Modern day dream analysts and psychologists believe that dreams and their meanings are still under a veil of mysticism.

They believe that dreams are letters that your subconscious mind sends you. Although there are no rule books of dream interpretation, there are some generic attributes that researches have associated certain dreams with.

Here we discuss about some of the most common dreams that are reported and a very brief analysis of those.


  • Dreams of Animals


Animals are associated with nature. With nature we also associate survival. Dream interpretation about animals would depend on how you see the animal. A relaxed and friendly dream suggests that you feel one with Nature. A predator prey scenario would warn you of fears or aggression that are probably hidden in your sub conscious mind.


  • Dreams of Babies


These can literally signify that you want to have one of your own. At times it signifies new start. Or it may also tell you that you desire to be pampered and loved.


  • Dreams of being chased


This signifies that you probably are feeling threatened in some way or the other – depending on who you see chasing you, a more detailed interpretation can be achieved.


  • Dream of Clothes


Clothes signify our image in some way for that is one of the first things someone would notice about us. Shabby clothes in dreams may signify exhaustion or lack of confidence or the feeling that you do not project a good personality.


  • Dreams of Crosses


This depends on your religious beliefs, or also on circumstances. Some analysts put forward that cross signifies balance or overcoming a particular phase of life or perhaps even death.


  • Dreams of Exams


Exam signifies self evaluation. The context in which you see the examination would signify the phase of life that is under your evaluation.


  • Dreams of Death


This can be a common dream if there has been a recent bereavement. However, dreams of death are often known to signify new beginnings and new phases of life too.


  • Dreams of Falling


Falling signifies our untold anxieties. It may signify that you are afraid to let go or to lose control. It may even voice out your fear of failure after a success.


  • Dreams of Faulty machinery


This kind of dream also signifies fear of failure. Or perhaps it is trying to make you conscious about your performance anxiety.


  • Dreams of Food


Some researchers believe that dreams of food signify knowledge for food is what nourishes our body and mind. However, it could also simply represent gastronomical wants.


  • Dreams of Demons


These may mean that you have a fear deep inside, fear of facing something negative. These may also mean that you are aware of a fault in you and want to change it for the better.


  • Dreams of Hair


Researchers have associated hair with sensuality and sensuality. Voluminous hair represent virility while the vice versa says loss of libido. But if you dream of growing bald it can literally signify that you fear loss of hair.


  • Dreams of Hands


The interpretation depends on how you see the hands. Tied hands represent that you feel futile. Repeated washing of hands in dreams mean that you are perhaps feeling guilty about something, and are trying to come clean.


  • Dreams of Houses


Houses represent a host of emotions. The interpretation of the dream would depend on which floor or room of the house you saw in your dreams.


  • Dreams of Marriage


Marriage represents that you are trying to come to terms with the various feelings and emotions inside you; and are trying to create some sort of harmony in your life.


  • Dreams of Missing a Transport


This is generally associated with a fear of losing opportunities in life. It may also literally signify fear of an impending troubled travel.


  • Dreams of Money


Money perhaps is trying to make you understand your worth. Money changing hands may signify that you are anticipating some changes in your life.


  • Dreams of Mountains


Mountains are associated with obstacles. Climbing a mountain signify some achievement in life. Standing atop a hill or mountain may signify that you are reviewing some aspect of your life.


  • Dreams of Nudity


Showing off in a nude dream may represent your sexual desire to explore. But nudity otherwise may also mean exposing your innermost feelings and emotions. It may also mean that you feel exposed or vulnerable.


  • Dreams of Communication Agents


These are various channels of communication that represent that you are perhaps eager to communicate something.


  • Dreams of Roads


Dreams of roads can have literal manifestation of wanderlust. Apart from that it may even signify that you are looking for a sense of direction in life.


  • Dreams of Educational Institutions


When seen by children and teenagers this dream has mostly literal manifestations. But when seen by adults it may signify your urge to learn something and prove yourself in some sphere of life.


  • Dreams of Sex


This could be your desire to have sexual intimacy. However it can also mean that you strive to connect your conscious and subconscious minds.


  • Dreams of Teachers


This generally signifies that you are seeking enlightenment or knowledge.


  • Dreams of Teeth


Dreams of teeth can come in any form. Depending on what you see would determine its meaning. For example, falling teeth represent your fear of getting old or unattractive.


  • Dreams of being trapped


This may mean that you fear being trapped in any situation from where you feel you cannot escape; or indicate the fear that you are not taking the right decision in life.


  • Dreams of Water


Water represents the various conditions that your subconscious mind is feeling. Calm water bodies like pools or lakes reflect peace and tranquility while a windy sea would represent mental turmoil.

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