 39 days after Easter Sunday as Jesus is said to have spent 40 days with his pupils after he was resurrected. It is an open occasion in numerous nations, incorporating the ones in Europe and furthermore denotes the finish of Easter season.

Numerous customary traditions are additionally performed in various parts of England like planting of the Penny Hedge at Whitby which is a residential community in Yorkshire and the Well Dressing in Derbyshire. A Special service is held in many chapels. Beating the Bounds is another custom, which is also observed in many countries, which includes beating of young men with willow branches so that they are cleansed of evil.


  • Whit Monday (10th June 2024)

Otherwise called Pentecost Monday, falls on the day directly after Pentecost, which honors the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the followers of Jesus Christ. The day gets its name from the white garments worn by the recently baptized individuals on Pentecost, a holy occasion for Christians.

Traditions incorporate cheddar rolling and organizing competitions in a few areas of England. In many spots, ‘Whit Walks’ or parades alongside groups, performers and important people are held alongside different sorts of food, games and entertainment.


  • Corpus Christi (20th June 2024)

It is a holy occasion that is celebrated by Christians respect the blood and body of Jesus Christ. The day is celebrated in various countries of Europe, but the popular tradition that is followed on this day includes wine and bread offerings amid Communion.

A feast that happens on this day is also known as the Feast of Corpus Christi. This day is known as the Day of Wreaths, in the country of France, as the urban communities and towns are beautified with fabulous looking wreaths made of beautiful blossoms and branches. In Germany, it is performed with vivid parades all through the towns conveying the heavenly cross and holy observance and other sacred images.


  • Day of German Unity (3rd October 2024)

In 1990, on this very day the Democratic Republic of Germany and Federal Republic of Germany were joined together to form the unrivaled Federal Germany. Magnificent festivals take place which incorporate speeches from prominent political pioneers, shared dining experiences, firecracker shows along with wonderful presentation about the rich culture of Germany.


  • All Saint’s Day (1st November 2024)

This day is also known as the All Hallows Day. It is celebrated in recognition of holy people. Alongside special services that are held in holy places, numerous families visit the graves of their friends and family on this day and place chrysanthemums or light candles at the graves. According to traditions, the celebratory meals of All Saints Day incorporate lamb and a supper of dark grain, pancakes, bacon and cider to respect the dead.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas is commended all around the globe with various traditions and customs, but it symbolizes the birthday of Jesus Christ. On the day of Christmas, families meet up to go shopping for presents that they present to each other, decorate their houses and organize lovely parties.

In Germany, Christmas markets from Munich to Berlin are a unique customs that offer customary workmanship and art things, ornamental knickknacks, chocolates, cakes and the sky is the limit from there.


  • New Year’s Eve (31st December 2024)

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Europe can only be described by the word magnificent. Come midnight and firecrackers bathe the sky as individuals in Amsterdam collect on a huge grassy square before the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein for the countdown to the new year. There are shows, dancing and drinking to bid farewell to the present year and welcome the new day of the first month in the Gregorian calendar.

Germany Bank Holidays 2024

Germany bank holidays 2024 contain the list of bank holidays that is observed across the country of Germany. Whenever a new year comes knocking at our door, we are not only filled with hope of a wonderful year, but also want to know about the holidays that can be spent enjoying with family and friends.

Might it be bank employees or any professional, everybody needs to get a break and relax for a while. The holidays help you do that. The team at 123NewYear has worked hard to get the list ready for you. Plan the year, so that you can go on vacations or even a log weekend getaway. As per the state legislation, banks remain closed on public holidays and these holidays are known as bank holidays. The employees get a day off to relax or enjoy, basically they get to do what they wish.

The German constitution says specifically that post offices and banks are supposed to stay closed on Sundays and these bank holidays. The list offers the dates of the holidays along with some insight into the culture and traditions behind the holiday or how they are celebrated.


Here is the list of bank holidays for the year 2024 that the people of Germany observe:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024):

In Germany, this day is also called “Neujahr” or “Neujahrstag”.  This day is the main day of the Georgian Calendar. Many individuals commend the beginning of a radical new year by visiting bars and parties as the clock strikes twelve, on the previous night.

The vast majority of these gatherings last till the early hours of the first day of the New Year. Many individuals like to spend whatever remains of the day unwinding with their family at home which is typically trailed by lunch or night supper. The festivals on the last day of the previous year include shows like firecrackers and so much more.


  • Epiphany (6th January 2024):

“Epiphanias” and “Erscheinung des Herrn” are the names of the public holiday Epiphany, which are popular in Germany. Three wise men also known as Magi, had gone to Jesus Christ, after he was born, on this day. Individuals go to chapel to attend special services.

The patios of houses are enriched with icons and other decorations to depict the scene. Youngsters dressed as Magi’s visit houses and sing hymns to gather cash for charitable reasons. Individuals likewise drink a German beer on this day known as bockbier.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

Good Friday signifies the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and is known in Germany as “Karfreitag”. This is the Friday that falls prior to Easter Sunday. People spend this day grieving. Individuals go to church and attend special held for God Friday.

Plays portraying the story of Jesus Christ’s life are organized at various institutions. Fish is the more popular option for meals on this day, rather than meat. It is additionally the start of a long weekend. Numerous individuals accept this occasion to go on little excursions.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

“Ostermontag” is another public holiday of Germany, which is known as Easter Monday in the rest of the world. Right after Easter Sunday, Easter Monday falls on the next Monday. This day denotes the resurrection or revival of Jesus Christ.

Individuals partake in flame lit parades, early in the morning, which is trailed by chapel services. The grieving time frame reaches an end with the celebrations. Tremendous dinners are organized. Eating Easter bunnies and Easter eggs made out of chocolate is a traditional custom.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

In Germany, Labor Day is also called “Tag der Arbeit”. This day commends the rights of workers. Labor Day concurs with the occasion of May Day in Germany. Celebrations incorporate getting ready of Maypoles that are basically branches, which are enclosed in ribbons.

Different merriments incorporate bonfires and other festivities. Individuals additionally partake in encourages to battle for laborer’s rights.


  • Father’s Day (30th May 2024)

“Vatertag” is the German name for Father’s Day. On this day, celebrations are organized to pay tribute to fathers or father figures. Individuals present their fathers with different types of gifts like chocolates, watches, books and wine bottles to name some. These gifts are just to say thank you for all the support that they received from their Father/father figures.


  • Ascension Day (30th May 2024)

“Christi Himmelfahrt” is known as Ascension Day in the country of Germany. Ascension Day symbolizes the day when Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven. It is observed 39 days post Easter Sunday.

Individuals attend church services that are specially held for on Ascension Day and individuals might participate in religious parades as well. “International Charlemagne Prize” is presented on this day, in Aachen, to somebody who had made a huge commitment towards mankind and world peace. This day corresponds with the Father’s Day.


  • Mother’s Day (12th May 2024)

In the year 1933, Mother’s Day was declared as a public holiday. “Tag der Mutter” is the name of this day in Germany. It is commended to recognize the unlimited and selfless endeavors of moms and mother figures.

It is generally celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Be that as it may if Pentecost happens to be around the same time, it gets preponed to the first Sunday. Individuals for the most part either do something special for their mothers or present them with gifts like chocolates, flowers, and sweet little gifts.


  • Whit Monday (10th June 2024)

Whit Monday is the Monday after Whit Sunday, which takes place 2 days post Pentecost. In Germany, it is known as “Pfingstmontag”. According to Bible, it recognizes the descent of the Holy Spirit on the pupils of Jesus Christ. Customarily festivities occur in chapel consistently. On this day young fellows place branches of the birch tree on the walls of that young lady’s home, whom they desire to get married to.


  • Corpus Christi (20th June 2024)

“Fronleichnam” is the German name for Corpus Christi, which is celebrated to pay tribute to the Eucharist. This day is observed around sixty days post Easter Sunday. Numerous individuals go to attend unique church services.

From that point onward, honored holy observance which comprises of wafers or breads is paraded outside. On this day, another tradition is “Muelheimer Gottestracht”, which is basically a procession of ships that occur on the Rhine stream in Cologne, since 1435. Individuals can also take a ride on a couple of boats in this parade.


  • Assumption Day (15th August 2024)

Assumption day is a Christian holiday that is also known as “Maria Himmelfahrt”. The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is observed for the day when the Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, left this world to go to Heaven. Individuals go to the church to attend special services that are held on this day along with religious parades that are held in a few places.


  • German Unity day (3rd October 2024)

“Tag der Deutschen Einheit” is the name by which Germans know this day. It is held every year to mark the day, when Germany was unified. On this day the Federal Republic of Germany and the Democratic Republic of Germany were united to form Federal Germany on the 3rd of October in the year 1990. The celebrations incorporate shows, which include firecracker as well as scrumptious meals.


  • Day of Reformation (31st October 2024)

“Reformationstag” is the name for Day of Reformation in Germany. It denotes the religious reformations, which occurred all over the entire of Europe. In 1517, on this very day Marin Luther, the German scholar and priest, had nailed a rundown of his proposition on the doors of churches. This occasion denoted the start of religious and social changes in Europe.


  • All Saint’s Day (1st November 2024)

All Saints Day is also known as “Allerheiligen” and is celebrated in honor of the Christian saints and the life that they lead. Individuals pay tribute to their expired relatives and furthermore light candles in chapel recollecting their memories.

They additionally visit graves of their loved ones to decorate with blooms and candles on this day. Individuals additionally go to unique church administrations to appeal to God for the everlasting tranquility of their perished companions and relatives.


  • Repentance Day (20th November 2024)

“Buss-und Bettag” is the name for Repentance Day in Germany, but it is also known as the Day of Prayer and Repentance. This day is observed as a public holiday in the state of Saxony, Germany. This is commended eleven days before the start of the Advent.

On the occasion of Repentance Day, Protestant Christians pray or think deeply about good deeds. While individuals of Saxony spend this occasion with their loved ones, other parts of Germany do not consider this to be a holiday.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

“Weihnachtstag” is the name for Christmas in Germany and is a public holiday all over the country and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. This day is loaded with a lot of merriment and joy. The entire family meets up for a huge feast and the tables are set with customary luxuries which incorporate Roasted duck or goose with stuffing, mashed potatoes, dumplings and numerous more dishes.

People adorn their houses with beautiful Christmas pyramids, Christmas trees and nut crackers. Individuals go to chapel benefits and sing Christmas songs.


  • Stephen’s Day (26th December 2024)

St. Stephen’s Day is also known as “Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag”. It is a day when the first Christian martyr, St Stephen is remembered by devout Christians. Individuals as a rule spend this day unwinding at home with loved ones. A few people might also go to extraordinary church services.

Singapore Bank Holidays 2024

Singapore Bank Holidays 2024 can be your go to list whenever you want have a look at the public holidays and plan some vacations and getaways. On these days most institutions are closed, as well as office and shops.

“Holiday” is a word, which originated from another word “Haligdaeg. The meaning of this word is “holy day” in Old English.  Whether you want to spend relaxing time at home or go on a vacation, these holidays are the perfect time to do both. Spending time with your family and friends is perfect for the festivities that are characteristic of these days.

Singapore, the Lion City, is an island city-state, situated in Southeast Asia. The holidays that are observed in Singapore are a mixture of numerous culture and different traditions, as the country itself has various cultures. Due to the variation of cultures in Singapore, the list of holidays will also be a mix of all those traditions.

On the holidays listed below, banks and most institutions are closed, giving the employees a chance to stay at home and enjoy some time off. The list has the dates for 2024, because for some holidays the dates may vary from year to year, along with a small description about the holiday itself. So, to help everybody know which holiday falls on which date the 123NewYear team has created a list of the holidays.


Here is the list for the bank holidays in the country of Singapore for the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

In the Georgian Calendar, New Year’s Day denotes the start of a radical new year. Much the same as in different countries, Singapore celebrates the New Year in a stupendous and grand manner. The celebrations on the previous night, incorporates delightful firecracker and musical shows, feasts, competitions and numerous games and fun.

Central Square is the center of attraction and numerous performances adorn this place. One of the customs of New Year incorporates penning down one’s wishes and expectations on a white circle called ‘wishing sphere” and then into the Singapore river.


  • Chinese New Year (5th February 2024)

This is likewise called the ‘Spring Festival’ or the ‘Lunar New year’. The date continues shifting since it relies upon the lunar calendar. Plans begin a long time before the start of this day and the entire of Singapore is in a frivolous state of mind amid this time.

Merriments incorporate conventional lion dance, extraordinary parades and stupendous feasts. It is a custom to present each other with mandarin oranges. These are supposed to be the harbinger of good fortunes. Youngsters spruce up in new garments and get cash in red envelopes from their relatives. People cleanup their houses and adorn it with decorations.


  • Good Friday (10th April 2024)

Numerous nations watch Good Friday as a national occasion on the Friday before Easter. The day celebrates the Crucifixion of Jesus. A few nations watch the Orthodox calendar in which Good Friday may happen on an alternate date. The most critical occasions in Christianity are the demise and later resurrection of Jesus Christ, who Christians accept as the Son of God, and whose life and lessons are the establishment of Christianity.

Great Friday is a day of grieving. Amid extraordinary Good Friday Church services, Christians think about Jesus’ agony and passing on the cross, and what this implies for their confidence. In a few nations, there are unique Good Friday parades, or plays that enact the Crucifixion.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Labor Day, also known as May Day, is a public holiday. It is celebrated on the 1st of May every year.  Since 1960, this day is celebrated to honor the rights of laborers and workers, for their day to day efforts.

Previously, workers campaigned for their right to better working conditions and higher wages, but now it’s more about spending the day enjoying with friends and family.


  • Vesak Day (19th May 2024)

Vesak Day is a Holy Day for Buddhists. Actually, it is viewed as the holiest day in the Buddhist Calendar. Buddha’s birthday is watched every year on the Sunday closest to the full moon in May. It is an occasion celebrated by Buddhists all over the world however; the correct date may differ from nation to nation.

Other than being the time when Buddhist monasteries wear an excellent show of lights, it is likewise the time when Buddhists spend the entire praying, singing Buddhist hymns and offering charitable donations for Buddhist monk.




  • Hari Raya Puyasa (5th June 2024)

Hari Raya Puyasa is a critical event celebrated by all Muslims. The words ‘Hari Raya’ signify ‘day of festivity.’ Many mix up Hari Raya Puyasa with the Muslim New Year. It denotes the finish of the long stretch of fasting during the month of Ramadan.

After the month long fasting is completed, the Muslims are happy to observe Hari Raya Puyasa. On the day of the celebrations, the Muslims wear their brand new garments and go to the mosque to pray. Muslims offer their gratitude to Allah (God) and then request pardoning from their seniors. They feel that asking absolution from their elders is an imperative custom. On the day, they additionally visit their relatives and companions to celebrate the cheerful event. Some most loved dishes that can be found in Muslims homes on this unique event are lontong, ketupat, nasi padang and some more.


  • National Day (9th August 2024)

Singapore praises its independence on 9 August, National Day. Festivities start around the final weeks of the month of July and go on till the end of August. These festivals will incorporate shows, carnivals, and numerous different merriments. The biggest occasion among the festivals is the yearly National Day Parade.

The parade is held in Singapore’s National Stadium before 60,000 individuals and is broadly broadcast. The parade highlights exhibitions from the military and school groups, a 400-piece drum outfit, solo vocalists, proficient dance routines, and shows by the Singapore Armed forces, which incorporate free fall parachute shows, vehicle shows, tower repelling, a presidential weapon salute and a national flag fly-by.


  • Hari Raya Haji (11th August 2024)

Hari Raya Haji  also known as Eid Al-Adha, usually falls on the tenth day of the period of Dzulhijjah, the most recent month of the lunar calendar, and denotes the finish of the yearly Haj – the journey to the heavenly city of Mecca. This celebration is praised all through the Muslim world as recognition of Prophet Abraham’s readiness to relinquish everything for Allah, including the life of Ishmael, his own child.

Muslims celebrate the event by sacrificing an animal, like sheep or goat and celebrating with family and friends. With regards to convention of ‘Eid, Muslims will dress up in new or unique garments, visit friends and relatives. Special social occasions and gatherings are organized and in addition offer blessings to their kids.


  • Deepavali (27th October 2024)

The Festival of Lights is known as Deepavali (deep – light, vali – exhibit) in Singapore. Regardless of being primarily watched just by the Indian community of Singapore, the celebration of Deepavali is a public holiday. For Hindus around the globe, the festival rotates around the triumph of good over evil or light finishing darkness. It is a standout amongst the most imperative Hindu celebrations.

Deepavali marks the arrival of Lord Rama, who was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, from fourteen years of exile. The Festival of Lights happens on the darkest night (first night of the new moon) in the long stretch of Kartik in the Hindu timetable. Deepavali is ordinarily set apart by a show of lights in the ‘Little India’ region, which is the place of the Indian community. Different exercises, for example, bazaars, displays, parades and shows will likewise happen in Little India.



  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas Day commends the Nativity of Jesus, the date of which as indicated by convention occurred on 25th December 1 BC. On the off chance that 25 December falls on an end of the week, at that point a close-by week day might be taken as an occasion in lieu. One sixth of Singapore’s population being Christian, the Christmas day celebrations are truly grand in Singapore.

Special services are held at the Church and many people attend these services along with their family members. Beautiful decorations adorn the streets on this day. Traditional dishes like turkey roast, gingerbread, and eggnog as well as fruit cake feature on the menu of feasts that are held especially for Christmas. Concerts, parades are some of the festivities that are synonymous with Christmas.

Australia Bank Holidays 2024

Australia Bank Holidays 2024 are the list of holidays, which include merriment and offer some relief from a hectic work schedule. Australia has various holidays, starting with New Year’s Day and ending with Boxing Day in December.

Australians enjoy a certain rule, if the holiday happens to fall on Saturday or a Sunday, the professionals get the next Monday off. This is because the weekends comprise of the two weekly off days in Australia. Certain holidays can be regional while others are national. Dates may also vary from state to state or territory to territory.

Team at 123NewYear has worked hard and brought forward a list of off-days for Australia, both national and regional. Along with the holiday dates, you also get to know the origin story behind the holiday along with celebrations that define the day.


The list of bank holidays in Australia for 2024 includes:


  • New Year 2024 (1st January 2024)

New Year is the day, which people around the world welcome with open arms and a lot of show and pomp. Australia is no different. The only difference is that New Year lands in Australia first. Fireworks at Sydney Harbor are the most magnificent sight that welcomes a New Year as the clock strikes 12. All the other cities, host their own lovely fireworks display and they are fabulous as well. After a happening New Year’s Eve, the first day of a brand new year is usually slow to start.



  • Australia Day (28th January 2024)

Australia Day a public occasion on 28th January and is also known as Australia’s national day. It denotes the landing of the First Fleet comprising of British Ships in New South Wales at Port Jackson, on this very date in 1788 as well as the day when the Flag of Great Britain was raised by Captain Arthur Phillip.

Suppose the 28th of January falls on a Saturday or Sunday, at that point the holiday is usually celebrated on the next Monday. The Australia Day festivities have gained quite a lot of pomp and show since the festival includes a huge gathering of people. Australia Day today comprises of formal services around the country alongside nearby occasions that are filled with fun and merriment.


  • Labour Day (4th March 2024 in West Australia/ 11th March 2024 in Victoria & Tasmania)

Labour Day is a public occasion in Australia that was initially called ‘Eight Hours Day’. This occasion is honoured on various dates in the Australian States.

In ACT, New South Wales and South Australia, Labor Day happens on the very first Monday of the month of October. In Northern Territory and Queensland, the people celebrate this day on the first Monday in the month of May. The second Monday in March is the day on which residents of Victoria and Tasmania celebrate it.

First Monday of March is the day for Labour Day in Western Australia. It is a public holiday in all the states and territories of Australia during which people can relax or spend peaceful time with their family and friends or go on a getaway trip to enjoy time with friends and family. Picnics or camping and wine tasting are some of the popular choices, which people celebrate Labour Day with. In Brisbane there are marches, which are held on Labour a Day in which the labour union members take part and are led by influential political leaders.



  • Canberra Day (11th March 2024)

Canberra Day is an open occasion celebrated in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) area of Australia. Canberra is the main city in that area. Canberra Day is commended on the second Monday in the month of March.

On the 12th of March in the year 1913, Lady Denman, wife of the then Governor-General Lord Denman formally named and established the city. This occasion is celebrated on this day. Canberra was chosen as the capital for Australia in the year 1908 instead of Sydney or Melbourne.

Annual occasions related with Canberra Day incorporate the Canberra Festival, which keeps running for the two weeks prior to Canberra Day. From auto shows to firecrackers and a hot air balloon are some of the astounding shows that take place on this day.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

The Friday, which falls prior to Easter Sunday, is known as Good Friday. It is held to commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It marks the beginning of a 4 day long weekend. Special services are held at the Church, families get together and alcohol sale is avoided on Good Friday.

This day signifies a mourning day for Christians. Many communities fast and abstain from meal consumption. Hot cross buns are a popular custom that many people uphold on this day. Tasmania’s Three Peaks race, Easter Racing Carnival in Sydney and many more sports events are held across Australia in various locations.


  • Easter Sunday (21st April 2024)

In Australia, Easter Sunday is a public occasion in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Queensland. As it falls on a Sunday, it will be a day of relaxation for the vast majority in Australia.

It connotes the end of the forty days of Lent, which means the end of a time of sacrifice by Christians and the beginning of a period of joy and merriment. Easter Sunday is likewise when church chimes will be rung once more, having been noiseless amid Lent.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

The weekend that started with Good Friday ends with Easter Monday. This is the final day of celebrations and festivals that have been held all weekend. Numerous musical festivals also take place during Easter weekend, and this day marks the end of it.

Queensland’s Australian Gospel Music Festival and many more such fabulous and amazing musical festivals are held during the Easter weekend. Along with musical festivals, sporting events, which started on the occasion of Good Friday ends on Easter Monday. The day is spent relaxing and enjoying quality time with friends and family members.


  • Anzac Day (25th April 2024)

Anzac Day is celebrated on 25 April and is ostensibly Australia’s most critical national event. It denotes the commemoration of the primary key military activity battled by Australian and New Zealand powers amid World War I. On the off chance that Anzac Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday in Australia, it is usually not moved to a weekday, except for 2024, when it fell on a Saturday and the Monday was a state holiday in Western Australia and a government holiday in ACT.

Anzac denotes Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The troops in those units came to be known as Anzacs. Anzac Day is a yearly celebration at the Australian War Memorial. Services to commemorate this day are held at the time of the original landing, at dawn. Amid the rest of the day ex-servicemen and ladies meet and participate in walks through the fundamental urban areas and towns. Commemorative functions are held at war memorials around the nation.


  • Queen’s Birthday – 10th June

The Queen’s Birthday is the occasion that commemorates the birth of Queen Elizabeth II who isn’t just the Queen of Great Britain but also the Queen of Australia. Except for Western Australia and Queensland, this day is commemorated on the 2nd Monday in the month of June.

It also denotes the beginning of the Australian ski season. Businesses stay closed on the Queen’s Birthday and shops might be open for a limited time. The people of Queensland celebrate this occasion on the first Monday of the month of October since 2016. In Western Australia, however, the occasion is commended in late September or early October.


  • Picnic Day (5th August 2024)

Picnic Day is a local public occasion, which is celebrated in Australia’s Northern Territory. This day is celebrated in August on the very first Monday. The convention of having a Picnic day goes back to the end of the 1800s, with a few areas in the district demonstrating well known and not all in the meantime of the year.

Harts Range Races is a popular tradition in Central Australia. Initially it started as a stallion race between three siblings and a neighborhood policeman, towards the beginning of 1947, the occasion has developed into a three-day celebration known as the “Harts Range Bush Sports Weekend” which incorporates rodeo, novelty and many family events.


  • Ekka People’s Day (14th August 2024)

A formal title for Queensland’s yearly agricultural show is ‘Royal Queensland Show’. It usually takes place on the Brisbane Exhibition Ground. The exhibition involves numerous exhibits and competitions, where the agricultural produces and cattle breed along with show dogs are shown off.

The exhibition started way back in 1876. It has continued to take place since then. In the month of August, the exhibitions occur on the 2nd Wednesday. The exhibition usually also includes fireworks, fashion parades, food stalls and other great events, which turn the exhibition into a grand affair.


  • Melbourne Cup Day (5th November 2024)

Melbourne Cup Day is a provincial public occasion, which is celebrated in the province of Victoria, Australia. Melbourne Cup Day usually takes place in November on the first Tuesday. Melbourne Cup day is a government occasion in the territory of Victoria and a public occasion for everybody inside the city region of Melbourne and different parts of Victoria.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas in Australia is usually warm, because it is in Southern hemisphere. It is on the vacation in the summer season of Australia. On the holy occasion of Christmas, Christians observe the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Traditional meals, presents and decorated Christmas trees are some of the merriment that is synonymous with Christmas. Christmas celebrations may vary, but these stay at the heart of any celebration.


  • Boxing Day (26th December 2024)

Boxing Day is a public occasion celebrated on the 26th of December in a few nations as a part of the Christmas celebrations. Normally it will be moved and celebrated on the following Monday in case this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

In the event that Christmas Day falls on an end of the week, Boxing Day might be seen on Tuesday 27 December. Second day of Christmas is another name for this day and it might be observed as St. Stephen’s Day in a few nations.

Canada Bank Holidays 2024

Canada Bank Holidays 2024 is a complete list of holidays on which Canadians get to enjoy a day off from their work. Holiday might be a small word, but it can bring a lot of enjoy in the life of people, as they get to spend some quality time with family and friends. A holiday is something that people of all ages can enjoy.

A much-needed non-working day awaits you in the form of a holiday. It provides the break that people need from their hectic work schedule. Holidays can be enjoyed in the form of vacations or even a long weekend getaway. You might also relax and laze around the whole day, if you want. Ultimately, you get to do what you want.

As per the rules of Canada, public holidays are known by the names, “stat holidays”, “statutory holidays” or just “stats”. These holidays have been legislated at the federal, provincial and territorial level. Some of the holidays are celebrated or observed on national level, while others maybe observed on a provincial level.

123NewYear’s team is well aware of the fact that why you need the holidays. So, they have created a complete list of Canadian holidays that people of Canada can refer to whenever they want. Usually, if a holiday falls on a weekend, then it is observed on the immediate next Monday.


Here is the list of holidays in Canada for the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)     

Just like any other country, this day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in Canada as well. Clubs and bars are popular places to spend the previous night, while on this day people might visit other people’s home, to welcome the New Year. Resolutions are a common tradition around the world and Canada is no different. On New Year’s Eve, you will be able to witness spectacular fireworks shows.


  • Day after New Year’s Day (2nd January 2024)

The festivities that started with Christmas reach an end on this day. People usually spend it with family, before heading off to join their hectic life the next day. If anyone had gone for vacations, they return back on this day.  It is basically a buffer to shift back to your work mode from the holiday mode.




  • Family Day (18th February 2024)

Every worker gets to have a day off to spend time with family and friends. This day is of great significance as people observe it as a day of strengthening bonds with loved ones, as their hectic schedule takes away all their time. As people continue to understand the importance of a close knit family, this holiday is gaining quite a lot of popularity.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

It is the last Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a day when Christians mourn as it signifies the day, when Jesus Christ was crucified. Special Church services are characteristic of this day. Hot Cross Buns are a traditional treat that are prepared for this day.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)         

Easter Sunday falls on a Sunday thus the next day, which is Monday is called Easter Monday. People tend to commemorate the resurrection of Christ on this day. It also marks the end of the long weekend that started with Good Friday. Easter tradition involves eggs made out of chocolate that are hidden and competitions are held to find them. These chocolate Easter eggs can also be presented to one another as a gift.


  • Mother’s Day (12th May 2024)

Moms are an integral part of everybody’s life, so to show gratitude and appreciation for them; the 2nd Sunday in the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Apart from gifts like cards, flowers, chocolate and jewellery people might show their love through small gestures like taking out their mom for lunch or prepare for them a breakfast in bed.




  • Victoria Day (20th May 2024)

On the Monday preceding the 25th of May, Victoria Day is celebrated to honor the birthday of Queen Victoria. Queen’s birthday is an official holiday in the country of Canada. Royal Union Flag is a part of the celebrations on this day, as they are flown at all the federal government buildings. Parades and evening fireworks show are characteristic celebrations for this day.


  • National Patriots’ Day (20th May 2024)

The celebrations for this day coincide with that of Victoria Day. It marks the day the rebellion that was built against the British in the year 1873. The celebrations for this day include marches, public speeches and music concerts as well as a special commemorative dinner.


  • Father’s Day (16th June 2019)

Fathers have been a pillar of support, all your life. On the 3rd Sunday of June you get to show your love for your father. Cards, clothes, chocolates, bottles of wine and even books are presented to the fathers to show gratitude and appreciation.


  • Discovery Day (24th June 2024)

Discovery Day is also by the name Cabot 500 day. On this day, Giovanni Cabot discovered the province’s island portion and is celebrated across the province of Labrador and Newfoundland.


  • National Holiday of Quebec (24th June 2024)

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is another name for National Holiday of Quebec.  National Holiday of Quebec is also the feast day for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Festivities for this day include bonfires, parades, feasts and fireworks.


  • Canada Day (1st July 2024)

Canada day signifies the day on which, Canada became a self-governing dominion that included a federation of four provinces in the year 1867. Pancakes as breakfast, concerts, parades, and firework displays are some of the celebrations that are popular for this day.


  • Civic Day (5th August 2024)

A statutory holiday in Canada, Civic day is also known as the “August Holiday”, “Terry Fox Day” or “Provincial Holiday”. On the 1st Monday of the month of August, Canada celebrates this day to honor the culture and history of the country.  Special breakfasts, barbeques, fireworks, sports events and other interesting activities are a part of Civic day celebrations.


  • Discovery Day (19th August 2024)

This is a holiday in the Yukon Territory. The discovery of gold in 1896 initiated the Klondike Gold Rush. This day is celebrated to commemorate this discovery. Watching historical street theatre and photographing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police wearing their uniforms in the Dawson City are part of the celebrations.


  • Labor Day (2nd September 2024)

The 1st Monday in the month of September, marks the movement that was started by the workers to earn their rights to higher wage and better working conditions. Nowadays, people plan vacations to spend time with family on this day.


  • Thanksgiving Day (14th October 2024)

The 2nd Monday in the month of October has been celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in Canada since the year 1957. People of Canada celebrate this day as a day to appreciate the good harvest that they received. Traditional meals like turkey roasts, pumpkins, corn ears, and many more delicacies, are prepared on this day. Being on a Monday, people get a long weekend, hence some may take off on a family getaway.


  • Remembrance Day (11th November 2024)

Memory of martyrs in the First World War and the Second World War are Remembrance Day is celebrated on this day. Artificial poppy flowers are popularly used by some to decorate their clothes. Special Church services are held on this day to honor the local war memorials. All government building hoists the Canadian national flag on this day.



  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas Day marks the birthday of Jesus Christ and is a holy day for Christians around the world. The original date is supposed to be 25th December in the year 1 BC. 25th of December is considered to be a public holiday in majority of countries around the world. On this day people decorate their homes and place beautifully adorned Christmas trees in their house. Exchanging gifts and visiting or organizing get-together are a common practice on this day.


  • Boxing Day (26th December 2024)

Boxing Day is also considered to be a public holiday. It is celebrated on the day after Christmas as a part of Christmas celebrations on the 26th December in many countries. Boxing Day is celebrated by spending quality time with near and dear ones.

Hong Kong Bank Holidays 2024

Honk Kong Bank Holidays 2024 can actually be your go-to list for holidays in Hong Kong. Whether you plan a vacation or just some relaxing days with the family, holidays can be a great way to enjoy life. Hong Kong is a culturally diverse country with numerous festivals. Most of the festivities revolve around the lunisolar calendar, so dates tend to change from year to year.

If a holiday happens to fall on the weekend, the next working day is usually a holiday. 123NewYear has pulled in all their resources and created this list, so that you can refer to it whenever needed. The list also has small descriptions, so that you can understand the culture and belief that is linked with each and every holiday.


Here is a list of the bank holidays in Hong Kong for the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

Gregorian calendar is the calendar, which is globally recognized by all. So, it is no wonder that Hong Kong celebrates the New Year in a grand way as well. As the clock strikes 12, the celebrations turn spectacular. Victoria Harbor offers one of the most fabulous shows for the world to see. Numerous places all over Hong Kong offer amazing light, sound and display shows. New Year’s Day is usually spent with family and friends.


  • Chinese New Year (5th February 2024)

On the first day in the first Lunar month, the Chinese celebrate their greatest occasion the Chinese New Year. It is no different in Hong Kong; this day is celebrated with great pomp and show.  The occasion is also popularly called to be the “Spring Festival”. A spectacular parade of international stature takes place in the city of Tsim Sha Tsui. The 2nd day celebrations include a fabulous and beautiful show of firecrackers with choreographed laser and lights show at the Victoria Harbor. Furthermore, on the last day, some of the best horse races take place at the Sha Tin racecourse. Due to the increased surge of shopping, shops tend to stay open, during the Chinese New Year.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

The Friday, which falls post Maundy Thursday, is known as Good Friday. It marks the day in which Jesus Christ was crucified.  Good Friday is observed as a holiday for the people of Hong Kong.


  • Easter Monday (22nd April 2024)

The tradition of Easter is a custom in Hong Kong, which has trickled down from the British Legacy. The holiday starts with Good Friday and continues till this day, Easter Monday. It basically marks the end of the long weekend. Some might relax and unwind to take time off from working so hard, while others would take off with loved ones on a weekend getaways.  Special Church Services are characteristic of this day, as are Easter egg (made with chocolate) hunts, picnics and so much more.


  • Ching Ming Festival (5th April 2024)

Ching Ming Festival is also called as Quing Ming Festival. In the 3rd lunar month, people of Hong Kong honor their ancestors on this day. Celebrations for this festival include cleaning the area around the tombstones. People also burn paper replicas of commodities that might be needed in the afterlife.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024)

Also called May Day, Labor Day is also another holiday and Hong Kong also celebrates it with sincerity. This day recollects the battles, endeavors and victory of the workers. They had contended energetically for the law that would entitle everybody to an 8 hour work day amid which a few people also died. On Labor Day in Hong Kong, laborers and union individuals and activists walk to government workplaces and associations from Victoria Park.


  • Buddha’s Birthday (12th May 2024)

Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of the religion Buddhism, was known as Buddha. His birthday is a revered festival, which is observed in Hong Kong. Buddha’s Birthday is a holiday, which is celebrated on the 8th day in the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. While there are numerous Buddhist monasteries in Hong Kong who will hold special services on this day, most likely the best place to visit is the Po Lin Monastery in Lantau, which houses the world’s biggest situated, open air bronze Buddha.


  • Dragon Boat Festival (7th June 2024)

Tuen Ng Festival or Dragon Boat Festival began around 2000 years back and spins around fables that are based on Qu Yuan. He was an acclaimed Chinese artist and priest amid the Zhou Dynasty. The celebration happens on the fifth day in the fifth month of the customary Chinese lunar calendar, to honor the memory and sacrifice of Qu Yuan. When Ying was caught, Qu Yuan couldn’t acknowledge it and jumped in the Miluo River to commit suicide. People, who respected Qu Yuan, tried to drive the fish away from Qu Yuan by riding in boats with a dragon adorning the front of the boat. A tradition originated, from that day onwards, for races to be held in dragon boats, so that they can honor his memory. Various localities host a number of races, with Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race being one of the best. Zongzi are rice dumplings, a traditional treat prepared for this this day.


  • Special Administration Region (SAR) Day (1st July 2024)

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Establishment Day is observed and celebrated on the 1st of July. The celebrations are to commemorate the end of British Colonial Rule on the same date in the year 1997. It basically honors the move of the power of Hong Kong to the Republic of China from the United Kingdom and the foundation of SAR. At the place, where the handover took place, the Golden Bauhinia Square, military and police bands along with helicopters make rounds with the flag of Hong Kong.


  • The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival (14th September 2024)

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day in the 8th lunar month of the conventional lunar calendar and is being celebrated since the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BC). The round shape symbolizes unity as indicated by the Chinese culture; the round shape signifies the full moon and thus occurs on a full moon night. Celebrations include praying for a great harvest with family and distant relatives. Fire dragon dances, parades and lantern exhibitions can be a part of the celebrations.


  • National Day (1st October 2024)

People’s Republic of China or PRC was established in the year 1949 at the Tiananmen Square, this day is celebrated to commemorate the same event. There are an assortment of government composed occasions on National Day, including firecrackers and shows alongside open show of representations of regarded political pioneers. A spectacular and outstanding occasion that takes place on National Day is the firecrackers show of more than 20 minutes in length at the Victoria Harbor joined by synchronized music. Flag raising service at the Golden Bauhinia Square as well as the National Day Horse Race, which happens at Sha Tin race course, are some of the other celebrations.


  • Chung Yeung Festival (7th October 2024)

Chung Yeung Festival also has another name due to the fact that it falls on the ninth day in the ninth lunar month, which is Double ninth Festival. Like Ching Ming Festival, the celebrations include ancestor worship as well. Individuals visit the burial grounds and cemeteries to light up incense sticks. People might also offer things to their predecessors, like fruits. On the day of Chung Yeung Festival, individuals in Hong Kong additionally go outside to appreciate the climate and take part in picnics with their family and friends. Likewise, they eat cakes, made especially for this day. The cakes are called ‘Ko’ or ‘Chongyang’ which means top or high, it is believed that these cakes and bring advancements or better position in life and your career.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

The birth day of Jesus Christ is celebrated in Hong Kong with a considerable measure of lavishness. Individuals amid this time meet up to invest energy with loved ones, purchase presents for their family and friends. They might also get ready and eat lavish Christmas feasts with loved ones. On the eve of Christmas, you will be able to see Christmas lights on forty buildings alongside Victoria Harbor to arrange for a light show. Chinese Christians attend special services that happen at the church. Consistently amid this particular season a ‘winter fest’ is held. It is basically a tremendous party, which happens in the winter season with a bunch of food stalls, shops, music, amusement parks and more.

India Bank Holidays 2024

Just like the rest of the world, India too is a country that enjoys its holidays and here is the India Bank Holidays 2024 list for you. India is truly a diverse country with various religious beliefs, cultures and traditions. This has prompted numerous festivals to become a part of Indian holidays. Each and every festival has a history and is celebrated as the history dictates it to be.

The hectic work schedule leaves little to no time for family. Spending some relaxing or quality time with loved ones is a primary aim of these holidays. A handy list of holidays can help you plan out some small getaway trips and vacations. These enable people to find some time to enjoy with their loved ones, including family members and friends. 123NewYear is well aware of that, so we present for you a list of holidays. India might have innumerable festivals, but not all of them are public holidays.

Again, it has to be borne in mind that not all Public Holidays are Bank Holidays. In India, the Negotiable Instruments (NI) Act, 1881, is what helps the Central and the State (or Union Territory) Governments to formulate the Bank Holidays.

Here is the list of holidays for the year 2024, which are public holidays:


  • Republic Day (26th January 2024)

Republic Day in India is a standout amongst the most praised occasions amid the year. This unique occasion denotes the day that the Constitution of India became effective in India. 26th of January was the day in the year 1950, when India formally perceived itself as a free country. Every year India has a three-day festivity remembering Republic Day. A larger part of the festivals are celebrated in New Delhi the nation’s capital, however each of the states inside India likewise has their own particular festivals. Republic Day Parade held in on the Rajpath (stately roadway) in New Delhi before the President of India, is truly a spectacle that Indians look forward to witnessing each year. Each state in India has started to hold comparable parades to recognize this occasion.



  • Holi (20th March 2024)

Holi is otherwise called the Festival of Colors and is one of India’s most spectacular and most popular festivities. This vast celebration is praised in numerous urban areas and rustic regions all through India. The Holi celebration generally commends the triumph of good over evil. It is related with numerous legends, including the narrative of Holika. This festival likewise respects Lord Krishna, a rebirth of Lord Vishnu. Notwithstanding its religious viewpoints, Holi additionally praises the finish of winter and the beginning of spring. Celebrations include playing with colors, thus Holi is otherwise called the Festival of Colors. The occasion is formally celebrated on the full moon day in the Phalguna month; however, it is seen on various dates in a few regions of India.


  • Rama Navami (14th April 2024)

Lord Rama is accepted to have been an incarnation of the god Vishnu. The occasion is additionally celebrated in Nepal and by Hindus around the globe. The occasion can likewise be called “Vaishnava” after the Hindu group of that name, which reveres Vishnu in the majority of his diverse appearances and structures. In a few sections of India, festivities begin nine days before Ram Navami and come full circle in it, and the lead up is additionally thought to be a “celebration of spring,” which touches base in India around that season. They will likewise offer Rama blossoms and fruits to temples. There will be parades of Lord Rama’s statues and many more festivities. Some additionally formally bathe small Lord Rama icons in water, as one would do to an infant. In southern India, Ram Navami is additionally accepted to be the day Rama wedded Mata Sita, and parades will include both of their pictures.


  • Mahavir Jayanti (17th April 2024)

Lord Mahavir was born into a noble family of Bihar, but renounced his grand life to walk on the path of salvation. He was the founder of the religion Jainism. Date of this event does not fall on the same date of the Gregorian calendar; it might vary from year to year. Amid this occasion, individuals praise the lessons of Mahavir. It is a day of humility and Jains celebrate this day with a lot of happiness. Celebrations include parades with a symbol of Lord Mahavir.  People regularly wash statues of Mahavir with water mixed with fragrant oils. To show their modest way of living, many Jains offer money, food, and other donations to temples amid Mahavir Jayanti.


  • Good Friday (19th April 2024)

Also known as Easter Friday or Black Friday, this day commemorates the event of Jesus Christ being crucified. It is a revered occasion in the nation and Christians go to extraordinary church benefits or implore on this day. Some of them hold a fast or abstain from consuming meat as it is a day of grieving. Parades and open plays to depict the life of Jesus Christ are likewise held. It marks the beginning of Easter weekend and is the last Friday before Easter Sunday.


  • May Day (6th May 2024)

In India, the primary Labor Day, also known as May Day, was observed in the year 1923 in the city of Chennai. Today around India, associations and exchange unions organize events, youngsters participate in challenges so they can comprehend the significance of decency for laborers, and political pioneers make talks. This day employees usually get a day off from work to honor memories of the many people who fought for the rights of the worker class many years ago.


  • Id-Ul-Fitr (4th June 2024)

Ramazan (generally known as Ramadan), is the fasting time frame, which is perceived by Muslims amid the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. After the fasting days of Ramazan, the end is set apart by the a few day festivities known as Idu’l Fitr. After a sermon and fasting, Muslims in India take part in celebrations of feasts, mehndi, bazaars, visiting relatives, and giving money related gifts to foundations. The entire reason for this occasion is to express appreciate the blessings of Allah.


  • Independence Day (15th August 2024)

India turned into a free nation on 15 August 1947 from British control and held its first Independence Day festivities in the year 1948. On the fifteenth, the Prime Minister hoists the national flag of India in Delhi at the Red Fort. Amid the service, a 21-firearm salute is offered, followed by the Indian national anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’. It is a unique day where tributes are made to the individuals who gave their lives to battle for their independence from the British. In the weeks paving the way to 15 August, and particularly on the day, the national flag in raised on flag posts in schools, workplaces, structures and other places of importance. Youngsters and grown-ups wherever convey or wear the flag of India, statement of faith and religion over our nation observes Independence Day on this national occasion. In India, the day of 15 August is a gladly energetic day of festivities, kite flying, dining experiences, parades and merriments.


  • Muharram (31st August 2024)

The day of Muharram is seen on the tenth day, known as the Day of “Ashura” by Muslims in India and somewhere else. On Ashura, Muslims trust that Muhammad’s grandson, Imman Hussain, sacrificed his life fighting in the Battle of Karbala, which occurred in the year A.D. 680. On the occasion of Muharram, they parade with brilliant banners along with bamboo-and-paper martyr portrayals. Amid the parades, they walk shoeless, serenade, and sob. Some even whip themselves until the point when it draws blood, while artists reenact the Battle of Karabala.


  • Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October 2024)

Gandhi’s life is worshipped in India and around the globe for instance of how to live basically and devotedly. On his birthday, October the second, individuals crosswise over India assemble to watch Gandhi Jayanti. They offer blooms on pictures and statues of his resemblance, sing tunes, supplicate, and light candles. All administration workplaces, banks, post workplaces, and schools are shut for this occasion.


  • Dussehra (8th October 2024)

Otherwise called Vijaya Dashami, it is a Hindu celebration, which is celebrated on the tenth of the long stretch of Ashvin as indicated by the Hindu schedule. It lectures the triumph of good forces over the malevolent forces and Lord Rama is believed to have killed Ravana, the devil ruler of Lanka, on this day. The first 9 days of Dussehra are mutually known as ‘Navratri’ and is committed to the devotion of Ma Shakti. On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami, Ramayana plays known as Ramleela is organized alongside burning of immense effigies of the Demon king Ravana known as ‘Dasha Hara’ in Northern India. While in South India, Ma Durga is revered alongside presentations of brilliant dolls known as Golu. Devi Durga Idol is revered for five days in Bengal and then immersed in a stream or lake on the occasion of Dussehra.


  • Diwali/Deepavali (27th October 2024)

Diwali is constantly celebrated between middle of October and middle of November, depending on the Hindu calendar. The Festival of Lights is a beautiful and cheerful festival. Families set up their homes and themselves for the unique merriments that symbolize the triumph of otherworldly goodness and the lifting of profound obscurity. Sparklers are embarked to drive out evil forces, oil lamps are lit, blossom garlands are made, and homes are decorated in numerous ways. Desserts are shared as a component of the celebrations. Diwali can likewise speak to the attention to inward light inside a man when obliviousness is pushed aside by comprehension.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

Christmas is the celebration that denotes Jesus Christ’s birthday and is auspicious event everywhere throughout the globe. India is no exemption as Christians go to chapels to attend special services held on this day and plan extraordinary Christmas treats for this huge day. Shopping centers are adorned in shades of red, white and green. Christmas trees are also set up in homes and various other public places. Pastry shops get loaded with Christmas cakes and treats. Individuals additionally go shopping amid this opportunity to purchase presents for their precious ones.

UK Bank Holidays 2024

UK Bank Holidays 2024 is a list created by 123NewYear, which contains all the bank holidays for the year 2024. It will help the people of UK plan some time away from hectic work schedule. Keep this list handy and plan out your vacations for the coming year of 2024.

Everybody wants to enjoy some time with their family and friends; these holidays offer the perfect opportunity to go on vacations. UK has a wide variety of holidays, but not all of them are bank holidays. UK has people from all cultures and religions, so it is obvious that they will bring their holidays with them, but make sure that they are bank holidays and not just a day of observance.

Here is the complete list of bank holiday, some national and others local, for the people of UK in the year 2024:


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)   

New Year’s Day is an open occasion in the United Kingdom on January 1 every year. It denotes the beginning of the New Year. Some individuals have a tranquil day on January 1, which denotes the finish of the Christmas break before they come back to work. Be that as it may, there are some uncommon traditions, especially in Scotland. New Year’s Day is a bank occasion. On the off chance that January 1 is a Saturday or Sunday, the bank holiday falls on the next Monday. Almost all schools, huge organizations and associations are shut. Normal life might be slow to start on New Year’s Day


  • Day after New Year (2nd January 2024)

The New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day festivities in Scotland are known as Hogmanay and may last into January 2, a yearly bank occasion. This occasion is set apart with parties, exceptionally arranged nourishments and the custom of first footing. January 2 isn’t a bank or open occasion in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Be that as it may, January 1 and 2 are bank occasions in Scotland. Banks and post workplaces are shut. There might be restricted open transport administrations or none by any stretch of the imagination. A few stores and organizations might be shut.


  • St. Patrick’s Day (17th March 2024)

This holiday is celebrated to honor the Irish culture. It also commemorates the life of one of Ireland’s patron saints known as St. Patrick. Belfast hosts a spectacular parade on this day, with many people flocking to local pubs, celebrating this event. Nottingham organizes lovely celebrations that last for a whole week, which includes arts and music festival, parades, children’s workshops as well as special stage performances by well-known Irish musicians. A 3 day Irish festival is held in Liverpool, while London hosts parades to Trafalgar Square and Convent Garden along with wonderful festivals. The people get a deep understanding of the Irish culture, with the help of crafts, food, music and dance.


  • Good Friday (30th March 2024)

Good Friday is a day of grieving for Christians as it commemorates Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It falls on the Friday just prior to Easter Sunday that happens to fall on the very first Sunday after the 1st full moon on or post the March equinox. A part of organizations and associations are shut, albeit some stay open. Stores are for the most part open.


  • Easter Monday (2nd April 2024)

Easter Monday happens to follow the occasion of Easter Sunday, a day that commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, in accordance after Christian belief. It is a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland however not Scotland. For many people, Easter Monday is the final day into the 4-day weekend. In England, Wales or Northern Ireland, most of the businesses are closed. Stores are often launched to accept shoppers; however public transport may follow a separate timetable.


  • Early May Bank Holiday (7th May 2024)

The preceding Monday concerning May is a bank vacation into the United Kingdom. It is called May Day between England, Wales as well as Northern Ireland. It is acknowledged as the Early May Bank Holiday within Scotland. It possibly produced so a Roman festival honoring the start of summer season. In recent times, it also commemorates the efforts of workers who fought for laborers rights.


  • Spring Bank Holiday (28th May 2024)

This holiday can also be called as Late May bank holiday. It represents a day when people get time off from their work or an off day at school. The final Monday in the month of May is a bank holiday. Many organizations, companies and faculties are closed. Public transport systems run on a timetable made especially for this holiday.


  • Battle of the Boyne (12th July 2024)

People within Northern Ireland commemorate the Battle of Boyne with a bank holiday, which falls on or after 12th of July. It is also regarded as “Orange Day”, “Orangemen’s Day”, “the Glorious Twelfth” or simply “the Twelfth”. Orangemen’s Day, and the Glorious Twelfth, is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. If it happens to be a Saturday or Sunday, the bank holiday is shifted to the next Monday. Schools, commons offices, dense businesses yet organizations, and a few stores are closed. Public transport may also follow a separate holiday timetable. Local lodges organize marches and walks in certain parts of the town/city.  Other parts of UK, like Scotland, England or Wales, may celebrate it, but not as a bank holiday.


  • St Andrew’s Day (30th November 2024)

November 30th is the usual day for celebrating St Andrew’s Day, as per the beliefs of many Christian churches. St Andrew’s Day is a bank holiday in the country of Scotland. However, if Saturday or Sunday is the day on which this holiday falls, the holiday is shifted to the immediate next Monday. The quantity on break after public life varies greatly. Usually schools are closed. Certain organizations or groups may stay closed; however others are in all likelihood to stay open. Public transport might run as usual or follow a special holiday timetable. Those willing concerning using a precise conduct service of St Andrew’s Day are influenced to check ahead on the service’s availability. The countries England, Northern Ireland and Wales, do not celebrate this day as a bank holiday. The Scottish flag, and Saltire, is flown on masses within Scotland through St Andrew’s Day. In the rest of the United Kingdom, the British Union Flag is flown.


  • Christmas Day (25th December 2024)

On the 25th of December, the whole world celebrates Jesus Christ’s birthday and UK is no different. On the occasion of Christmas, people adorn their residences with beautiful lights, a decorated Christmas tree or other types of decorations. Some places, illustrate the life of Jesus Christ, while some families love attending special services held at local Churches. Exchange of gifts is a common and popular tradition of Christmas. The celebratory meals of Christmas include traditional dishes of roast turkey, mince pies, mashed potatoes along with a delicious pudding crammed with nuts, which is sometimes served with brandy poured over its top.


  • Boxing Day (26th December 2024)

Boxing Day of the United Kingdom is a holiday post the holiday of Christmas and falls on the 26th of December. Traditionally, employers distribute food, clothes and even money to their employees on this day. In present day times, that is a vital day because of the sales that happen post Christmas. Boxing Day is a bank holiday, which is celebrated on a Monday, in case it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Most facilities are closed for Boxing Day, while some may stay closed from Christmas till New Year. Many stores start their post-Christmas sales on the event of Boxing Day. Public transport can run on special timetables.

China Bank Holidays 2024

China Bank Holidays 2024 list consists of many holidays, both traditional and global. Each and every type of holiday brings all your near and dear ones together, may it be family or friends.

It is the same in all countries, even China. The holidays maybe different, but they are all a blend of the heritage and culture, which is unique to Chinese traditions.


Bank Holidays usually mean the days on which the banks and bank employees have the day off. Most of the traditional Chinese festivals are driven by the lunar calendar and hence the date might change each year. The team of 123NewYear has worked hard to list down the holidays of 2024, as it will be different to last year’s date.


Now we present to you the list of China’s bank holidays for the year 2024, along with a small description about the holiday.


List of Bank Holidays in China for the year 2024


  • New Year’s Day (1st January 2024):


New Year’s Day is first January, the 1st day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls precisely one week after the Christmas Day of the earlier year. New Year’s Day is an open occasion in all nations that watch the Gregorian calendar, except for Israel.


This makes it the most generally watched open occasion in the year. A few nations may likewise watch an extra day’s vacation for New Year. Countries who still utilize the Julian calendar watch New Year’s Day on January fourteenth. It is customarily celebrated with firecracker shows all over the globe at 00:00 in the local time zones.


  • Chinese New Year’s Eve (4th February 2024):


This day is the eve just before the most crucial event in the life of Chinese all over the world. The most significant supper for the general population of China is the New Year’s Eve or also called Reunion Dinner amid which serving fish is an absolute necessity. In Northern China, dumplings are the more popular option.


The reason being fish and dumplings signify a flourishing year ahead. It is likewise accepted by the Chinese that firecrackers drive away evil. So directly following 12:00 AM on New Year’s Eve firecrackers are propelled to welcome the coming year. The houses are additionally given an exhaustive cleaning and brightened with lamps, year paint, paper cutting, and entryway divine beings and so on.


  • Chinese New Year (5th February 2024):


Chinese New Year starts on 5th February 2024 and will be an open occasion in a few nations in East Asia. Every year in the Chinese schedule is represented by one of twelve creatures in the Chinese Zodiac. 2024 will be the time of the Brown Earth Dog.


Preparations tend to start a month from the date of the Chinese New Year (like a Western Christmas), when individuals begin purchasing presents, improvement materials, nourishment and attire. A gigantic tidy up gets in progress days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned thoroughly, to clear away any hints of misfortune, and entryways and windowpanes are given another layer of paint, normally red. The eve of the New Year is maybe the most energizing piece of the occasion.


Here, customs and ceremonies are deliberately seen in everything from sustenance to clothing. In China, many individuals will go back once again to the places where they grew up. In the day itself, an ancient tradition known as Hong Bao, which means Red Packet, happens. This includes wedded couples giving youngsters and unmarried grown-ups cash in red envelopes. At that point the family starts to state welcome from way to entryway, first to their relatives followed by their neighbors.


Chinese dumplings (as their shape is said to resemble that of silver ingots, which were utilized as cash in antiquated Chinese); spring moves; rice cakes and rice balls are some traditional food that is eaten on this day. The end of the New Year festivities is set the Festival of Lanterns, which includes singing, dancing and a lanterns’ show


  • Women’s Day (8th March 2024):


In 1977, the United Nations proclaimed 8 March as International Women’s Day, a day every year when the world ought to celebrate, perceive and recall ladies and their achievements as well as their valuable contributions towards society.


Global Women’s Day is commended on 8 March. For the vast majority of the nations who watch this occasion, on the off chance that it falls on an end of the week, it will be moved to the next Monday. In China since 2014, ladies are qualified for a half day of work, while the rest is off on Women’s Day.


  • Ching Ming Festival (5th April 2024):


Ching Ming, Qingming, the Remembrance of Ancestors Day or Grave-Sweeping Day. This date is demonstrated on the Chinese calendar by the two characters: Ching, which means pure, and Ming, which means brightness. Ching Ming implies spotless and impartial.


Ching Ming ceremonies not just incorporates weeding of the region around the grave, cleaning of the gravestone, and placing fresh flowers after removing the wilted ones, but also includes the lighting of incense and fake paper cash. The consuming of the fake cash is for the perished to use in the afterlife. A few families may likewise set off sparklers to drive away malice spirits and to alarm the perished relatives that they are there to offer their regards.


  • Labor Day (1st May 2024):


Otherwise called May Day, this is a universal open occasion in the greater part of the nations around the globe including China. This day praises the pith of the beginning of spring and also pays a tribute to the accomplishments and diligent work of laborers everywhere throughout the world. On this day every one of the laborers gets a vacation day work to unwind and invest some quality energy with friends and family.


This day has its origins in the endeavors of the union laborers in the 1880’s to enhance the financial and social states of specialists. Customarily, the traditions of May Day symbolized the idea of resurrection of nature and well-being of all.


  • Dragon Boat Festival (7th June 2024):


The Tuen Ng Festival, also called the Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu, has been celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th moon for millennia. If the legend is to be believed then the occasion respects the tragic passing away of Chu Yuan, who dies in 288 BC.


The present festivals symbolize the vain endeavors of the companions and subjects who dashed down the stream to try and save Chu Yuan. There are about six destinations in Hong Kong today that take an interest in the mythical dragon boat races. It is trusted that the Dragon Boat Festivals repulse malicious forces and acquire fortunes during the summer months.



  • Mid-Autumn Festival (13th September 2024):


The Mid-Autumn celebration begins on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. This celebration started in a children’s story. A saint names Hou Yi spared his kin by shooting down the other nine suns that consumed his kin to death. He was then offered with the remedy of eternality by the Queen Mother of the West. He would not like to expend the solution and leave his lovely mortal wife, Chang Er, so he gave the elixir to his wife for care.


Sadly, Hou Yi’s unfaithful understudy constrained Chang Er to swallow the mixture. She, at that point, turned into an otherworldly being. She traveled to the moon, and from that point watched her husband. Realizing that his better half had now been isolated from him, Hou Yi was crazed with misery. Gazing toward the moon one night, he saw a figure like his significant other. He hastily took cakes and succade (sugar coated treats, like fruits, vegetables, and confections) as offerings to his wife. After hearing this, individuals built up the custom of watching the moon and eating moon cakes yearly on this day.


  • National Day (1st October to 4th October 2024):


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) commemorates its anniversary on the 1st of October. China’s National Day has been praised in different courses amid the historical backdrop of the PRC. In China, the occasion is formally three days, yet the occasions are normally extended a bit and compensating the off days on the weekdays by working on the weekends. This creates a week of holidays known as “Golden Week” of occasions. This makes it the second biggest occasion time frame in China.


  • Chung Yeung Festival (7th October 2024):


On this day, your associates in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau praise the Chung Yeung Festival. The celebration of Chung Yeung, also called as the Festival of High Places, Autumn Remembrance or the Double-Ninth, has been praised on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month for centuries.


The celebration of Chung Yeung honors a legend from the Han Dynasty (BC 202 to AD 220) that expresses that a diviner prompted the Woon King to take his whole family to a high place for the whole 9th day of the 9th moon. Once the King and his whole family returned home, they discovered all the people who had not gone to a high place had died.


It is presently viewed as good fortunes to go to a high place on the 9th day of the 9th moon, the Chung Yeung Festival. A customary tradition on this day is to fly kites. It is a strong belief that the kites will be able to convey misfortune up into the sky.