Seeing death in your dreams can be scary and could cause a lot of distress and anxiety. However, you should realize that death in a dream does not necessarily bring the news of a death happening in reality – whether that of the dreamer or that of someone close to the dreamer.

In fact dreams about death have symbolisms that go much deeper than such prophetic signals. We use the term “death” in several contexts, each varying from the other. For example – Death of innocence or childhood means end of them; death of a relationship means rift between two people. So you now see that we use the word death in a much wider context in daily life than the specific occurrence of death.

By now we have come to know that what we see or think or hear in our waking life gets translated to our dreams in some form or the other. So, it is not a surprise that even in your dream death is seen to symbolize a much wider context or meaning. Yes, death dreams can represent the attitude of the dreamer towards death, or the anxiety the dreamer may feel about his/ her death or that of a dear one. But in most dreams centering on death, the symbolism goes deeper and more far than that.

Now let us examine the various symbolisms that a death dream can represent –

  • Since ancient times, death has been related to transition in one’s life. Many philosophers and thinkers believe it to be so. It does not mean absolute end. It only means end of a period. When you see your own death in a dream, it may mean that there is something in you that is getting terminated. It may be a habit, or a trait in you. It may also mean that you are adapting to something new leaving behind something of the past – it may be your value system or your environment. It may also mean that you are accepting who you are and feeling more comfortable being in your own skin.


  • Death in dreams may also symbolize end of narrow minded approach and embracing broader horizons in your mind.


  • Death in dreams may also denote that you have some untapped talents or resources within which you have neglected for a while.


  • Death dream may suggest that you are trying to leave behind your old traits and create a new way to perceive yourself or a new image in which you want the world to perceive who you are.


  • Death dreams may also mean that you are trying to shake off some burden from your past. It may be a feeling of guilt about something you did or said, or a relationship that has gone sour – it can be anything – death dreams in this context suggests that you are ready to leave the bygones of the past and embrace all that the present has to offer you.


  • When you see death of someone else in your dream it may suggest that you want to end your liaison with the person or you want to see an end to certain traits or characteristics in the person that you disapprove of.


  • Death dreams may also be symbolic of the fact that you are ready to re-evaluate your own goals in life or your habits or traits/ characteristics or your value system. It may also mean that you have finally learnt to let go of an attachment of the past and are ready to move on. It may also mean that you have finally gained deeper understanding of your inner self.


  • When you see death of a dear one, who is actually living still, may be a symbolic representation of a subtle and innate resentment that you perhaps feel for the person. You perhaps want to disown any kind of association with this person. It may also be that you feel jealous of the person. Here it is important to mention that more often than not it has been found that the feelings that you nurture for that person is not of pure dislike or hatred – but these emotions are somewhere mixed in with the love or respect that you may also have for that person concerned.


  • When you see someone you knew in your dream who is dead chances are you would get alarmed of having a spooky dream. You may feel that your dream is a haunted one. You may feel anxious or afraid of the fact that the dead person may harm you or a dear one in some way or the other. Relax. Psychologists have established that these dreams more often than not bring you healing messages and wise words. Often dreamers have reported to find solutions to some problems that they are facing in their waking life through such dreams of dead people. Psychologists relate this to the fact that your unconscious or subconscious mind is much wiser than your conscious mind, and you may find solutions to various problems in your sleep when your subconscious or unconscious mind gets more active. We also consider dead people to be wiser than mortal souls. As such often such dead people appear in your dreams offering pearls of wisdom or healing touch.


  • If you see a dead animal in your dream then that is symbolic representation of an instinct that is either repressed in you or perhaps a negative instinct that you want to get rid of. In the first case death symbolizes the act of repressed and you perhaps want to wake up that instinct. In the second case death symbolizes the desired end of whatever emotion that is bringing you negative vibes.


  • Death dreams may also be symbolic representation of some failure that you have encountered sometime in your life.


  • Death is something that mortal beings hardly know anything about. As such death has an aura of mystery around it. Death is related to the fear of unknown, and that often gets symbolically represented in your dreams, especially if you are going through some transitional phase in your life – a new relationship, a new job, a relocation etc.


  • Death dreams are often also found representing an illness or fear of illness. Often when you are ill for a long time or when you fear that you may get ill, you feel over anxious or stressed. These could give rise to you seeing death dreams.

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