Its children who enjoy the most during Christmas. Especially because they associate Christmas with their favorite Santa, gifts and the like. For them Christmas is like a fairy tale and they are all set to be a part of it.

Make this Christmas special for them with some great Kids Christmas crafts. These craft ideas can be implemented in house. The materials and props can be from the homely stuffs and other decorative items.

Creative kids Christmas craft ideas can be used by schools too before Christmas holidays. These can be in turn used for the class room decorations. Teachers can include some of them as a part of the curriculum to make it more interesting.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular Christmas crafts for kids that they can take part in.

Top Kids Christmas Crafts


The Christmas Tree

What can be a better craft idea than the Christmas tree itself? Kids can get hold of art papers, boards, and colored papers and make their own little Christmas trees as they like. They can start by sketching a tree in the paper. Post that that they can cut it and paint it accordingly. Else they can also use cotton wool to make tree leaves and decorate it with bells, candies, X-Mas balls, ribbons, and so on. These small trees can decorated along with the huge ones on the Christmas Eve.

Paper Board Santa Claus

Kids are forever in love with the idea of Santa Claus. They feel a sense of adventure that Santa would come by the night and would give them their Christmas goodies. Therefore, it would be a good idea to let them make their own Santa Claus. They can use paper and mound board, red and white colored papers. For the whiskers and hat they can use velvet papers. Another option is small cloth pieces and cotton wool. These small cute Santas can be kept next to your kids bed or book shelves.

The Christmas Snowman

We have all loved the small, round bellied snow man’s when we were kids. Needless, to say our kids would love it too. A snow man is perhaps one of the easy kids Christmas crafts to make. All you need is two ping pong balls, adhesive, colored papers, beads, and some cotton. The figure of the snow man can be constructed by attaching two balls to one another. You can make the dress and other accessories with the paper, board and other materials.

Use some cotton wool on the feet of the snowman that would indicate the snow. The eyes, nose, lips of the snowman can be drawn on the ball using a good quality sketch pen.

Christmas Stalking

Children love the red Christmas stalking, as that’s where they think Santa would leave their gifts. Therefore, your child would be too engrossed to make one. The easiest option for a child is to make a stalking out of paper. Give your child some red glossy or velvet paper and let them make the Christmas stalking they way they want to.

The Christmas Goody Bag

This is something that you can make for your kid. Put some of his/her favorite cookies, chocolates, toys, and keep it beside the bed on the Christmas Eve. Nothing would make them more happy and ecstatic than this.

Make this Christmas special for your child with some sweet kids Christmas crafts.

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