Top New Years Destinations

When the New Year festivity knocks at the doorstep; Gear up to pack your bags and fly off to the most sought-after and superb New Year destinations located round the world. You too, Welcome New Year in a great style. Select a New Year destination of your own choice and take your big bunch of friends and family. Get Top 5 New Year Eve Destinations around the world.

Top 5 New Year Eve Destinations:

Times Square, USA

On the even of New Year Times Square in New York comes alive. The streets are jam packed, loud music can be heard, sparkles and glitter of the crackers, overshadow the stars in the sky at night. Locals and tourists from far-flung areas opt New York as their New Year destination because of its liveliness that is exuberated on the 31st December. Times Square gets packed to the hilt and as the countdown begins, everyone shouts 10, 9,8…3,2,1 and HAPPY NEW YEAR. When you are here, you will agree with the fact that New Yorkers know how to party. Swanky hotels, local pubs, discos, delectable meals in restaurants and cafeterias are all here to make your night special.

Sydney, Australia

Ring in the New Year with the spectacular fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To accompany you will be the brilliantly coordinated music being played in the background. In the middle of all the celebration, a boat ride in the Sydney harbour is truly the perfect icing on the cake.

London, England

Watch out the final countdown alongside the Big Ben and see London explode in brilliant lights and colors. See the brilliance of fireworks over Thames River and join in thousands others to welcome the New Year with the big bang.

Paris, France:

One of the beautiful cities: Paris is also one of the most popular New Year destinations in the world. On the New Year Eve the City of Light comes into full force. Two places which attract the maximum crowd are the Champs Elyse’s and the Eiffel tower.

Tokyo, Japan

Fun and frolic on the streets of Tokyo elevates the New Year carnival. The hangover of the New Year celebration prevails for about a week in Tokyo. In the midnight chortling of the temple’s bells can be heard. People visit temples and pray for happiness and prosperity for the upcoming year.

New Year Breaks in UK

Do you want to celebrate your much awaited New Year break in a luxurious but different way? If you really want to relax and welcome the New Year with your beloveds amidst candlelight dinners and vintage wines, you can check out some outstanding destinations in the UK where you can relax and get pampered, listed below:

ENGLAND: Searching for some stunning scenery, dramatic landscapes or a fascinating history, along with exquisite holiday resorts to enjoy the New Year break? England is the place to visit. Within few hours of driving, you can visit some exotic places, from the tradition clad resorts at the sea-side, to the national parks to the historic towns as well. For example you must have heard about Blackpool-the seaside resort that dazzles with bright lights, numerous shops selling the very famous fish and chips, or various amusement arcades? You can also enjoy the Victorian piers there or simply take a leisurely ride of the traditional tram across the beach.

If you manage to move towards the north, you get The Lake District, The national Park of England that includes 12 lakes altogether. You will definitely like its traditional cultural heritage, ancient woodland, breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes and abundant wildlife.

You can also visit the ‘the Jewel in the Irish Sea’ or the Isle of Man which is self governed, but has many things to offer to tourists. Enjoy the beauty of the 200 sq miles countryside, decorated with beautiful seaside and lots of attractions. You can also visit Somerset, where you get everything you need during a New Year break, like historic cities, well decorated resorts, traditional buckets, as well as the scenic beauty of Mendip hills. If you like to explore islands during holidays, you can check out the Channel Islands which are shrouded with stunning coasts, fascinating beaches and impressive wildlife. You will fall in love with the relaxed pace of life here and it will surely leave a long lasting impression on you. You can be charmed with Cheshire with Diversified landscapes and famous waterways. The picturesque beauty of Peak District, Liverpool- the cultural capital of Europe as well as the Buxton’s spa town will surely be the places to visit. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful grass lands of Cotswolds or the Marvern Hills. Don’t also forget to explore the colorful past of the place with a visit to the Sudeley Castle or the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Lincolnshire is blessed with beaches with exotic resorts, and the cathedrals and castles of the Lincoln city is something you cannot miss to see! You cannot forget city of London when you are in the UK. Witness the heritage of England, with Tower of London or Houses of Parliament, or see the trendy river cruises from the top of the London Eye. For shopping, you can explore the elegant shops of Yorkshire or Harrogate, or you can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Scarborough or Whitby at their seaside resorts. For historic Cathedrals and castles don’t forget to visit the County Durham and the Northumberland. Here you will also be mesmerized by the golden sands, and breathtaking view of the beaches.

SCOTLAND: Another country in the UK, which is full of heritage and rich in culture. It is blessed with some mind blowing scenery you can ever imagine. You can find Highlands as well as islands here apart from the stylish shops of Edinburgh contradicting with the peace and quiet atmosphere of West Coast. If you crave for pure air, exotic countryside view, as well as some finest vintage whisky, you can get it at the Loch Lomond and the Central Highlands. You will simply love the spectacular scenery of the West Highland Line or the Falkirk Wheel or the Balmoral Castle. Enjoy the stunning coastlines with the crashing waves, at the Ayrshire and Galloway coastlines of the southernmost part of the country and don’t miss the dramatic cliffs bounded by the secluded bays. Through a visit to the northern ‘Highlands and Islands’ you can tour the treasure trove of the Scottish Isles or the rocky coastline of the Wester Ross.

IRELAND: At this part of the UK, you can get the dramatic beaches with loads of attractions, breathtaking natural beauty, and warm Scottish hospitality. There are so many things to enjoy here, the Cork and Kerry, the legendary Distillery Trail or the Blarney Stone and many more. You will enjoy the buzzing city of Dublin or the seaside resorts of the city of Bray. The Emerald Isle will give you the enchanting feeling and you can get an opportunity of sightseeing, Shopping, exploring horticulture or history-anything under the sun in this part of the world!

The Northern islands Ireland is a unique combination of myth and mystery clubbed with legends and awesome scenic beauty as well as breathtaking landmarks. Don’t forget to visit the very dramatic Giant’s Causeway, the exciting city of Belfast or the beautiful Glenveagh National Park. You can also enjoy the stunning seascapes and landscapes of the South East of Ireland with the rich heritage and colorful history. You will be pleased with the always extended Irish hospitality anywhere you go. A visit to the Waterford or the cities like Kilkenny or Wexford will never disappoint you as far as enjoyment is concerned. You can explore the West Coast for the beautiful Burren, Galway or the dramatic cliffs of Moher and many more.

WALES: It is a wonderful place to visit because you will get the sandy beaches, spectacular coastlines, well decorated resorts, and a treasure of beautiful landscapes of the Brecon Beacons National Park or the Pembrokeshire National Park. Visit the Outstanding Gower Peninsula or the Scenic Vale of Glamorgan to explore the perfect blend of the tradition and trend of the rich colorful history that lies underneath. The Snowdonia National Park or the wonderful Isle of Anglesey will also give you a good visual treat. South Wales is a place which will give you an opportunity to witness the town of Tenby and the coastal resort of Saundersfoot which you will surely like.

You can welcome the New Year in a different manner by exploring the wild winter countries of UK. You with your family can enjoy the warmth and comfort as you sink your feet into the coastlines of the beaches or raise the “toast” to welcome a new beginning in front of some wild bonfire. Will not that be a great way to enjoy with your beloved as the end of one year merges with the beginning of the other?

New Year Breaks

If you think that you are the only one contemplating about the forthcoming 2019 New Year break, you are wrong. There are many enthusiasts who are also doing the same thing. There is already an upsurge in 2019 New Year holiday destination searches on the Internet. To avoid the last minutes catastrophe and to enjoy a peaceful holiday, people now think of New Year holidays much before their New Year breaks.

The holiday session in America and many other Christian counties begin with the Christmas. During this time attendance in schools and offices become sparse since everyone goes to shop for the coming festivals and vacation. New Year is therefore the time for festivity and celebration for all.

After a long and stressful year we all quite deservingly look forward to the New Year break. It is the time for us to plan a trip with the family, visit relatives or plan a vacation with our loved ones. We all therefore wait eagerly for the holiday period at the end of the year.

If you are planning for a New Year break in 2019 here is your guide to help you plan for the most memorable New Year vacation.

Famous New Year Holiday Destination

For many this is the period to take break from the regular routines and fly off to an exotic holiday destination to relax. New Year holiday destination is therefore one of the most searched terms on the Internet. Following is a list to some of the most favorite tourist destinations where you can plan your 2019 New Year break.

If you are planning a vacation in any of the famous tourist destinations you may plan ahead since most of these places are crowded during the holidays.

Australia: Australia is a great place to visit during the New Year holidays. Each of the major cities in Australia holds spectacular shows during New Year celebration. There are firework, road shows, parties and parades to celebrate the beginning of a new year. In Brisbane, around 50,000 people every year gather at different places around the Brisbane River to watch firework display. Sydney in particular is popular for a magnificent celebration of New Year. The light and firework show in the Sydney Horbour Bridge is usually based on a theme. Every year tourists gather around the Sydney Horbour Bridge to witness the spectacle and to commemorate the beginning of a new year.

England: People from every part of the world pour in to London to commemorate the New Year. The main celebration happens on Palace of Westminster, popularly known as the Big Ben. The New Year is celebrated with firework show, which started with the clock striking the midnight and continues well past in the New Year. In 2013, around 250,000 people had gathered around Big Ben to welcome the New Year.

The London New Year celebration continues in January 1st with New Year’s Day Parade. The New Year celebration in London is directly telecasted by BBC in England and Welsh.

Paris: Paris is another favorite tourist destination, which attracts vacationers from around the world. The New Year Eves celebration in Paris is called le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestr, which is a feast consisting traditional dishes of foie gras, sea foods and champagne.

The New Year day celebration is called le Jour de l’An. The main celebration of the day happens on the Eiffel Tower where most people gather to witness the spectacular display of fireworks.

Brazil: For fun, frolic and beaches- Brazil is one of the most sought after tourist destination of the world. Tourists throng the beaches of Brazil to enjoy few days freely and without worries. New Year celebration in Brazil is therefore a special attraction.

The Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is where the special occasion is held. The beach at Copacabana is considered as the location for one of the greatest New Year celebration with spectacular firework display. Hence, if you have not yet decided to for your 2019 New Year break then you can put Brazil in your list.

What more? You can enjoy the warm tropical climate, blue sea along with the regular funs of the beaches.

United States: The Time Square of the New York City remains the main attraction for New Year celebration. Ball dropping for last 100 years has remained the tradition to mark the celebration of New Year. Thousands of people gather in Times Square to behold the tradition.

Las Vegas is another place where New Years day celebration is a grand event. Las Vegas is always one of the main tourist’s attractions in USA. The city is considered as the dream city and the city of fortune because of its many casinos and vibrating life style. The New Year celebration in Las Vegas is therefore a show of extravagance and prosperity.

For many people New Year break is the time to reunite with friends and family. Many of us fly to visit our parents and siblings during the time. Hence, you have a full liberty to plan your vacation in your special way. For many of us the financial condition is still stringent and many of us still have to live of a shoe string budget. Hence, it might not be possible for many households to plan an extravagant 2019 New Year break. If you too are on a strict budget and can’t visit all the international locations, how about withdrawing for some days to a quite country location? You can enjoy a quite holiday with your loved one in a farmhouse, away from the worries of urban life. This will freshen up your mind and rejuvenate your strength. You will find anew vigor to face the new challenges of life.

Hence, take no chance and plan a holiday of your life to make it the most memorable of all your New Year breaks. So, start planning and look forward to the New Year Vacation.