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Cusp Horoscope

When we discuss about horoscope, we generally talk about the twelve sun signs. However, we should keep in mind that apart from those there are twelve Cusps which encompass the transitional period of the sun traversing from one sun sign to the next one.

Cusp Dates
April 19 – April 23 Aries/Taurus
May 19 – May 23 Taurus/Gemini
June 19 – June 23 Gemini/Cancer
July 19 – July 23 Cancer/Leo
August 19 – August 23 Leo/Virgo
September 19 – September 23 Virgo/Libra
October 19 – October 23 Libra/Scorpio
November 19 – November 23 Scorpio/Sagittarius
December 19 – December 23 Sagittarius/Capricorn
January 19 – January 23 Capricorn/Aquarius
February 19 – February 23 Aquarius/Pisces
March 19 – March 23 Pisces/Aries


People born on a Cusp have characteristics that are blend of the two adjacent sin signs.

Aries/Taurus: You are a power house of energy and authority and you are bold enough to exert that. At work, you shall not shrink from responsibilities which will put you in leadership positions bringing you success. However, you need to tone down your opinionated self so that you do not get into conflict with anyone. Your partner and family will find you as an impulsive and emotional person this year.

Taurus/Gemini: You are full of youthful energy and never stop unless you reach your goal. Your go-getter attitude is backed by a stable mind and an intelligent head. This coupled with your excellent communication skills will bring you success. However, you should learn to limit your devotion to work so that you do not feel burnt out. You shall have amicable relationship with your friends and family this year.

Gemini/Cancer: You shall be an inspiration to the people around you as you work your magic with gentle devotion and kindness. You shall focus more on relationships this year as your sensitive nature create deep bonds with people you hold close to your heart. However, at times you shall be affected by mood swings that will cloud your mind with darkness. Your sincerity and ingenuity will bring you success at work.

Cancer/Leo: By nature you are a bundle of contradictions and you always have to monitor yourself with strict discipline to overcome that. This year you should learn to expand your horizons and look beyond your own self. Otherwise there is a risk of losing friends who may consider you as a self centered person. Spiritual activities like yoga or meditation will help you to tame your mind and focus on your work.

Leo/Virgo: This year you shall be able to enjoy the right mix of work and play. Your hard work and logical mind will help you climb up the career ladder. Your mood oscillates between being vocal and being secretive, and this may cause you trouble unless you learn the tact of being diplomatic and balanced. You are a little hung up about letting your hair lose, but when you do, you are real fun to be with.

Virgo/Libra: You are a perfectionist and your clarity of communication makes you an excellent supervisor and achiever. Your sharp analytical mind coupled with strict discipline will help you reach your target with ease. However, you may suffer from momentary indecision from time to time. As deep thinkers, you shall excel well in the fields of academics or research. Your romantic and sensuous nature will help to create magic in your romantic relationship.


Libra/Scorpio: You are determination and precision personified and this will make you excel in your field of work, especially if you are in the field of education, communication, social work or healthcare. However, you should learn to control your ego if you do not want to lose friends. Your flamboyance will make you the center of attraction in the social circle. Finish what you start off and you shall be good to go.

Scorpio/ Sagittarius: You are ruled by both passion and action making you a go-getter who never fails to achieve her/his goals. You believe in independence and freedom because of which some people may find you as a rebellious person. Your nature makes you a natural leader and you shall excel more if you are self employed. Your sense of humor and generosity will make you loved by your peers and family.

Sagittarius/Capricorn: You are the perfect blend of optimism, insight and action that takes you places whenever you wish bringing you unadulterated success in any field you choose. Your only drawback may be lack of patience which affects your temperament. At home, your partner, friends and family find you friendly, reliable and responsible and they are ready to return the favors whenever you need them. You give everything your best, and you shall get back accordingly.

Capricorn/Aquarius: You are always interested about what life throws your way, and with you around your friends never find a dull moment. You have vivid dreams and fascinating fantasies and you shall excel well when you try your hands in a creative field. When it comes to personal life, however, you should learn to tame down yourself or your partner may find you as an indifferent personal, who is always critical.

Aquarius/Pisces: You are always looking for new experiences and you are known for your originality and vision. At work your intellect will always pay off if you keep in mind the practical aspects. You shall do well if you bank of your own intuition. Your partner may find it a little difficult to deal with you at times as you may seldom like to take shelter in your own cocoon.

Pisces/Aries: You represent an imaginative mind that is never shy of dreaming big. This makes you a leader at work. However, some people may find you impossible to deal with because of your direct nature and sharp tongue. Your compassion and agility makes success come naturally to you. If you want to continue the trend this year you have to control your temptation to make hasty decisions.


Cusp Horoscope
Aries/Taurus Taurus/Gemini Gemini/Cancer
Cancer/Leo Leo/Virgo Virgo/Libra
Libra/Scorpio Scorpio/ Sagittarius Sagittarius/Capricorn
Capricorn/Aquarius Aquarius/Pisces Pisces/Aries
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