Royal Caribbean Cruises

Never been on a cruise and planning for a one, then Royal Caribbean Cruises is the liner to choose. Elegant, romantic, luxurious and ever soothing Royal Caribbean Cruises attract travelers from all walks of life.

This cruise liner is world famous for its up market cruises where sumptuous food prepared by world class chefs, smiling crew members, insightful interiors, dance floors loaded with food tapping music all can be found under one roof. The best part of Royal Caribbean Cruises is that all these facilities are nearly inclusive in its pricing structure.

Before finally taking the Royal Caribbean Cruises one needs to choose a destination, duration of the cruise, star category of the cruise liner (be/w 3 start – 6 star) and the type of cruise that one would like to go for. Royal Caribbean Cruises offers various cruises like theme cruises, family cruises, cultural voyages, sports cruises etc.

Royal Caribbean Cruise liners, operated by Royal Caribbean International, Miami Florida has the worlds largest fleet of cruise consisting of 19 ships, offering varied choices for travelers. Royal Caribbean International with its very young, modern and great looking ships carries behind it a great good will of service and hospitality offering a range of itineraries. Its cruise liners depart from 38 different ports of the world sailing to 7 different continents.

All the liners for the Royal Caribbean Cruises have a signature lounge on the top of the ship which is more commonly known as the Viking Crown Lounge. This lounge offers all its guests a panoramic view of the ocean, a sight to die for. This lounge also houses an in-house program specially conducted for the on board kids.

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Some of the facilities offered on board on the Royal Caribbean cruises include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas and salons
  • Casinos
  • Nightclubs
  • Sports pool
  • Bars and pubs
  • Creative and delicious restaurants
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program

This cruise liner is completely apt and friendly when it comes to elderly or the physically challenged travelers as it houses trained cruise staff, qualified medical services and even an emergency clinic.

With all the world class facilities and services available at such affordable prices, there cannot be any excuse given for not choosing the Royal Caribbean Cruises when going for a cruise vacation.

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New Year River Cruises

This New Year if you looking to have an authentic experience encircled with comforting accommodation and gracious service then go for New Year River Cruises

Cruise in the Venice Lagoon:

If you are in Venice to celebrate the New Year holiday, don’t forget to take a break and enjoy Cruise in the Venice Lagoon. The cruise ship moors at Riva Sette Martiri overlooking stunning views across to San Giorgio Maggiore and Sante Maria della Salute. You can gain an easy access to Castello and a 15 minutes’ walk along the waterfront to St Mark’s Square. Your New Year River Cruise will encompass St Mark’s Square and local churches unveiling Venice’s artistic heritage.

New Year Rhine Valley Cruise:

Partake in a New Year Cruise through the romantic Rhine Valley and capture the beauty of stunning places like Amsterdam, Koenigswinter and Strasbourg. On the Grand New Year Rhine Valley Cruise, you can enjoy comforting luxury and sumptuous king-size meal.

New Year Nile River Cruise in Egypt:

THere’s more to Egypt than the legendary pyramids. New Year Nile River Cruises combines visits to the main sights of Egypt. Nile River cruise can Itinerary can include Luxor, Aswan, Cairo and Pyramids.

New Year Danube River Cruise

A New Year River Cruise on the legendary Danube River will visit there European hugely popular and beautiful capital cities- Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava Celebrating the New Year in the comfort and enjoying New Year’s Eve dinner and champagne served onboard will be a delightful experience.

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New Year Danube River Cruise from Nuremberg to Vienna

A New Year Cruise on River Danube through Austria and Germany is a nice way to step in a New Year. Cruising through Germany; enjoy the festivities and fireworks. While cruising, overlook historic towns of Nuremberg, medieval Regensburg, and one of Germany’s oldest cities, Passau.

In New Year Cruise in Austria view the beautiful Wachau Valley, enjoy excursion to Salzburg or visit the 900 year-old Benedictine Melk.

New Year Cruise on the Rhine

Celebrate New Year enjoy a 900 mile journey on Rhine River passing from the Alps through the four European countries. The Rhine River delights revelers with old and new cities, quaint riverside towns and villages and the spectacular vistas of landscapes.

River Seine and Paris New Year Cruise

A 5 night cruise from Paris through Normandy to the coast and back. See in the New Year from the comfort of your cruise ship, moored for the occasion in the centre of Paris.

Cruise highlights include visits to historic Rouen and Honfleur, the coastal towns of Deauville and Trouville, and a chance to see the fabulous Chateau de Malmaison. Spend New Year’s Eve and Day in Paris, soaking up the atmosphere and discovering all this spectacular city has to offer.

New Year Cruise – Paris and the River Seine

New Year Cruise on the River Seine unveils the vistas of vibrant Paris. Highlights of the cruise include historic Rouen and Honfleur, the coastal towns of Deauville and Trouville, fabulous Chateau de Malmaison and magic of Paris city.

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Popular Cruise Destinations for New Year

Tired of celebrating the New Years Eve in the same regular way or just tired of meeting the same people over dinners on a New Year table and dying for a change.

Then, a New Year cruise can be the best option to choose and to enjoy your New Years like never before.

New Year Cruise Destinations

There are plenty of popular cruise destinations for New Year that can be chosen from, while planning for a New Year cruise. Some of these destinations offer a cruise as long as 5 to 7 days loaded with adventure and fun. Some of the most popular cruise destinations for New Year have been discussed below is brief.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong New Year cruise is slowly but steadily becoming on of the most popular cruise in the past few years. Scenic beauty, breath taking locales and mesmerizing rural areas all are very enticing and inviting for people looking for e enjoyable trip.

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Sydney, Australia

The famous Sydney harbor bridge is world famous for various world cruises all across the globe. The glittering fireworks that happen on the occasion of the New Year’s is the main attraction of the cruise. The cruise liner covered with lights cruises all along the Harbour all through the night. Harbour of Light parade is one of the added attraction of this cruise that attracts a large number of national and international tourists ever year on this cruise.


This New Year cruise is one the most exotic cruise tour preferred by people looking for sun, sand, surf and sex. Hawaii, popularly known as the lover’s paradise amongst couples ensures to enchant people with its unique customs and traditions.

New York

New York, brindled with carious river and water bodies offers to be one of the most popular cruise destinations for New Year. New York cruise for the New Year begins from Manhattan and sails through the Statue of liberty, leaving tourists in complete awe of this wonder of the world.

A New Year cruise at one of the popular cruise destinations for New Year can be a great way to welcome the footsteps of the New Year. An entertaining black tie party or a foot thumping dance floor or just a glass of champagne overlooking the beauty of the ocean with glittering firework in the background can be ‘the’ thing to make you feel all content and complete on this New Years Eve.

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New Year Mini Cruises

Are you planning for a cruise trip during the New Year? New Year mini cruise, organized by different cruise lines are there to help you. These mini cruise trips for New Year offer you an excellent opportunity to spend the New Year in a new and relaxing way.

These mini cruises are affordable yet they offer everything, which you can get from a lavish New Year cruise trip. You can have all the information about the New Year mini cruise online. There are many leading cruise lines, which offer mini cruise trips for New Year. Most of these cruises offer package tours. Some of the best cruise trips are mentioned below:

Stena Line: It is one of the best and most popular ferry operators in the continent of Europe. This cruise line offer a largest number of destinations and routes. This cruise trip covers North Sea routes, Scandinavian routes, and Irish Sea routes. This cruise line offers separate offer for different economy classes. For example, Stena Line offers Economy, Flexi, and Premium packages.

Economy has the lowest fare. Flexi fare is made for those, who are not sure about their trip. Premium fare offers you the first class treatments for you. The New Year cruise offered by Stena Line starts around the duration of New Year.

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Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries is one of the most popular ferry companies in European continent. This ferry company offers several cruise trip through out the year, however, during the New Year too, this company offers a number of mini cruise trips. You can select the destination among Portugal, France, and Spain. This ferry company offers one of the most conventional fleets and it offers more than 50 percent to the Western Channel routes. However, the most popular route, offered by this cruise line is between Plymouth and Portsmouth, Poole, and France and Spain. You can have discounts on off seasons.

Condor Ferries: This ferry operates mainly in the UK. This ferry company offers services to Western France and Channel Islands. This ferry offers south coast ports to Portsmouth, Poole, and Weymouth, Channel Island ports to Guernsey and Jersey, and Western France ports to Cherbourg and St Malo.

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New Year Luxury Cruises

People around the world find out many exciting ways to celebrate their new year in the best possible manner. Celebrating the New Year with your beloved in a luxury cruise is among the most exciting experience both for yourself and your loved ones.

There are many New Year luxury cruises, which offer their guests a unique way to celebrate the New Year. These New Year luxury cruises represent a new meaning of celebration and spending leisure time. Complete with the all the world-class luxuries and comforts, with these New Year luxury cruises you are sure to turn your New year celebration one of the most memorable one.

Luxury Cruises on New Year

Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises is a superb class luxury cruise that will let you experience the unreached corners of the world. Your tour will be a memorable one when it is a special occasion, such as the New Year. Azamara Cruises symbolizes long saga of hospitality and service offered to their guests in the most unique way. Your New Year celebration will definitely turn into one of your most precious memories with Azamara Cruises. With Azamara Cruises, you can sail to any part of Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Transatlantic and Panama Canal to spend your New Year holidays.

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Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is a reputed name in the world of luxury cruise holiday planners. The cruise operates in most parts of the world, such as Alaska, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Panama Canal. Representing a finest class of luxury holiday planners, Crystal Cruises have generated tremendous name and fame among its guests and visitors. Complete with the world-class service offerings the cruise has become the first choice for celebrating New Year vacation for couples, family, and friends. Experience a pleasant New Year celebration with Crystal Cruises.

Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruises has got the required expertise to turn your New Year celebration into one of the best you have celebrated so far. Sailing in the ocean with your family and friends, your New Year eve is really going to be the most fantastic and enjoyable one.

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New Year Cruises in Los Angeles

From adult entertainment to family oriented fun and frolic, from formal black tie elegance to casual cacophony, from multiple night cruises to few hours of wildness, from million dollar luxury to mission Pacific on a budget, from Hollywood glamour to Downtown chic, when we talk of New Year cruises in Los Angeles, the options available are endless.

Los Angeles cruises ring the New Year sailing along the Pacific coastline. A comparatively moderate weather that California has the pleasure of enjoying makes such cruises so much more enjoyable.

Partying on the Pacific Coast: At New Year’s Eve the coolest party destination on the city would be on a luxury yacht that would take you to cruise the Pacific coastline. From theme parties to classic music, from all you can have food and drink to relaxing room reservations, you can choose just what suits your taste and budget. In the greater Los Angeles area, the ship Queen Mary is float at Long Beach to host those who would like to have the on the deck experience without wanting to set sails too far.

Dining and Drinking: Depending upon the package you choose, your cruise experience may include a classic American buffet or an exotic sit down fine dining. Limited portions of beverages, alcoholic or non alcoholic, are generally included. Some hosts also offer unlimited food and drinks. There are others where you have to pay for just what you consume. Make sure you read your brochure right and know what to expect.

Entertainment: From Casino experience to glitzy fashion shows, from live music to dance recitals, you may experience simply anything in one of these ships. All you need to do is to make the reservations at the right voyage. Also no New Year cruise would be complete without a DJ night and a dance floor where you can say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one wrapping your arms around your loved one.

Tips for Hassle Free Enjoyment: Since millions of people from all around the world gather to enjoy the Rose parade that is held annually on the New Year’s Day in Pasadena, just a few miles away from Los Angeles, you should be prepared for crowded streets and slower traffics. The latter can also be attributed to the general festive spirit. Speaking about spirits, according to the law prevalent in Los Angeles area serving alcoholic beverages stop at 2 am. Parties that continue post 2 in the morning can offer only non alcoholic drinks. And if you are someone who is likely to get high on the spirits, the transport authority in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles offers free rides on metro rails and buses for safely of you and your likes. To handle the high traffic congestion, public transportation operates all night at an interval of twenty minutes. As such reaching the pickup point for your cruise or getting home once you are dropped off should not be too much of a hassle for you.

Some Popular Cruising Itineraries:

Name of the Cruise
Additional Details
New Year’s Eve Celebrations Dessert Cruise Hornblower Cruises $99 per adult (discounts available for Senior Citizens and Military Personnel ) 10pm to 1 am Departs from Marina del Rey,
Parking facility is limited,
Dessert Display,
Welcome drink of Champagne,
Live DJ,
Cash Bar,
Party Favors.
New Year’s Eve Celebrations Gala Dinner Hornblower Cruises $99 per adult (discounts available for Senior Citizens, children aged four to twelve, and Military Personnel ) 9pm to 12-30 am Departs from Marina del Rey,
Parking facility is limited,
Four course sit down dinner,
Welcome drink of Champagne,
Live DJ,
Cash Bar,
Party Favors.
New Year’s Eve Yacht Party 2019 Un4seen Productions $140- $165 per adult 9-30pm to 1-30 am Luxurious Yacht with three levels, outdoor decks, lounges and two dance floors;
Departs from the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro;
Open Bar,
Premium Champagne Drink,
Appetizer Buffet,
Party Favor.

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New Year Cruises in London

Each year thousands of people come together on the bank of Thames to welcome the New Year. This year you need not be one of the crowds thronging the viewing area to catch a glimpse of the fireworks organized by the Mayor of London.

Instead, start the beginning of the New Year luxuriously and in style as you say cheers with a glass of bubbly and your partner, friends or family floating on the River Thames as the Big Ben strikes twelve ushering in the New Year. Depending on the facilities offered, there are a plethora of options available for you to choose from according to your budget offered by various companies.


Some of the common facilities offered by most of the Cruise Lines are discussed below along with the safety tips that would ensure a happy ending to the year gone by and also to your cruising experience. Last, but not the least, reservations should be made way beforehand for places get filled up pretty soon.


Fireworks along Thames: As the Big Ben strikes twelve on the New Year’s Eve the skyline of London is set ablaze by the greatest annual fireworks that are organized. The beautiful tracks in the background set the mood. As the magical display comes to an end people (strangers or friends) join hands together to sign Auld Lang Syne. Sigh and get dreamy eyed as you recap your resolutions for the upcoming New Year.


Dining and Drinking: Most cruises offer a set menu, either buffet or in a formal sit down style. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences you should notify when you make reservations. On the day, the mad rush does not leave room for last minute request for changes. Wine, beer and soft drinks are offered in most cruises and are mostly included in the package. If you want something more exotic to drink, be prepared to pay extra. Bottled water is usually provided complimentary but in a limited quantity – if you want more, be prepared to pay. Responsible behavior is expected from all guests.


Entertainment: Many cruise lines offer live entertainment shows on board. Enjoy your drink as you watch live performers set the stage on fire.


Dancing and DJ Night: Whether you enjoy tapping your feet or dancing away wildly, your cruise experience would mostly have DJ playing party music to enhance the party mood. Some however offer recorded music or informative commentary.


Tips for Hassle Free Enjoyment: Most New Year cruises are offered to people who are above twenty one years of age. People are expected to be dressed formally unless there is a theme assigned. Nights on the River Thames can get pretty cold – so you should be prepared accordingly. Expect traffic delays, and even road blockages in some parts due to New Year parades, so start from home early so that you get on board on time. Public transports may have a long queue and parking may not be available in the vicinity, so be prepared to walk for some distance. Overall, to enjoy the New Year’s Eve you should act mature and responsible.


Some Popular Cruising Itineraries

Name of the Cruise
Departs from
Additional Details
New Year’s Eve 2019 – Sight Seeing and Firework cruise on board the M/V Hollywood Westminster Pier £75 per adult 9pm to 12-30am Background Music or Commentary;
Snacks and Beverages offered for purchase;
View of London Eye and midnight Fireworks display;
No reserve seating.
M. V. Wyndham New Year’s Eve party cruise Westminster Pier £175 per adult 8pm to 1 am Live DJ;
Complimentary House Wines, Beer and soft drinks;
Welcome drink and Champagne to toast at midnight;
Seasonal Buffet;
Cash Bar;
Dance Floor.
New Year’s Eve Symphony Cruise Embankment Pier £205 to £300 per adult 7-30pm to 1 am Eligibility – 12 yrs +;
Business Casuals Dressing;
Welcome drink;
5 course set menu;
Live Entertainment;
Celebratory Champagne at midnight.
New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Cruise Tower pier £269 per adult 8-15pm to 1-15 am Welcome Drink;
Live Entertainment;
4 course Dinner;
Dress Code – Festive;
Licensed Cash Bar;
Complimentary Wine and Bottled Water (Limited);
Reserved seating available on request;
Champagne at midnight.
New Year’s Eve Galaxy Cruise Tower pier £119 per adult 10-15pm to 12-45am Welcome goody bag with small bottle of champagne (or soft drink if asked for), snacks and chocolates.
Upper viewing deck;
Licensed Cash Bar.
New Year’s Eve River Party Tower pier £99 per adult 10 pm to 2 am Live DJ;
VIP Booth — £1500 for 8 adults Licensed Cash Bar and Snacks for purchase;
VIP booth includes champagne, Vodka mixers and shots.
New Year’s Eve Stargazer Cruise Tower pier £109 per adult 10-30pm to 1 am Glass-top boat with panoramic view of the city;
Licensed Cash Bar;
goody bag with small bottle of champagne (or soft drink if asked for), snacks, smoked salmon, cream cheese bagel, and chocolates.

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New Year Cruises in Jamaica

Jamaica is a must stop over on any cruise itinerary in the Caribbean. You can choose from a wide option for cruises in Jamaica. Most of the major cruise liners have this island on their cruise itinerary. This tropical paradise with its white beaches and lush mountains is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

The distinctive reggae beat is the heartbeat of this island nation. The lush landscape with its untamed beauty and the misty Blue Mountains sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations.


Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, and Costa Cruises operates most of the cruises to Jamaica. If you are choosing one of the cruises in Jamaica, you are most likely to depart from Florida in the US. The cruise liners depart from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Tampa.


The Jamaican cruises normally enter through Port Antonio, Montego Bay, or Ocho Rios in Jamaica. The cruise port at Montego Bay is called Freeport. It features a terminal building, shops, disabled facilities, and an information booth. The town is just a 20-minute walk from here.


Ocho Rios port is a five to ten minutes walk from the town. It features an information booth, internet facilities and a Caribbean-themed entertainment centre – Island Village Shopping Centre. Port Antonio features its own marina, disabled facilities, and an internet café. It is just five-minutes walk from the town.


The most popular time to go here is between December and early April. The most popular time for cruises is during Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving. You can indulge in many on shore activities while on your cruise here. Most of these are organized by the cruise lines and includes scuba diving, golfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, and tours. Booking for cruises in Jamaica can be done from two days to two weeks. These cruises can take you to various islands and ports.


While on your cruise, you can explore the north-west coast of Jamaica. It features rocky cliffs and the beaches of Negril are an ideal spot to watch spectacular sunsets. To the north is the famous Dunn’s River Falls. The beach resort of Montego Bay is the second largest city on the island. Gloucester Avenue, also known as the Hip Strip is lined with bars, restaurants, and shops.


The white sandy Doctors Cave Beach is famous for its mineral springs while Ocho Rios features numerous duty-free shops and a craft market. On the north-east coast is the romantic and historic coastal town of Port Antonio. Jamaica’s capital Kingston is on the south-east coast.

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New Year Cruises in Italy

Cruises in Italy assure visitors of exotic destinations, delectable cuisine, and charming people. Italy being a peninsula gives ample opportunity to visitors to explore the Adriatic Sea in the east, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea in the south, and Tyrrhenian Sea in the west.

Italy cruises enable tourists to explore Sicily, Aeolian Islands, and Sardinia. Italian cruises covering these destinations are undertaken in luxury yachts or ocean-liners which are in great demand among honeymoon couples and holiday tourists.


Adriatic Cruises

Adriatic Sea having a limestone seafloor is supposedly the bluest sea. The Croatian coast across the Adriatic Sea has an archipelago of almost 1250 islands of which 67 are inhabited. Many of these islands are less than 3 acres in area and resemble scattered marbles on a turquoise blue carpet. Yacht cruises in this archipelago between May and October are spectacular and in great demand.


Mediterranean Cruises

A Mediterranean cruise from Rome spanning over a period of approximately 12 days takes a tourist to Monte Carlo, Naples, Florence, Santorini, Kusadasi, Mykonos, Athens, Katakolon, Corfu, and Venice. Tourists may also restrict their cruise to Naples, Florence, Santorini and Venice over a period of 7 days. Mediterranean cruises are ideally undertaken in luxury cruise ships which offer deluxe hotel accommodation amenities and facilities. MSC Cruises, ALBA Tours, and Sunquest are some of the reputed Mediterranean Cruise organizers in Italy.


Sicily Cruise

Cruise tourists on a cruise to Sicily visit Taormina, Sorrento, Palermo, and Messina. Snow capped Mt.Etna is the principal attraction in Taormina. Taormina with its quiet gardens and squares and narrow streets resembles a medieval period Italian village. Sorrento popularly called the gateway to Pompeii is a picturesque island alluring visitors throughout the year. Pallermo the capital of Sicily, has a cosmopolitan culture of Arabic, Norman, Byzantine, and Jewish cultures. Messina in the north of Sicily is the gateway to this marvelous island.


Cruises in Italy are operated by Mediterranean Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Cunard Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Costa Mediterranean Cruises.

More New Years Cruises

New Year Cruises in Hawaii

Hawaii is among the top New Year Cruise destinations in the world. Hawaii Cruises are known to be most luxurious and celebrating the New Year in one of these cruises is a memorable experience forever. Complete with all the fun and enjoyment, the Hawaii cruises will let you feel this New Year in the most unique manner.

New Year Hawaii Cruises Attraction

Attractions in New Year Hawaii Cruises With time, Hawaii cruises have become more luxurious. They accommodate all the amenities and comforts of the modern world. You will love to spend your time in the luxury suites, spas, excellent restaurants, bars, DJs, and many more. The cabins in these cruises represent the most modern living of the present time.


Royal Carribean Hawaii New Year Cruises

Royal Carribean operates three famous cruise lines that offer to celebrate your New Year in a royal way. The famous Radiance of the Seas, Serenade of the Sea, and Rhapsody of the Seas are expert New Year cruises.

Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit is a world-class cruise operating in Hawaii. Truly called as the floating resort, carnival Spirit offers some of the most memorable things to do during this New Year. Celebrating the New Year in Hawaii with Carnival Spirit will be among the most memorable time in your life.

MS Zaandam

One of the most spectacular Hawaiian New Year cruises, ms Zaandam is a huge cruise that can comfortably accommodate nearly 1,440 people. Offering a 15-day long cruising experience, ms Zaandam will let you experience the most exciting time in your life. Enjoy Hawaii and the New Year thoroughly with ms Zaandam.

Princess Cruise Lines

Princess Cruise lines operates two of the most fabulous cruises in the world namely; Diamond Princess and Golden Princes. These two luxury cruises have all the amenities to turn your New Year a romantic one. Celebrate this New Year with Princess cruise Lines for an all together different experience.

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