So what’s on your table for Christmas? Are you planning for something special or going for the traditional platter? You can sure choose your favorite menu from some of the Christmas food traditions across the globe. Given below are some of the choices that you can make.

Christmas is a festival that is widely celebrated with lots of mirth and happiness. An important part of the festivity is food. Several countries have got their own Christmas cuisine delicacy.

If you are traveling to these places you can opt for these dishes. Else you can choose them from the restaurants, serving Christmas special meals. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Christmas Food Traditions around the World

In Australia

The famous platters for the Australians in Christmas are often a wholesome mix of barbeque of prawns, chicken and steak. The dessert would include sorbet or ice creams. Sometimes you also get wine cakes and fruit puddings.

In Finland.

The tradition Christmas platter here would be a casserole of Macaroni. The other delicious options are carrot and potato, rutabaga, with turkey or ham. Mix meat and fish platter is also popular option in Finland. As per the custom, after the meal it is best to opt for a sauna and then later go and visit the relative’s graves in the churches.

In Germany

The most famous Christmas meal in Germany is the Roasted Goose. The platter is accompanied by cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and parsnip. You also have carrots to go along with it. This is meal is usually served to family or friends on the Christmas Eve. Southern and rural Germany often feasts on games like venison and wild boar in such occasions.

In Italy

In Italy, you can expect the lunch to be spread into seven courses that would include antipasto, roast meat, a small portion of pasta, and two varieties of salad and sweet puddings. This is followed by fruit, cheese, chocolates and also brandy.

In Jamaica

In Jamaica the traditional Christmas dinner would include rice, chicken, gungo peas and curried goat. For desserts you can have various ice cream, sundaes and cake delicacies. You can also try out some of the wine and rum cookies.

In Norway

The Christmas meal in Norway is eaten on the Christmas Eve. The coastal regions would traditionally serve lutefisk, haddock, and cod. Food items like meatloaf, inland pork chops, and other special sausages are also eaten. For desserts you can fall back on the sinful chocolate cakes. You also get puddings of various flavors.

In South Africa

In South Africa the traditional Christmas dinner is the one served with Turkey. People visiting Turkey on the Christmas Eve relish the dish.

In Sweden

In Sweden you will find that a Smorgasbord Christmas meal is savored on Christmas Eve. This would include varieties of pork, shellfish, raw and cooked herring fish, brown beans, caviar and cheese.

These would be some of the well known Christmas food tradition across the globe.


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