The year is about to end and the festive mood is in full swing. The year end marks the high celebrations and this popular festival brings everybody together.

This occasion is celebrated for commemorating the birth of Lord Christ. There are lots of rituals and traditions being followed from quite a long time right from it were initiated.

This is when the concept of Santa Claus wrapping and bringing gifts to kids started. With time, kids became more associated with the Santa Claus concept and it became an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Today without Santa Claus, one can’t even imagine festivity to be complete.

Kids wait for gifts from Santa Claus and it has only found more prominence during Christmas. Let the festive mood be complete with Santa Claus gifts this year!

Origin of Santa Claus

In reality, Santa Claus is a mythological character, whose presence is still debatable. There are people who have claimed that Santa Claus is a character found in reality. Now, it has been made fictional coupling it up with fictitious tales. There are others who have claimed that the concept of Santa Claus is only due to the commercialization of Christmas.

Other names of Santa Claus

1. Saint Nicholas
2. Father Christmas
3. Kris Kringle

The usual story behind Santa Claus has been that he used to love children and thus brought Christmas gifts for them on Christmas Eve. The gifts usually arrived during the late evening and overnight hours of a day before Christmas, ie December 25.

He has a white-beard and wears a red coat with a white collar. He also wears white-cuffed red trousers, black leather belt and boots. A huge bag is what he is always seen with. This is for carrying all the gifts that he wants to distribute. The publicity of Santa Claus has been done widely via songs, radio, television, and films.


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