Happy Birthday Invitations

A birthday comes around once a year and is that special day when everything is about you. You get to enjoy a delicious cake and a great birthday party. Sending out wonderful happy birthday invitations is just the start to an amazing birthday party.

123NewYear brings for you a huge collection of great birthday invitation cards. Here are some:

  • We are having a party to celebrate her/his birthday with great music and delicious food. Come join us in the fun.
  • I am planning on celebrating my birthday with friends and family, so please come over. You are invited to come to my birthday party and enjoy.
  • My birthday is right around the corner and I am ready to celebrate it with great festivities. Please join the party and let’s enjoy happy and fun times together!

Surprise Birthday Invitations

Plan a surprise birthday party for your loved one and send out the invites in the form of fun and beautiful birthday invitations. No need to hand deliver your surprise birthday invitations. 123NewYear has a great collection all ready for you to send via social media or e-mail to your guests:

  • We are planning a surprise birthday party with cake, delicious food, games, party hats and balloons. Lets make this day special for her/him.
  • You are cordially invited to join in the surprise birthday party celebrations in honor of_______________

Kid’s Birthday Invitations

That day when your little bundle of joy arrived is one of the most treasured day of your life. We at 123NewYear bring for you amazing kid’s birthday invitations.

  • We are planning a fantastic birthday to celebrate our little one’s birthday. You are invited to add color and fun to the party.
  • On behalf of our son/daughter, we would like to invite all her friends to join in his/her birthday celebrations.
  • I plan on celebrating my birthday with cake, balloons and delicious food. Do attend the birthday party with your mom and dad.
  • 1st Birthday Invitations

When we talk about the birthday of your child, the first birthday is always special. Here are some sweet, simple and elegant 1st birthday invitations available at 123NewYear.

  • I am turning One and that demands special treats, lot of fun and much more. Please be a guest at my first birthday party!
  • Please bless our little bundle of joy as he/she turns one on (date) by attending his/ her party.
  • Please grace our child’s first birthday party with your presence. Join us in the grand celebrations.

Milestone birthdays are mark of the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained over the years. They need to be celebrated in the most special way. Celebrate your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday with a grand party. 123NewYear has a wide range of 40th birthday invitations and 60th birthday invitations to name some:

  • Come join my 30th birthday party at the beach and do not forget your swim suits.
  • As I am completing 4 decades of my life, it would be great to have your company at my 40th birthday party celebrations! The party will be followed by cocktails and dinner.
  • My father/mother is about to reach 50. Please grace the party with your esteemed presence. Join the celebration on completing half century.
  • My grandma/grandpa has crossed 60 years of a successful life. Join the celebrations to congratulate her/him on such a great achievement

Happy Birthday Poems

Everyone waits for their birthday when the birthday boy or girl is the center of attention. Birthday parties can be made much more memorable with great happy birthday poems.

If you are at a loss and cannot find a birthday poem to dedicate to your loved one, do not worry. They can be of various types – funny, emotional, clever, short, happy and inspirational to name some.

123NewYear has an amazing collection of birthday poems just for you.

  • You might look a little bit older with each passing birthday,
    But you seem to be growing wiser with each one as well
    So chill and enjoy your birthday cake!
  • Sadly you have not become a millionaire this birthday,
    But be happy that you are healthy and look good.
  • We became friends not for any agenda,
    Our friendship is the only thing that mattered,
    The bond grew stronger,
    Unlucky people have found no friends,
    I am fortunate to have found you,
    Happy Birthday Buddy
  • No need to frown about another candle
    Your inner strength is what matters
    Blow out the candles and make your wish sis
    Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poems

Funny birthday poems are a great way to bring a smile on the face of the birthday girl/boy. It can make them feel happy throughout the day. When choosing a funny birthday poem you must keep in mind the taste and funny bone quotient of the birthday boy/girl. Worried about making the right decision? Do not worry. 123NewYear brings for you a great collection of rib-tickling funny birthday poems that will suit the taste and style of many.

  • Here are a pair of new dentures
    Now it is easier to take a bite of your exciting life
    Happy Birthday old-timer!
  • Live life to the fullest my rock star
    Keep singing forever with moves like Mick Jagger
    And voice like William Hung
    Happy Birthday!
  • It is your birthday
    Your hair might have grown grey
    Your vision might need larger letters for proper reading
    Just remember stay young at heart!

Short Birthday Poems

If you are looking for short birthday poems that are beautiful and helps to show your love and gratitude, then look no further. The team at 123NewYear has brought together a great collection of short birthday poems that are sweet, fun and beautiful.

  • Hope that your birthday is special
    With everything going in positive direction
    And many warm wishes
    Happy Birthday!
  • Sending a cheerful “hello” on your birthday
    With great wishes
    Hoping that the day is filled with love and joy
    Happy Birthday!

Birthday Love Poems

Birthday love poems can help ignite the passion and love on your beau’s birthday. The beautifully written love poems emphasize on the love and adoration that both of you share. So choose a great poem to gift your beau with an unforgettable memory and let them feel your love.

  • Our relation is most cherished
    You have completed me
    My eyes speak the love I feel for you
    Darling, have an amazing birthday!
  • You are the sweetest
    Passionate enough to melt me away
    And cute enough to fill my thoughts
    Happy Birthday!

So wait no more come over to 123NewYear and choose a wonderful happy birthday poem for your loved one and make them feel on the top of the world.

Happy Birthday for Girlfriend

The birthday of your loved one is special just like your birthday. On the birthday of your girlfriend you should definitely celebrate with a party, gifts and wishes.

Planning with great happy birthday ideas for girlfriend is a must to make her feel special. So plan your girlfriend’s birthday with the various ideas for gifts and parties that are available at 123NewYear.

We also have beautiful birthday wishes for your girlfriend that is romantic and sweet. Start planning in advance so that your girlfriend’s special day is filled with love, happiness and fun.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  1. Destiny has brought the two of us together. Love you my cute girlfriend. Happy Birthday!
  1. With each passing year you grow hotter and cuter. Wishing my cute girlfriend a very happy birthday!
  1. Planning to wrap an amazing gift of love for you on your birthday, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!
  1. Each birthday candle that you blow out signifies that another candle of love is ignited in my heart. Love you my darling. Happy Birthday!
  1. In the toughest of times you have always managed to make me smile. Thank you for being my best friend. Happy birthday, my cute girlfriend!
  1. Wondering which cake would be the best for you but on second thoughts that is tough to choose because you will always be the sweetest. Happy birthday beautiful!
  1. The first time I said hello to you, I knew that I would never want to say goodbye. Love you always. Happy Birthday dearest!
  1. We have had our fair share of fights but our love has never dwindled. Cheers to many more romantic walks and sweet conversations. Wishing my sweet girlfriend a happy birthday!
  1. It does not matter how much we fight, you will always be the love of my life. Happy Birthday darling!

Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

The first step to making your girlfriend feel special is plan an amazing birthday. A huge amount of birthday ideas for girlfriend are available here at 123NewYear for you to toy with. With so many options you are sure to be confused. Do not worry! First mark the day on the calendar so that you do not forget; then it is time to visit 123NewYear to find amazing birthday ideas like:

  1. Surprise her be taking her out on a shopping spree to her favorite stores.
  1. Plan a surprise party and invite all her colleagues and acquaintances
  1. Order a cake that has prints and models of her favorite things like favorite celebrity, place or object
  1. Instead of planning a party, surprise her with a candle-lit dinner for two
  1. Say ‘Happy Birthday’ by cooking her an amazing breakfast
  1. Spread birthday notes with cute messages all over your home so that she keeps finding them throughout the day
  1. record a video with her near and dear ones wishing her a very happy birthday
  1. you could also arrange for a radio broadcast to wish her happy birthday

Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

We all get the jitters when planning birthdays of special people. The main question always stands what to get as a gift. Girlfriend birthday gift ideas are numerous. 123NewYear brings a lot of birthday gift ideas like:

  1. A bouquet of her favorite flowers
  1. Frame a collage of pictures from moments that are special for her
  1. Gift her scrapbook that has pictures from her childhood
  1. Perfume from her favorite brand
  1. Jewelry

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes

Your boyfriend’s birthday comes around once a year giving you the opportunity to show him how much you care. You will definitely want to make it special with birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

The wishes that are sent to your beau should show how much they mean to you. Make them feel special and plan an amazing birthday party that will have gifts and so much more.

Apart from the party you need to get him an amazing gift that will make the birthday so much more memorable. Most important are the birthday wishes that is a way to express your feelings. 123NewYear brings for you an amazing collection of birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

  • When I met you for the first time there was an instant connection. That connection turned into friendship and then love. Happy birthday boyfriend!
  • For my adorable boyfriend, here are some birthday cheers and wishes. Love you all my life. Happy Birthday!
  • After so many years I can still not believe how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. Happy Birthday love!
  • I was broken and incomplete once but you came along fixed me and completed me. Thank you for loving me through tough times. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
  • You have been the pillar of my life on which I could lean on in tough times. Love you for being there for me. Wishing the best boyfriend a happy birthday.
  • It is strange that I spent most my life not knowing you but now that I have you in my life I cannot get by another day without you by my side. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Wishing the joy of my life a very happy birthday! Hope you get all the success in life my adorable boyfriend.
  • Wishing the coolest boyfriend on this planet a happy birthday. Have a great time today and for the rest of your life!
  • You have treated me like a princess and made me feel safe. Love you boyfriend. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear boyfriend, you are the biggest treasure of my life. Wishing you all the success and happiness in life. Happy Birthday!
  • You have patient with me throughout our relationship and kept me calm in the most stressed situations. Wishing my cool and calm boyfriend a very happy birthday.
  • Till the time I met you chocolate was my only love. Now chocolate has been dethroned and you have taken that place. Happy Birthday my true love!
  • It is said wishes come true if you make one while seeing a shooting star. It is true; mine came true when I met you. Wishing the person who has taken care of me always a very happy birthday.
  • You have made all my dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday to the love of my life!
  • You have become an irreplaceable part of my life darling and I cannot think of spending my life without you. Happy Birthday dear boyfriend.

Make your boyfriend’s birthday is made special with these various types of happy birthday boyfriend wishes. So visit 123NewYear and find some of the most lovely birthday wishes that are meant for your boyfriend and is sure to make him smile and happy.

Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mother is that one person who has taken care of you not only when you experienced highs, but also when you were down emotionally and physically.

Send wonderful birthday wishes for mom on her special day. The birthday wishes should come with a great party and beautiful gifts that make her feel special.

On your Mom’s birthday be sure to send her all the lovely wishes that let you express your true feelings of love for your mom. Here are some sweet wishes that can be used to say:

  • For that women who sacrificed all that she loved to give me all that I wanted. Happy Birthday to my Mom!.
  • I truly love you from the bottom of my heart Mom. Sorry for hurting you sometime. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • You have helped create wonderful memories during my childhood that I will cherish for life. Happy birthday Mom.
  • When I reach your age, if I can become like you, I will consider myself to be lucky. Happy birthday Mom.
  • In my teens I wanted to stay away from you and I realize now how much I must have hurt you. Sorry Mom. Now I want to stay by my side always. Love you. Happy birthday.
  • You have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to never give up. Thanks Mom. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • While growing up you gave me the best advice that I overlooked sometimes but now I realize the mistake I made by doing that. Happy birthday dear Mom.
  • Dad was strict and you wanted to seem strict but have indulged us in every way possible. Love you Mom. Happy Birthday.
  • No matter how far away I am from you, always remember that wherever you are will be my real home. Happy birthday Mom!

Birthday Quotes for Mom

Birthday quotes for mom can be from famous personalities or unknown people, but they all have one thing in common – they are dedicated to your lovely mother. These quotes can feature on birthday images and birthday cards for mom. Here are some quotes from famous personalities for making your mom feel special on her birthday:

  • The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. Honore de Balzac
  • Only mothers can think of the future – because they give birth to it in their children. Maxim Gorky
  • I was always at peace because of the way my mom treated me. Martina Hingis
  • My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence. Charlize Theron
  • Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder
  • I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. Abraham Lincoln
  • A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. Victor Hugo
  • Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. Erich Fromm

Birthday Cards for Dad

Dads have been our pillar of strength and support since childhood. Celebrate his birthday with grandeur and tell him how much you love him. One way to do that is with birthday cards for dad.

From the party to all the other celebrations, it should be centered on your father. The party should also have candles, balloons and cakes to welcome the next year filled with good luck, happiness and love.

Let him blow out the birthday candles and wish him another year filled with good health and happiness so that another birthday can be celebrated in the same way. Here are some sweet messages that can be part of happy birthday cards for dad:

  • You have many awards. You have been the best and truly deserve another award for “Best Dad”. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • You have always taught me that I should never give up if I want to achieve success. Thank you Dad. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • While growing up, I broke all my toys and you repaired them. Thank you for being the best mechanic in my life Dad. Love you. Happy Birthday!
  • I always aspired to become like you when I grew up. Hope I can be as dutiful and successful Dad. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • I always have been daddy’s little girl and hope to continue being so all my life. Love you daddy. Happy Birthday!
  • People say that I look like you dad. Hope I can look as god as you at your age. For the best looking man in my life, Happy Birthday Dad!
  • All through my life only one man has stood by me, my Daddy. Wishing the greatest daddy a very happy birthday!
  • Your wisdom has helped shape my future Dad. Thank you so much for being there for me. Wishing you a happy birthday Dad.
  • From the day I was born, I remember this person who has always been my pillar of strength. Wishing that amazing person a very happy birthday. Dad, Happy Birthday!
  • I have always been lucky to have you as my father, who has showered me with so much love and happiness. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • You have always taught me to reach for the stars. Sacrificed all your life to give me a good upbringing. Love you Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • You have given me enough reasons since childhood to stay happy. Hope I can also give some happiness in return Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • I could never understand the troubles you faced when I was a kid. Now that I have grown up I can understand and appreciate your love and sacrifices. Sorry for all the times I hurt you. Happy Birthday Dad. Love you!
  • If I started receiving a penny for each time you made me smile. I would be rich. Thank you Dad for making me the richest person. Happy Birthday!

These sweet wishes, greetings and messages can also be part of e-Cards. Send your dad birthday e-Cards on his special day and surprise him. Visit 123NewYear and find a great collection of birthday cards that are meant for your dad.

Birthday Wishes for Boss

Birthdays are special for all. A birthday should have a party filled with gifts, a delicious cake and good wishes. Birthday wishes for boss are sure to make you his favorite employee. Here are some great birthday wishes for the boss:

  1. Wishing you happiness, health and success on your birthday! You are the greatest boss in the whole world! Happy Birthday Boss
  2. I pray to the Lord to give you a great birthday and may the coming year be filled with happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday, Boss!
  3. You are an amazing boss, guiding us through our every step. On your birthday we want you to know how much we appreciate you and pray for your success. Happy Birthday.
  4. Wishing the greatest boss, guide and supporter a very happy birthday!
  5. Hope that your life is just as amazing as you have made ours with your continued support and guidance. Happy birthday Boss.
  6. It has been a pleasure to have worked for you under your guidance. Your leadership has led us to victory and hope to continue working with you. Happy Birthday Boss.
  7. On your birthday I would like to wish you all the good luck. We have been lucky to have you as our boss. Happy Birthday!
  8. Your encouragement and inspiration has contributed to our success. Thank you, Boss. Happy birthday!
  9. Here’s to a great boss. Wishing him another year of success and good health. Happy Birthday Boss.
  10. The success we have achieved is just the reflection of the amazing training that you have given us. Happy Birthday, Boss.
  11. Under your leadership, work is never boring. Wishing you a great birthday, Boss.
  12. Wishing the coolest boss, a great year that is free from stress. Happy Birthday, Boss!
  13. You have been really helpful and motivated me to reach my target. Happy Birthday to the most generous Boss.
  14. Hope that your life is filled with success and may all the dreams come true! Happy Birthday Boss.
  15. Wishing the inspiration behind my success a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Boss.
  16. Wishing my boss, my mentor a great year filled with good health and a lot of wealth. Happy birthday, Boss!
  17. Your leadership and guidance has been the key to my success. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday Boss.
  18. On your birthday, we just have one agenda – celebration! So cheers to the most wonderful boss on his birthday!
  19. Boss today is your day, so relax and forget about deadlines. Let’s celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  20. Let us raise a toast to the success and good health of our boss. Happy Birthday!
  21. Wishing the great manager who taught me the secrets of success a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Boss!

So visit 123NewYear to find some of the best birthday wishes for your boss.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

A friend is a pillar of support that stands by you always at all times. Let them know how much you care for them with thoughtful wishes on their birthday! Here are some great birthday wished meant for your friend.

  1. Through all the ups and downs in life, you have always been there for me. Wishing a true friend like you a very happy birthday!
  2. Your friendship has given me some fantastic memories to cherish. May your life be as wonderful as you have made mine. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hope that your birthday cake is as sweet as you are, my dear friend. Happy birthday!
  4. Our friendship has been one of the greatest that life has given me. Have a wonderful birthday dear friend.
  5. Destiny had bought us together and made us such great friends. Hope this friendship continues for life. Cheers to our friendship and Happy Birthday!
  6. Sending my great friend some of the best and warmest wishes on your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  7. Some great people have been a part of my life but having an amazing person like you as my friend has been the greatest. Happy Birthday to my amazing friend!
  8. I have great admiration for a great friend like you. Hope our friendship stays this great forever. Happy Birthday buddy.
  9. You have gifted me some great memories, let’s create some for you on your birthday buddy. Get ready to party. Happy Birthday!
  10. Nobody understands me as well as you buddy. So wishing you a great year ahead. Happy Birthday!
  11. God has blessed me with many great relations; one of them is our friendship. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday buddy. Happy Birthday!
  12. Buddy you have become an irreplaceable part of my life. Hope we stay friends till the end of time. Wishing you a fabulous birthday!
  13. Friends are supposed to stick by you through thick and thin. You have done that job wonderfully. May you get all the happiness you wish to have. Happy Birthday!
  14. Another year has passed and our friendship continues to grow stronger each day. Cheers to our friendship. Happy Birthday dear friend.
  15. Happy Birthday. Your birthday gives us another reason to celebrate our true friendship that cannot be torn or broken.
  16. I might not mention it all the time but our friendship is quite precious for me. Dear buddy have a great year ahead and have a fantastic birthday. Happy Birthday!
  17. As a friend you have always believed in my dreams and supported me. Now it is my turn to thank you. Happy Birthday dearest buddy.
  18. Real friends are hard to find and once you find one you never let go. I have found mine, you, and I am not letting go. Wishing this real friend of mine a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

The relation between siblings is always special. Birthday of your sister is just as special. Celebrate your lovely sister’s birthday with great wishes.

Here are some fun and sweet birthday wishes just for your sister.

  1. Childhood memories would be incomplete without a great sister like you. Happy Birthday!
  2. As a sister you have always been patient with me. So let’s celebrate your birthday with great grandeur as a thank you. Happy Birthday!
  3. Whether I was down physically or emotionally, having a sister like you meant I would definitely get better. Love you my sister. Happy Birthday!
  4. We might fight all the time but we love each other to death, that is the beauty if sisterhood. Happy Birthday.
  5. Sisters are sent from heaven by God to remind us that angels exist. I have my own angel. Sending the angel of my life, my sister, great birthday wishes. Happy Birthday!
  6. God has sent me a best friend in the disguise of a sister. Thank you God and wishing that sister all the luck in the world. Happy Birthday!
  7. After a tough day full of pressure and sadness all I need is a hug from a great sister like you. Happy Birthday to the greatest sister in the world.
  8. Happy Birthday to the greatest critic in the world, my sister. Without your criticism I could not have reached great heights.
  9. Not everyone is perfect but our imperfections make us fantastic siblings. Cheers to our imperfections. Wishing my sister happy Birthday!
  10. Sis you are that treasure box that holds the greatest memories of our childhood. Happy Birthday!
  11. You are an amazing person and deserve all the happiness. Wishing my amazing sister Happy Birthday.
  12. I am on the top of the world with you as my sister. Have a wonderful birthday dear sis. Happy Birthday!
  13. I am blessed to have a perfect person like you as my sister. Happy Birthday dear sister!
  14. I have this burning desire to copy you in all ways though I might make a fool of myself. Wishing the coolest sister on earth a very happy birthday!
  15. Birthday wishes for the only person with whom I can share all my secrets. Enjoy and have a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!
  16. Our relation has stood through tough times, so I am sure nothing can come between brother and sister. So have a blast at your birthday Sis. Happy Birthday!
  17. Being sisters, I have the right to use your things and I do because you have great taste. Thank you for sharing everything. Happy Birthday!
  18. You are the sunshine that chases away all the darkness in my life. Love you my sister. Happy Birthday!
  19. Your advice has helped me through tough times. I am lucky to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Having a brother, elder or younger, can be fun while growing up. Make the birthday of your brother special with cute and sweet messages. Here are some sweet birthday messages for your brother.

  1. Having a great brother like you is a blessing in disguise. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday!
  2. You have been my best friend since I was born. Here is celebrating our friendship. Have a wonderful birthday brother!
  3. We have shared such priceless moments as brother and sister. I am so lucky to have you as my brother. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  4. Despite numerous misunderstandings you have been always been there for me. Wishing the greatest brother on earth a very happy birthday!
  5. You have been the Google of my life, helping me solve all problems. Thank you bro. Happy Birthday!
  6. Brother, you have been a huge pillar of support in my life. I love you and hope you have a great birthday!
  7. As we grew up I realized how lucky I am having you as my brother. I wish you all the success in life and have a great birthday!
  8. Mom and Dad are always giving presents, but a brother like you is the greatest present I have received from them. Love you bro and happy birthday!
  9. Whatever life has thrown my way, you have been my wall of support always. Thank you and enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday my dearest brother!
  10. When other kids looked up to superheroes like Batman and Superman, I had my very own superhero – You, my brother. Have a great birthday. Happy Birthday!
  11. On my brother’s birthday, I wish that his life is filled with love, happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday!
  12. I wish that on your birthday that we, me and my brother, remain inseparable till the end of time. Happy Birthday!
  13. As a brother, the biggest job is to love and protect your sister. I would like to congratulate on your birthday the wonderful job that you have done. Happy Birthday!
  14. For my brother, I present you with a bouquet of love and good wishes so that you always stay this great. Happy Birthday!
  15. On your birthday let us celebrate the brotherhood and promise to stick together forever.  Happy Birthday my brother.
  16. From funny pranks to great conversations, you and I have shared many precious moments together. Wishing the greatest brother of all time a very happy birthday!
  17. As brother and sister we have spent most of our time fighting but that does not mean I have not noticed how much you care for me.  I have the best brother so cheers to our sweet and salty relation. Happy Birthday!
  18. Whenever I got into trouble I knew I could count on you to bail me out. Though I did many stupid things you, my lovely brother, have always helped me out. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!