Imagine New Year without decorations…it would be very dull and boring. Here are some very unique Chinese New year decorations for you turn the ambience into magical atmosphere.

The Chinese New Year decorations are done with handmade items. The Chinese people are very creative by nature and believe in preparing the decorative pieces at home. But, with the changing times people prefer shopping and getting the readymade decorative items from New Year stores.

Chinese New Year Decor Ideas

  • Chinese traditional lanterns are one of the very popular New Year decorations pieces. These red colored paper lanterns have traditional significance and are hung as, decorative pieces on either side of the walkways. The streets of China are adorned with these beautiful lanterns which are also, made with cloth and frills. The lanterns are not just used to illuminate the places but, it is considered to wade off the evil spirits.
  • The door and walls are adorned with paper cuttings and couplets. You can either get messages hung on the windows or can opt for couplets written on satin or velvet red fabrics.
  • Depending on the animal year of the Chinese calendar you can make the decorative pieces. Cut out figures of the various animal shapes can be part of the decorations for Chinese New Year. You can also, opt for dragons and lion made of colorful paper and hang them around on the walls for your home and shops.
  • For the dinners you can try out special table centerpieces. You can use floating red and gold colored candles. You can also, opt for various shaped candles for the table decorations on Chinese New Year.

  • Placing fresh oranges, tangerines and gold coins can also be very interesting option for adoring the tables. For this you can use simple glass cylindrical vase and put some gold coins in it with twinkle light to add dramatic effect to it.
  • Use the special floral arrangements like ‘Ikebana’ to adorn the tables and other corners of the New Year ambience. This is one of the very ancient styles of decorating the places during the New Year time in China.
  • For simple decorations you can try seasonal flowers like peach blossoms and chrysanthemums. All these are used to symbolize good luck, longevity and narcissus.
  • Money tree is prepared at home by yarn threads, and fake gold coins. These are hung from the branches made with the yarn. The Chinese believe that if these are placed in the right direction brings fortune and wealth.
  • Mark the word “fu” on walls and other places of home. This Chinese word means luck and is believed to bring good luck and happiness on the New Year.
  • Green plants and bushes are very integral part of the Chinese decorations. Bamboo shoots, pine springs and plum blossoms are very popular among these.

  • Chinese New Year Decoration

    Chinese New Year Decoration

  • Chinese people are very fond of sweets and candies. Candy trays are part of the New Year décor. Children especially, fall for this. Various types of candies and sweets are adorned on large tray and placed on the reunion table. These are not just liked by younger ones but, even adults love indulging sweet tooth on the Chinese New Year eve. Lychee nut, coconut, peanuts, cumquat and melons are some of the favorite candy flavors.
  • You can get tiny figurines of the animal which denotes the New Year. Place these on the tables as centerpieces or these can adorn the main table.

Wishing you all very Happy and prosperous New Year! Hope you try these innovative Chinese New Year decorations to spill the magic of luck and fortune in your home.

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