Presenting your father with a gift on Father’s Day can be a tricky choice. 123NewYear comes to your rescue. Whether your Dad is tech-savvy or adventure seeker, we have various Father’s Day gift ideas.

Here are some great gift ideas:

  1. Dads who love to keep a watch on time and love punctuality, a watch can be a great gift. Chic and dapper watches are available from various brands. You also have choices like Chronograph Watches, Diver Watches, Fashion Watches, Italian Design Watches, Luxury Watches and Mechanical Watches to name some. Nowadays you also have options like wooden and bamboo watches.
  2. Protect your Dad’s eyes with the help of sunglasses that enhance your father’s style. The various options include – Aviator, Retro Square, Browline and The Wayfarer to name some. You also have options to pick the frame like round frames, clear frames, wooden frames and colored frames among other options.
  3. For Dads who love to have coffee in the morning, a coffee maker would be an appropriate gift. The options include Single Cup Coffee Makers, Drip Coffee Makers, Cappuccino and Espresso Machines, French Press, Percolators and more.
  4. If your Dad loves his coffee cold then another great gift would be an Iced Coffee Maker.
  5. Help your Dad get a great beard trim by gifting him a beard trimmer. You also have the option of gifting him a moustache and beard trimmer. Many brands offer combo kits that include a trimmer and various attachments that help your dad get the trim he wants.
  6. Another great gift would be a shaving kit that includes a shaving stick; shaving cream and aftershave of you are on a budget. All you have to do is find out your fathers favorite brand and get their shaving kit.
  7. For Fathers who love the adventures both at home and in the outdoors a kit that has goodies that will help is a great gift. The kits can have different themes. Choose the one or more kits for your dad. The various themes can be grill mastering, home distillery and more.
  8. If your Dad loves to cook and plan barbeques then a book that helps him in his endeavors would be the best gift. The book should have information on building a smoker, curing the right kind of wood and also pointers on the best place to acquire the meat from.
  9. The most popular option is buying your dapper father clothes that he loves to wear. Options and brands are numerous from suits to jeans, shirts and more.
  10. If your Dad loves to have a glass of fresh juice in the morning then a juicer would be a great gift option. Help him in his fitness regime by providing him a juicer that is easy to use and is dishwasher safe as well.
  11. For the father who loves to go outdoors a kit with various supplies is an amazing gift. The kit can include things like split key ring, a survival pod, screw key set and peanut lighter to name some. A pocket knife can also be a great gift.
  12. For Dads who love to keep a track on their fitness level, a fitness and sleep tracker would be a great gift. It helps your dad keep  track of his activity throughout the day and also maps his sleep patterns to give him insights about his sleep stages
  13. Another popular gift option is a great eau de parfum or eau de toilette for men.