When you have been dreaming about snakes it is perhaps making you conscious about some of the challenging you are feeling deep within or are actually facing in your life. There are various interpretations of Snake Dreams and the interpretations vary from one thinker to another.

For example, Freud put forward a classical dream interpretation theory according to which when you see a snake in your dream the snake there is a symbolic representation of a phallic character and could actually be directing towards a male figure or character or may be referring to male energy or even may relate to how you experience or express your sexuality.

However, interpretation of Snake dreams does not stop here. There are various other explanations, some of which are rooted to socio cultural and religious background.

  • Analyzing Snake Dream:


When analyzing a dream involving a snake the rule is to first understand the attributes that one generally associate with the animal including your beliefs and thoughts about the animal. Now you have to understand the various situations that you are facing in your life and whether any situation or the emotions that such situations stir in you can be related to any attribute associated with snake.

Mostly Snake Dreams are associated with the unconscious and these are calls that the subconscious sends to your conscious mind. Snake is perceived as untamed and beyond control. Think deep. Is there any part in you that is beyond your control and that you have not expressed yourself properly? Do you need more space to develop harmony within you? Or perhaps there are challenging situations that you may have to deal with in your life. Or it may also be so that you are trying to tackle a challenging side of your nature. This can also be derived from the fact that snakes generally attack when confronted.

Snakes are also related to unpredictability and element of surprise since they can appear and disappear with a blink of an eye. As such Snake dreams can also relate to uncertainty in life that you may be experiencing. Snakes are associated with the ground since they slither on earth and seeing a snake in your dream can also be an expression of the fact that you feel grounded in life.

Snakes shed skin, and as such snakes are related to transformations in life; and as such it is often seen that snake dreams are experienced when a person is going through a transitional phase in one’s life – a change in job or relationship status or relocation or anything that means change. Snake is poisonous – as such snake is associated with death or even something frightful. Snake has antidote of venom – as such snake can also mean that you can combat with the challenges of life. As mentioned earlier, interpreting your Snake Dream would depend on your life’s events and the exact visuals of your dream.

  • Some interpretations associated with various types of Snake Dreams:
  • The snake in your dream symbolizes your unconscious mind and it is bringing you some message from your subconscious to your awareness.


  • You are in the process of healing, or resolving an issue.


  • The snake represents that you have untapped energy or resource within you or there is a part of you that is yet to be tamed.


  • Snake represents a spiritual mind that connects you with yourself deeply.


  • A Snake Dream is perhaps making you aware of some hidden threats in life.


  • Snake represents the fact that you are going through a transitional phase in your life.


  • Snake at times makes you aware of the fact that you are experiencing a difficult situation in life or are going through emotions that are unsettling you.


  • There are some unknown factors in your life which are unnerving you; or you are anticipating uncertainty in your life.


  • When the snake in your dream is neutral or friendly, it may suggest that although there are factors of fear or concern, there is also assurance of taking them to your stride.


  • A wild snake in your dream may represent the fact that there are certain factors in your life that you cannot control.


  • Dreaming of a snake that is like a pet to you, suggests that you have taken to stride all the challenges of life and are in the process of healing.


  • When you see yourself fighting with a snake this may suggest that you are resisting some kind of decision or change that you may be experiencing in your life.


  • Snake dream may also suggest that you are fighting for power in your personal or even professional life.


  • When you see that you are being chased by a snake it may indicate that there are certain situations or emotions that you find intimidating that that they keep haunting you.


  • When you see that you are being attacked by a snake it suggests that you are trying to deal with life’s various challenges in your own way.


  • When you see that you are being bitten by a snake it means that you need to be more attentive about an issue that you may have been avoiding, an issue that is perhaps intimidating or uncomfortable for you.


  • When you see that a snake is spitting venom on you it is indicative of all the negative or poisonous influences that you may have in your life – it may be a situation or a person.


  • When you see that you are talking to a snake it implies that you are undergoing a process of delving deep within yourself to attain higher knowledge – you are perhaps about to receive some mystical message.


  • When you see that you are having a conversation with a snake it indicates that life has brought to you the chances when your hidden potentials and creativity are being acknowledged. This may also indicate that a world of new opportunities may open up before you.

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